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[size=1]Well, I doubt that there will be a whole hell of a lot of conversation about this band, because most of you probably do not even give a damn. Though, I suppose it is worth a try, and I have nothing better to do right now. This is the first topic exclusively about the Misfits. =P

The original members of the late 70's band, those who founded it, were vocalist Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only. These two were the main members of the band for a while as they went through several changes is members until they came to have a settled three members; the two co-founders and Jerry's youngest brother who came to be known as Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

In the 80's Glenn Danzig split from the band, and actually took legal action against the rest of the band to try and stop them from using the same band name, logo, and such. This went on for several years going into the 90's.

A couple years after the end of the lawsuit the band - now consisting of Doyle on the guitar, Micheal Graves as vocals, Dr. Chud on the drums, and Jerry Only on the bass - put out another album. Though, eventually all but one Misfit ended up quitting the band.

These days the band is still around, but obviously just not who they once were. Jerry Only is the only remaining Misfit in the band. Though he has been able to pull together an "all-star" crew when it comes to the band line up. Jerry takes up both positions as the bassist and lead vocals for the band, on guitar and backing vocals is Dez Cadena from the band Black Flag, and on the drums is none other than Marky Ramone from the Ramones. Of course, this pales in comparison to what they used to be, but it is good to see that the band is continuing to strive on. Even if it does seem they are hanging on by a thread.

If you would actually care to read a more in-depth biography you can go here: [b][url]http://www.misfits.com/bio.html[/url][/b] I actually recommend that you do if you are interested, because it is a lot better than mine, lol.

Why am I bringing this up? Simply because I am on a Misfits high as of late (especially since I saw them a couple nights ago [August 3, 2003]) and, as I said, I have nothing better to do right now.

As I said, I did see them a short while ago on their first annual [i]Fiend Fest[/i] featuring the new Misfits and five other bands. I have no idea what they were like back when it was all Misfits up on stage, but they put on a hell of a show. For being as old as they are, they played for a very long time without any real break or anything. Jerry Only was of course the one who was most into it; actaully moving around the stage and such. Marky Ramone I feel would have been if he was not playing the drums, whenever there was a pause between songs he would sometimes stand up and do something. Though, Dez was actually kind of dull. Aside from one time when he introduced a song he pretty much just played his instrument and provided vocals when necessary. Though, when I think about it, that was okay.

Occasionally, Jerry would let a person or a couple people come up on stage and sing a song, or at least sing with him. And when Dez just seemed to be too out of it, people would actually go up there and take over, lol (only happened a couple times, but it was still kind of funny). One of the greatest things about the setup in the venue is that there was no barrier between the stage and the crowd, which was rather odd knowing the venue I was at. The led to a lot of getting up on stage doing whatever and stage diving back off, or simply walking off the side. I did it a couple of times. The second time a guy in the front helped me get a better leap by letting me put my foot in his hand and propel me over the crowd. The funny part was is that I pretty much landed in the pit, lol; I was caught on top of the crowd and the next thing I knew I was moshing. Luckily, I landed on my feet.

Near the end of their performance, while Jerry was wiping some of the sweat off him, Marky Ramone came down from the drums and said they everybody who could fit on the stage could come up and sing [i]Blitzkreig Bop[/i], as they did Misfits and Ramones songs (I think there was a Black Flag song in there somewhere, but I am not sure). Jerry and Dez just took their instruments off the side of the stage and played from there while a mass of people were swarming on the stage. While it was the worst version of [i]Blitzkreig Bop[/i] I have ever heard, it was still rather funny to watch. Some people were actually climbing on the ceiling of the venue since there are metal beams that stretch across. It was really crazy. I was not one of the people up on stage because I was looking after my friend who unknowingly sprained her ankle when she was thrown onto the stage while crowd surfing. I do not think I would have wanted to be up there anyway, lol.

All that, and that was just the Misfits' performance. It was a lot of fun. If any of you are interested at all, you can check out the tour dates on their site to see if they are coming your way. The admission price is probably going to be a little high, here it was $25, but it was [i]so[/i] worth it. Though, they already hit western America and are now moving east (as that would be the logical move).

Their music is heavily punk in sound, but their concept is different than the social/political ideas of many punk bands. They very much have a 'horror' theme to them, which if you have looked at the site by now I am sure you would know. I am not really sure how to explain it. As I said, you can check out their bio ( [url]http://www.misfits.com/bio.html[/url] ) for a much better breakdown of the band.

In my opinion, the Misfits are one of the greatest bands of all time; not just in the punk genre. Their influences range all around (and I mean [i]all around[/i], in places you would not really expect). I would say their most apparent influence is in a more modern Japanese band named Balzac. They were one of the other bands at Fiend Fest, I do not think they spoke English except for the opening song which was a Misfits cover, lol. The lead singer came out in a skeleton jacket and gloves, which made me laugh and look at them as more of a "Misfits wannabe" band, but they were okay.

If by some reason, for those of you who have stuck around this long and have never really heard the band, any of you are interested in checking them out and would like some download reccomendations here is what comes to mind for me: [b]Last Caress[/b], [b]We Are 138[/b], [b]Dig Up Her Bones[/b], [b]She[/b], [b]Die, Die, Die My Darling[/b], [b]American Psycho[/b], [b]Attitude[/b], [b]Skulls[/b], [b]Angelfuck[/b], [b]Halloween[/b], [b]Saturday Night[/b], and [b]Astro Zombies[/b].

I am not really expecting a lot of you to like them, or really care, but if anyone has anything to say here to carry on a coherant conversation I would sure like to see it.[/size]
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Guest Crowe
[color=indigo]I honestly do not have a lot to say about them, I have not been a fan of theirs for very long. And you already said everything that needs to be said.

I've been a Misfits fan for under a year now, well [i]almost[/i] a year. I first got into them when I heard that "Danzig" wasn't just a solo artist, and had a band called the Misfits. Being a big Danzig fan I decided I would check them out, so I bought the "American Psyco" CD. I listened to it on the way home, and I loved it. The next day I went back to the mall and bought a Misfits shirt. :sweat:

I still think "Helena" is the best Misfits song ever.

.::sings "If I cut off your arms, I cut off your legs, would you still love me?::.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Misfits are [i]scary![/i]!1!!!111!@#$ I do not like them because my mom said they are the devil reincarnated and I believe everything my parents say because I am a conformist little ****![/color]
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The funny thing is that the Misfits have a split EP with Balzac. It might actually be out now.

I don't know tons about the Misfits past honestly. Anything I would say would just be repeated here. The Misfits are a band I've always really liked, but never really got that far into. Ironically, I know far more about the band Danzig itself than the Misfits. I do have a cool Misfits hat though :p

I've always meant to buy that CD set that comes in a coffin... but I've never gotten around to it.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel[/i]
[B]The funny thing is that the Misfits have a split EP with Balzac. It might actually be out now.[/b][/quote][size=1]Yes, I knew that. [i]Day the Earth Caught Fire[/i]. You can buy on their site, and probably other places too.[/size][quote][b]I've always meant to buy that CD set that comes in a coffin... but I've never gotten around to it.[/B][/QUOTE][size=1]The box set, yeah, I saw that on BestBuy.com. I might get it if I have enough money. I have some potential expenses coming up and those unfortunately hold priority as they are legal. >.> Hopefully it will not be much, if any.[/size]
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I know no one has posted in this thread for awhile now. My apologies, but I'm not going to make a new thread when all the fans of this band have already posted in this one.

I've gotten a few Misfits CDs now. Famous Monsters, Walk Among Us and Static Age. I love all three of them. They're all excellent, but I really am into Famous Monsters the most.

These guys really found their own niche and totally capitalized on it. I can't picture anyone totally disliking this band. Even my girlfriend, who generally listens to totally lame emo, told me that she thought Helena was cool once I sent it to her. Trust me, that's saying a lot lol.

From what I've heard, I totally prefer Michale Graves as the vocalist. He just has a far better range than Danzig and he fits the band perfectly. It's too bad he left the band during that one show, although I'm not entirely sure what happened. I'm surprised Only has carried on like he has... I don't know if I should commend him for being so true to his band or just tell him to give it up and do something else. He just recently released a new Misfits CD in the last few weeks. I've yet to hear it.
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