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Writing love poem


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Okay, this may be a little short... but I dunno. Hope you like it.

What is love if you cannot have it,
If it is to far from your reach,
If one person is keeping you from your love,
And another person is keeping your love away from you,
As you fill with the feeling of emptiness,
A person you do not love keeps you by his side,
And a person that your love doesn't love is keeping him by her side,
When you feel as cold as ice from emptiness,
You see your love run from the other girls side,
And you soon are overwhelmed with wormth,
As you have been swept from the boys side,
And are being held into a long kiss by your love,
Now you always stand by your loves side,
No matter what.

So how did you like it? I guess it turned out being long. The begining was in my head for a long time... then the rest came from the top of my head.
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