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[i][COLOR=Indigo]A small man strode into a room filled with massive computers. His pale face was illuminated by the glow of the monitors, and stood in stark contrast to his jet black top-knot and black robe. He spoke in a smooth, cold voice.
"Is it ready, yet?"
One of the computer workers spoke up.
"Not quite, sir. We've got the heart rate monitors up, and the scoring program. We just need to finish the anti-interfearence walls and it will be done."
"Perfect," said the man. "Soon all the strongest fighters in the world will be on this island, trashing and devastating each-other. By the time the top fighters reach the finals, they will be too weakedned to defeat us."
"In theory, it will work," said a deep, bass voice. "However, I shall not believe it until I see it. Prove to me this will work, Kamarin, and you shall be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Fail, and you will suffer eternal pain," the voice growled.
"Of course, master Makall. I shall prove it to you soon..."
Tenkazu Jaedo stretched wide once he woke up. He walked to the front of the boat and stared at the island. An huge mountain stood in the middle, with ice frosting the top. A desert surrounded the mountain, and a forest stood at the edge of the desert. Near the eastern edge was a great city, shimmering in the morning sun.
Aly Parker, Peter Heath, Anna McKenna, Andre Martinez, and Heather Ganara all slowly shuffled up to the front.
The six were traveleing to a grand-scale tournament. They had each recieved notices a few months ago. They all knew that at least one of them could probably make it to the finals and win the multi-million dollar prize, as well as title of the Greatest Fighter on Earth. Each one had a small device strapped to their belt. This device had come with the notice of the Tournament. It recorded their wins and the points they had won. The points they accumulated would be multiplied by 1,000 if they won, forming the amount of money they would win. It also registered their heart-beat. The explanatory message had read that if the Heartbeat dropped to a level reading unconcious, or dead, the still concious fighter would win.
Tenkazu could only think one thing.
'This is gonna rock!"[/COLOR][/i]

Okay, here's where you come in. You need to give me some fighters to devistate any and all competition.

Weapons(Up to 3):
Side (Against Makall, With Makall, Freelance):

Here are the above-mentioned fighters.
Name: Tenkazu Jaedo
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 184lbs.
Appearance: Tall and fairly muscular. He has messy brown hair and smokey blue eyes. He wears ripped jeans, a black t-shirt, a grey vest, and a black hat.
Also, he has three potential transformations-
Golden Dragon-Basically, a humanoid dragon in golden techno-armor.
Tao-Zhou-Tenkazu, except leaner, and dressed in baggy black clothes and a black Duster. Also, he gets rid of the hat.
Yami Ryu-A combination of Tao and GD. GD, except with black armor, and a Duster.
Weapons(Up to 3): Katana no Ryu and the Yushi no Yami
Powers: These will be explained later.
Bio: I'm too lazy to type it.
Personality: Tenkazu is pretty easy going, unless you piss him off. Then he gets really nasty.
Side: Against Makall.

Name: Aly PArker
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 156lbs.
Appearance: Aly is muscular for a girl, but still easy on the eyes ;).She has long red hair and vivid green eyes. She wears jeans, a pale blue spaghetti-strap shirt with a jacket of the same color, and wire-frame glassess.
Weapons(Up to 3): The Ax of Light
Powers: She uses many light and sun based attacks including, the Solar Blade, Ballistic Light Cannon, the Light Cannon, and the Super Nove Blaster.
Bio: Again, too lazy to write.
Personality: She very talkative and outgoing. She's often optimistic and can't stand evil.
Side: Against

My mom's kicking me offline, so I'll post the rest later.
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Name:A.C.E. Artimis
Age: 21
Gender: male
Species/Race: Human
Height: 6' 3''
Weight: 113lbs.
Appearance: Wares a black ninja costum,a cape,and a metal left arm.
Weapons(Up to 3): Katari neddles,a Katari sword,and a Katari stars
Powers:Moving at high speeds and using air/lightning based attack.
Bio: started to train at a young age in many arts of combat,but left his life behind in order to become better.
Personality: Silent and stubern with most people.
Side: Freelance
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Name:kyp kiro
Age: 14
Height:6 feet
Weight:150 pounds
Appearance: green eyes, brown hair, red head band, black tinted goggles, gloves, purple shirt, black pants, brown boots
Weapons: whip, sword, glaive
Powers: control of elements and any forest with in a two mile radius
Bio: He trained all of his life to perfect his skills. He realy doesn't have any friends and was adopted. He doesn't fear to give up his life. He entered the tournament to improve his skills and see if it would be fun.
Personality:likes to kid around some times but can serious. He likes to meet others and have adventures.
Side: against makal
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name: thalen
age: ancient
gender: male
height: 1,90m
weight: 75 kilo
technique: deathstrike
appearance: tall, half long hair to the schoulders, eyes deep grey, a dark cloth wrapped around his schoulders wearing a dark long leather coat underneath, under that a dark shirt.
he wears loose pants and strong boots with steel noses.
he also wears dark finerless leather gloves.

weapons: sword of aege, containing the powers of the universe, the sword never breaks or leaves the hand untill the carrier puts it away, also giving the carrier unlimited stamina.
sice he is alive for so long he masters his sword with exelent skill.

powers: thalen was made by darkness and light together forging grey powers wich are very powerfull.

bio: thalen was made of light and darkness wich were absorbed by mother earth.
with the help of the moon and the sun with all the stars they gave him the spirit of soul and the spirit of mind.
roaming the earth`s diferrent dimensions he found te sword destined for him alone.
he has been a loner existing between mankind untill this verry day, never dying of age.
peronality: a closed book silent type and a real loner.
side: against whom ever to cross his path.
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