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Sign Up Gundam: The Final Test


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This is my first attempt, so I hope it looks good.

Description: This is set on the testing ground for a Zeon MS training facility. There will be three team: Zeon-Blue, Zeon-Green, and Federation. The zeon teams will consist of three members each, and the Federation team will total five members. Please note, the Federation team will play a side roll until the Zeon teams complete the First Stage (though the Fed. teams should still post to provide background).

First Stage: Zeon teams will face off in a Capture-The-Flag style game(using paintball instead of bullets, and paint-tipped axes with no blade), while piloting Zaku II's. The rules for the encounter will be set by me in the fist post. Once that is finished there will be a rest period (overnight) while the ammo is switched to live-ammo (aka, real bullets/axes). Second Stage follows.

Second Stage: Just before the next test can start the Federation team attacks the base (piloting Guncannons). The Zeon teams are sent back to defend the base until the recruits can escape.

Info Needed:
Rank: (Federation only, all zeons are cadets)
Bio: (Optional)
Type of Zaku: (Described below, Zeon only)
Mobile Suit Appearance: (how is it painted)[/i]

Zaku Types:
[i]Rilfeman- Carries a rifle for longer range attacks.
Machinegunner- Carries a machine gun and extra heat axe, melee expert.
Grenedier- Carries bazooka and Strum Fausts (rockets), slow movement.[/i]

If there are any questions feel free to ask and I will try to clear them up for you.

[b]My character[/b] (Zeon Drill Sergeant)

Name: Galen Allard
Rank: Drill Sergeant
Age: 32
Desription: Brown hair, brown/green eyes, approx. 6ft tall.
Zaku Type: Pilots a Zaku II Kai (upgraded Zaku II)
Mobile Suit Appearance: Black with a red hour-glass painted on the cockpit hatch.

Please note: My character will give instructions to the Zeon teams before the First Stage, and will appear at the fight in the Second Stage.
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