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[color=sienna][font=comic sans ms][i][b]
"Elders of the Empires of Undersun, I am Complex, master of the Crosstream island. I'm avare of numerous attempts to invade Crosstream from both sides, I'm olso aware that none of these attempts have brought any results.
It is understandable that you would want to take over Crosstream and its threassures, so I decided that I will give them to you villingly. I will lower the barrier that surrounds the Crosstream and will allow two teams- one of four Technos and one of four Magos, to enter my island, and make their collonies there. The team that defeats, the opposing team and Crosstream itself, will vin the right to call my island teritory of their Empire."

[center]* * *[/center]

Undersun is my fictional world, it is populated by two Empires- Technos and Magos with Emperors of the same names. Despite their dislike or each other, Empires are not at war.

[/i]Technos[i] is an Empire of robots, each one of them different from each other, by their appearance and abbilities. Most of them have high tech wepons, but Undersun is a considerably peaceful world so thei rarely need to have them. Especialy since they have metal for skin.
They live in cities of metal, generating electricity and pumping oil for their motors.

[/i]Magos.[i] Acros the ocean from the metal covered Technos empire In wast woodlands Magical beings live. They are Magos, again each one is different from each other by appearance and abbilities a rare few carry cold weponry like swords, because they have spells to defend themselves if needed.
Magos live in wooden huts, there are only few cities in their teritory, they eat preaty much anything they can find.

[/i]Complex.[i] Before the Empires, Spirits like Complex roamed the Undersun, untill one day two powerfull Spirits-Magos and Technos, came to a disagreement. They moved to diferent sides of the ocean and started their Empires. Other Spirits scatered through out the Undersun. Complex found his home in an island called Crosstream. He lived there for thousands of years. His powers made the island full of treasures, desirable by both Magos and Technos. Though some have seen them no one has yet been able to bring them back to their Empire, not untill now.

[center]* * *[/center]

To play please fill this in:
Elemental advantage:[i] No more than two. e.g. ability to swim, dig, fly, indiference to heat, cold...
[/i]Wepons/Spells:[i] No more than five.Technos can not have any spells, but they have highly advanced weponry, Magos can only have single cold wepon together with their spells.
[/i]Advantage in building the colony[i]Only one. e.g. Metal(for building) detector for a Tachno, or a fishing line(for food) for a Mago. Remember that in this RPG you not only fight for your colony, but you also have to build one.

May the bast team vin. [/i][/b][/color][/font]
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