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Warriors, come out and play....


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[FONT=arial][size=3][COLOR=darkblue]The Warriors

Has anyone seen this movie. It was made back in 1979 but it's still a good movie, in my opinion. Movies with gangs seem to appeal to me. This movie is about a gang, called The Warriors, trying to get back to their turf after a little trouble.

I'm going to tell you some of the beginning of the story and I didn't know wether or not to spoiler this so I just did so;
[spoiler]The movie starts out with The Warriors, and numerous other gangs going to a meeting. (although every gang is there, they only have 9 members going to the meeting) The leader of biggest gang in the city, The Riffs, named Cyrus is speaking to all the gangs about the numbers advantage the gangs have over the police in the city. Well it goes through some more talking with Cyrus, then a gang member shoots and kills him (I'm not going to tell you the name of the gang nor the person who shot him). Then everyone stops in shock. Then the police arrive with their sirens blaring and all the gangs start a mad dash to escape them.

Well the Warriors all escape except their leader, Cleon, who stayed behind to check on Cyrus. While down on the ground where Cyrus lay dead, the gang member who shot him yelled out, "It was him! He shot Cyrus! The Warriors!" Then The Riffs go into believing him and beat down Cleon, then the movie starts with The Riffs putting out the word that they want the Warriors. So now every gang in the city is looking for them. Now they have to get back to Coney Island by way of subway from the Bronx. They have to make multiple transitions to get home, though. So now they have the problem of dealing with every gang between the Bronx and Coney Island.[/spoiler]

Well, I dunno if you wanted to know that much. Anyway, it's an awsome movie, for some reason I like old movies like that. Not real big on suprises and stuff, but still good. So has anyone seen it?

EDIT: [NOTE: If you like Psychopathic Records, and the artist Anybody Killa, and happen to have the cd 'Hatchet Warrior' then.... in the songs there are clips from a movie. The movie is this one. Heh.][/COLOR][/size][/FONT]
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I've never seen this. It's interesting to me though, as I've seen it around often lately. The other day I saw it sitting on some rack at Tower Records.

They also sell this massive subway poster of them there as well. It's black and white, and a very cool image.

So yeah, that's my knowledge of that. I'll have to check it out heh.
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[FONT=arial][size=3][COLOR=darkblue]Cool. I've only noticed it when I was listening to my CD and I heard these movie clips and asked my dad if he's heard them before. he said he's heard them on a movie and we went out and rented it and it was cool.[/COLOR][/size][/FONT]
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