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Thirteen Ghosts: Signups

This is loosely based on the movie, Thirteen Ghosts. It takes place twenty years after the movie ends.
In our town, there's this old, glass, supposedly haunted, house. Some eccentric millionaire used to live there. According to the urban legends, he gathered a bunch of ghosts and tried to summon the devil or some evil knowledge, or something. But no one beleives that anymore. No one, execpt for me. My uncle, Rafkin,used to work for him, Cyrus Kriticos. He found the twelve ghosts that were imprisoned inside the house. After they were freed, they didn't just float off somewhere. They're still here, twenty years later...and they want revenge. They possess people who live as they once did, that are going through the same things. I have to track these people down before something terrible happens, but I'm a little late. There's already things on the news about sudden, random deaths.
Signup Sheet

Twelve Signs of the Dark Zodiac

Sign: This is the sign of the Black Zodiac represented by your ghosts. See the list below.
Short Bio: Three to five paragraphs is suffient.

Innocent Bystanders, People sensitive to ghosts, etc. (Up to 5)

Short Bio: What could you have done to piss of a ghost? And anything else worth mentioning.
Black Zodiac (in order) and Back Stories for the Ghosts

The First Born Son is the ghost of a little boy who looks relatively normal ? except for the arrow spiked through the middle of his forehead.

Backstory: Little Billy Michaels loved to dress up like his heroes, the cowboys on TV. The seven year-old never listened to his mother, and his father dubbed him ?Billy the Brat. ? But his parents never disciplined him, and little Billy always just did what he wanted. And now Billy?s sorry that he never listened to his mom, who suggested that he not play Cowboys and Indians with a real bow and arrow ? and that he not shoot the arrow straight up into the air the way that his buddy Danny did.

Wrapped in cellophane, The Torso trundles through the basement accompanied by his decapitated head. The actor, a double amputee, wore a black hood during filming so that the digital effects team could later ?remove? his head from his body.

Backstory: Jimmy ?The Gambler? Gambino never learned his lesson. A constant scammer and gambler, he always had a knack for landing on his feet. Larry ?Three-Times? always warned Jimmy not to get in over his head, his head, his head. But The Gambler didn?t listen and he lost his shirt in a big poker game with a made guy. He would have bet his wife and kids if he had any, but since he didn?t, The Gambler ran off ? welching on the bet. The mob caught up with Jimmy and made an example of him. Actually, several small examples, wrapped in cellophane.

In her heyday, The Bound Woman was a pretty cheerleader who was strangled on a prom date gone bad. A compound fracture appliance was used to simulate her broken neck, and contact lenses give her eyes a suitably hemorrhaged appearance.

Backstory: The envy of every girl in school, Susan LeGrow was the prom queen and a cheerleader. She won an academic scholarship to state college but decided to stay in town and marry Chet, her high school sweetheart. But the after-prom party turned into a nightmare when Chet caught Susan in Billy Bob?s arms. No one really knows what happened that night, but a week later they found Susan?s body buried beneath the football field?s fifty-yard line, strangled to death.

The Withered Lover is the ghost of Jean Kriticos, who perished in a fire. With half of her face and hands horribly burned and scarred, Jean wears a hospital gown and pulls an IV drip behind her.

Backstory: She was a loving mother and wife. Outgoing and smart, everybody?s favorite PTA mom, she devoted all of her time to her family. Her husband loved her and her kids adored her. Although her daughter grew up too fast, she wanted her son to remain a child forever. When the freak accident occurred, she died while racing to save her kids ? her dreams of a happy home snuffed forever.

Because The Torn Prince is the ghost of a teenager who was wiped out in a car accident, he is quite handsome when viewed from the left, but the entire right side of his body and face are dramatically ripped and shredded, the result of his lethal road rash. A particularly gruesome aspect of his effects makeup is an intricate face piece that exposes his skull and brain.

Backstory: In 1953, Royce Clayton was Valley High?s baseball superstar, wearing his letterman jacket everywhere he went. Everything was handed to Royce on a silver platter, and he felt untouchable. But this cocky James Dean wannabe went too far one night. He challenged the local greaser to a drag race and thought he had it in the bag. But he didn?t brake in time and ended up the star of a fiery wreck instead ? never to crack a bat again.

Perhaps the most subtlely disturbing of the ghosts is The Angry Princess, a young woman who committed suicide. Completely nude, gashed from head to toe and drained of all blood, her full body make-up includes smeary lipstick, dark runny eyeliner and black contact lenses that turn her eyes into deep pits.

Backstory: Dana Newman was a psychotic beauty who never believed she was beautiful. Always searching for perfection, not a single strand of her hair could ever be out of place. Famous for her insane tantrums, they called her ?Beauty the Beast. ? Finally giving up on achieving perfection, she took her last beauty bath and slashed her own wrists. When they found her, they said she remained as gorgeous in death as she had been in her wasted life ? despite being covered in hundreds of self-mutilating slash marks.

Another angry blast from the past is The Pilgrimess. Accused of witchcraft, she was sentenced to die from exposure and the abuse of her fellow townspeople. In the afterlife, she is permanently locked in wooden stocks. Her gnarled, wrinkled face was created by means of a weathered-flesh piece and further accented by opaque contact lenses, which give her a milky, sightless look.

Backstory: Miss Isabella Smith was a young lady without family who decided to take the journey from England across the Atlantic to the new colonies in 1675. But once she settled in a small New England town, her separatist ways isolated her from the tight-knit townsfolk. When the town?s preacher accused her of witchcraft, she denied it as a matter of course. But the town turned against her ? much livestock had mysteriously died that month and only a witch could work such magic ? so Isabella was sentenced to death in the stocks.

The theory behind The Great Child and The Dire Mother is that the demented mother manipulated her giant-sized baby in an attempt to create a monster son who would be capable of carrying out her elaborate revenge fantasies. In the film, the duo is comprised of a heavyset man wearing only an enormous diaper and a vomit-covered bib over his prodigious stomach, and a tiny woman whose aged and peeling face stands out in grotesque contrast to her girlish outfit and pony-tailed hair.

Backstory: Margaret Shelburne was a shy woman who could never stand up for herself ? probably because she was only three feet tall. She was imprisoned by a band of gypsy lumberjacks ? forced to live in a cage as their freak show version of entertainment. But her secret union with Jimbo, the man they said had the ?iron swing? with his mighty axe, produced her pride and joy ? her giant 300 pound son, Harold.

Harold was spoiled and smothered from infancy by Margaret, who raised him to be her protector and to carry out vengeance on the gypsy lumberjacks who imprisoned her. Harold took to Jimbo?s axe with a passion and was soon felling rows upon rows of giant redwoods. But he soon graduated to human lumber, yelling ?Timber!? every time he chopped a gypsy lumberjack at the roots. After Harold sliced his way through the camp, both mother and son were finally killed by a torch-waving mob that wanted to put Harold through the wood chipper. But despite repeated attempts, the mob couldn?t manage to stuff his giant body into the chute.

The Hammer is the bloodthirsty spirit of a murderous blacksmith. His ghostly incarnation features spikes and nails embedded in his head and body, a large hammer bolted to his wrist in place of a hand, and chains enveloping his torso. One of the more elaborate ghosts, his look was achieved through the creation of prosthetic appliances, including full head make-up, a foam body suit and the hammer-hand piece.

Backstory: George Markley was a happy, honest blacksmith in the 1890s ? until the local townspeople wrongfully accused him of stealing and drove him out of town. Enraged, George snapped and tracked down the ten people responsible and hammered them to death. The townsfolk finally captured him and dragged him back to the blacksmith shop, where he received a brutal form of frontier justice ? his captors drove nails into his body and chopped off the blacksmith?s most prized possessions, his hands, and left them out for the crows to pick over his dying body.

Another visually terrifying ghost is The Jackal, whose crazed face with its yellow eyes and deadly sharp fangs peers out through a rusty metal cage that has been locked around his head. An escapee from a turn-of-the-century lunatic asylum, this feral, hunched-over creature also sports a hideous set of lethally long claws. ?The Jackal? required full body makeup, as well as an iron cage anchored around his head. Prosthetic gloves with elongated nails and yellow contact lenses complete his bestial countenance.

Backstory: In 1908, Ryan Kuhn was a deeply disturbed psycho patient of Borehamwood Asylum. He was locked up because of his insatiable appetite for women ? specifically, for attacking and biting them! After years of unrelenting imprisonment with his arms stretched back in a straightjacket and his body twisted grotesquely, his limbs grew horrid in shape. He hated any kind of human contact and was revolted if anyone came near. When a fire broke out in his wing of the Asylum, everyone but Ryan escaped. People still talk about how he ran away from rescuers shouting ?Keep away!? He preferred instead to face a fiery uncertainty than to let anyone touch him.

Finally, the twelfth and perhaps most lethal ghost is The Juggernaut, who died in a hail of bullets. As a result, in the afterlife his body is riddled with bullet holes from head to toe. The character required a full body suit with makeup and five separate appliances for his forehead, nose, neck, chin and hands.

Backstory: Breaker Mahoney was a massive, seven-foot tall serial killer. Horribly disfigured, he towed stranded motorists back to his junkyard and brutally murdered them. he would literally rip them apart with his bare hands and ?break? them into as many pieces as possible. When the local authorities finally tracked him down, the immensely powerful murderer was impossible to subdue physically. But, as Breaker ultimately discovered, all men are ?breakable? ? and he bit the dust when the cops pumped him full of lead.

The thirteenth and final sign is The Sacrifie of Life, a ghost who is created.
I know there aren't a lot of details, but they come later during the story. Everyone from the movie, including the people who died, will be NCPs. Everyone who survived will be, of course, twenty years older and trying to forget or distance themselves from what happened.
Remember: The Great Child and The Tiny Mother work like a tag team; The people who are being possessed live like the ghosts did (Example: The Angry Princess's lover drove her to suicide, The Tiny Mother loved her child so much that it killed them both, The Withered Lover was torn from their beloved, The Bound Woman was somehow trapped by life and society, The Jackal is insane [nuff said], etc.); Just because a label signifies a sex, the player doesn't have to be of the same sex; Relationships work the same as gender (Example: The Great Child can be a spoiled wife and the Tiny Mother could be her husband); The ghosts are meant to be alter egos, in other words NCP's!! PAY ATTENTION!!!!; USE YOUR FRICKIN' IMAGINATIONS PEOPLE!!!!!
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Name: Frank Kitanen

Age: 20

Sign: The Jackal

Short Bio: Frank had volunteeringly admitted himself to an insane asylum, because he was slightly paranoid. He was constantly afraid that somebody would be out to get him. He put himself in the asylum feeling that he would be safe in there.

After 3 years in the asylum, he found himself going insane from the other people in there, screaming about ghosts and monsters, how they were Napolean and Hitler, it just drove him up the wall. So he let himself out. Since he put himself in he could leave when he wanted.

He tried his hardest to get over his paranoia, and was pretty successful at it too.

~ I hope this is sufficient, if not please tell me so.
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Actually, that's perfect. But, just to let you know, The Jackal ain't just paranoid. More like psychotic. He has a cage on his head and wears a straitjacket.

Anyway, here's my signup.
Name: Alanna Rafkin
Age: 16
Sign: The Angry Princess
Short Bio: Alanna, though considered one of the most beautiful girls at school, has never conisdered herself beautiful. She strives for the perfection seen in magazines and movies. She never leaves the house without at least an hour's worth of work, even if it's just to get the mail. Her makeup had to be perfect, her skin had to be flawless, and her hair could not be out of place. She even slit her friends' wrists for blood to make the perfect red lipstick. When possessed by Dana, she hunts down all the flawless beauties, often mutilating them beyond all recognition.

The ghosts' profiles are copied directly from [url=http://www.13ghosts.com]The Thirteen Ghosts Movie Site[/url]. If you need further information on the movie, go there.
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Sounds cool ^^

Name: Keira DuVall

Age: 12 (Is this okay? I figured, since I wanted my ghost to be The First Born Son, i'd be the youngster)

Sign: The First Born Son

Description: Short, spikey dirty blonde hair with the tips dyed a faint red. She has large, green eyes that have dulled after being possesed. She has several earings going along the rim of heach ear. She has quite a few freckles and pretty tan. She is tall, 5'5, and wears an overshirt with japanese letters with a fiery background. She has black 'Dickies" with a chain in her left pocket going to her belt loop. She has black and white skateboard shoes.

Short Bio: A bit of a loner, Kiara does not act her age. She does not take dugs or smoke, even though she hangs out with sixteen year olds, because she is extreamly smart and clever and knows it will kill her eventually.

She is fascinated with 'phantoms' and such. When she is not skateboarding or doing some other meaningless stunt to attract attention to herself, she is studying about ghosts. She had
always dreamed of meeting a real one, convinced they weren't evil. Sadly, she got her wish.

Hope that is alright :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name: Robert "Sledgehammer" Morris
Age: 32
Sign: The Hammer
Short Bio: Robert Morris is a construction worker who always has a sledgehammer with him some call him Sledghammer because of this. Since he wears a black hood over his face that only his eyes and mouth are showing he gives off a ominous pressance. He sometimes uses his sledgehammer to smash nails but he is strong enough to kill a person in one swing of his sledgehammer.
Robert Morris was also considered slightly parranoid at times but he would kill at a seconds notice after being possessed. Robert Morris uses his strength and sledgehammer to fight anyone or anything in his way. He will always get his revenge on those who double cross him.
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Name: Terrance "Titan" Wallans
Age: 35
Sign: The Juggernaut
Short Bio: Terrance was always big. He was born larger than most babies, and he grew faster than most. In high-school, he was a line-backer on the foot-ball team, and stood a few inches higher than anyone else. He was able to bench over 400lbs.
Despite his imposing presence, he was often teased. And despite his great power, he never wanted to hurt anyone. But one day, he did.
A gang of kids had been taunting him about his freakish appearence, and he suddenly snapped, grabbing a tire-iron and imbedding it in one of the kids skulls. He snapped the necks of two more, and crushed the last into a brick wall. He then ran home and hid.
Since then, he has killed, on average, 2 people a week. He now works as a Junkyard worker, crushing cars, just like Breaker. He often crushes the cars with his bare hands, trying to work out his murderous urges. But he doesn't realize it's him killing.
It's Breaker.
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