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RPG The Legend of The Dragoon: The Dragon Riders


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Note: This will not be in first person. All first person posts can be made in [i]italicized[/i] writing. That also goes for thought. the tag for italicized is [*i][/i] no * though.

The rain Pelted hard on the town of Oberan. A small in was full of families trying to get out of the rain. A man in a black jacket sat and looked out the window. He ran his fingers over an old folk guitar that was leaned up against his seat.

[i]Things are becoming increasingly more weird. Dragons haven't been sighted in 11,000 years, but as soon as I get here the town's in panic from dragon sightings.[/i]

The clerk walked over to him and sat in the chair next to him. "Hey, you mind playing a tune to lighten things up? I've got fifty people begging for a room and I'm booked solid." The man stood up and walked out, carrying the guitar. He walked down the street and to another inn. It had already locked up for the night so he walked back. The one he was at had just locked up as well. He sighed and looked up a hill on the side of the town. A large tree gave shelter to a group of runaway sheep. He shook his head and started walking towards the hill.

He reached the tree, soaked and very annoyed. He sat at the trunk and looked at the town. Almost all the stores and inn's had already been closed. It was only about seven, but everyone was nervous about the dragon sightings. Almost as if it were called, a black dot circled above the town, swooping at unfortuneate pedestrians. A barrage of arrows flew at the beast and it started to send black beams across the bowmen. The man stood up and almost ran to the town when the dragon made a bee-line in his direction. The sheep under the tree baah-ed in disapprooval and huddeled into one group. The man looked to the sheep, and then to the dragon, and then dived away from the stray herd. The force of the dragon sent the tree crashing down the hill and into the city.
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Keade sat in her home town laughing and talking with her family as usual. Slthough ore and more dragons sightings were popping up over the country she as used to them. She grew up in a big town called Tillav, that was at the base of the Shilvek mountains. That town was known for raising dragons, most of them use ice as a weapon but still the dragons there had always been very obediant and even caring companions. She even had one of her own, Ragnarok. He was 100 years old now but he still remained loyal to her family after 3 generations. These two like tha ones before her worked as a team and knew they needed each other to help in everyway of life.

The days in Tillav began to grown warm, Spring was in full bloom and Summer was getting ready to emerge. The sun had yet set on the town but now people were getting more and more fearful of dragon attack and kept inside around dusk. Keade on the other hand used it as a chance to be closer to Ragnarok and protect him. Not that he needed it but she refused to let him get into fights with other dragons.

She was begining to leave her home when a she saw dragon pass over her town heading south. She knew it must be heading for Oberan and hoped that everything would be fine. She hoped no wrong would happen but knew that now was not her time to get involved, not until she had orders.[/COLOR]
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A dragoon fell down from the rainy sky of Oberan, after landing he ((how do I say)) called off his dragon spirit. The dragoon looked around to see the panic.

[I]Damn people, always thinking about themsleves, this dragon only wants food. He is not the enemy.[/I]

The dragoon looked at the herd of sheep,

[I]I'm very sorry dear animal, but you must be sacrificed.[/I]

The dragoon threw a kunai towards a sheep, and it hit its heart, the dragoon picked up the bloody sheep and said to the dragoon flying in the air, "My name is Hinten, one of my ancestors was the great Hiei." the dragon was now looking at the sheep, "If you do not want to die here is a piece offering."

After looking at the sheep the dragon snorted and started flying toward a hut.

Hinten was now screaming, "Look into my eyes and refuse!"

The dragon looked into Hintens eyes and was shocked for Hintens eyes where covered by a hood, horrified the dragon flew away.

A man on the hill was confused why the dragon flew away, he then looked into the dragoons eyes and looked astonished, "Those... Those are the black eyes of Hiei!"
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The man stared in awe. He had heard stories of the warrior Hiei, but until now he had always hoped that it was a myth. He looked to the ground and chuckled.
[i]Dragons, and now dragoons. I must have fell into dorthies rabbit hole.[/i]
He flagged Hinten down and thanked him. "What the hell was that thing?" He asked. "Are you blind? That was a dragon." The man sighed and walked back to what was left of the tree to pick up his guitar. He knew what it was, but he didn't want to belive it. "Great. If your looking for shelter, go somewhere else. Every inn in seven miles is closed up for the night." He slung his guitar over his shoulder and headed over the other side of the hill. "Corton is twenty miles in this direction, if you start now you can be there by midnight."
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