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Smile Empty Soul


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[FONT=arial][size=3][COLOR=darkblue]Has anyone got their CD. It's great. Not great as in 'I will only listen to them, period.', great as in a cd I would listen to often. I know of a few people here who like them. What songs are your favorites and why? The whole CD is good, I can't decide. But if I had to....

Silhouettes - because it just has that feel to it and I like the lyrics.

Nowhere Kids - It's a cool song. The lyrics, again, are great. Something about these two songs just makes me want to listen to them the most.

Then there is,
Bottom of a Bottle - Of course, because I saw the video on MTV on All Things Rock. It was a cool song and I wanted the cd. So it's the song that made me want the CD.

So who else likes them?[/COLOR][/size][/FONT]
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I've heard bottom of the bottle and just yesterday my sis' was so obsessed with that song that she got the tabs for her bass guitar, and i am surprised that she isn't actually not that bad. lol. otherwise that song is sweet man.
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[SIZE=4]I Love Smile Empty Soul!!!!!![/SIZE]

They are a great hard, kick your A** band!!!!

I listen to their cd all the time.....

I LOVE: Every Sunday: cause it's so good, hard rock, and loud!!!

Nowhere Kids: This is a general feeling I hold about most of the time.

Bottom of a Bottle: Good hook, and lyrics.......

Sweetness...does it bug anyone else that on MTV that they blurb out most of "bottom of a bottle", It drives me crazy.:drunk: And the lyrics aren't even that bad.....stupid censorship...oh well!

One of the best rock group I've heard in a long time!
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Not to go against the grain here, but I hate SES because they have horrible lyrics, and musicly they, as a band, are lacking.

and please no one so "Ohhhh they are soooo punk rock" ever again. I can understand why people might like them, but please understand that SES is not punk. Thank you, goodbye.
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