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Sign-ups are still open....for a little while, that is.

[I]Rey walked down the cobblestone street of the tiny commercial town of Ghram, people looked at him as he past. It was hard for him to get used to the fact that he was in the game, although you are expected to be "In Character", shaking the feeling that that you are actually in the game is hard. A couple of "Newbies" ran up to the full plate Rey and held thier weapons out.[/I]

[B]Newbie:[/B] I think we can take you, Dude! Watch us take you down like a foo!

[I]Rey shook his head, and wondered why all people could just be veteran Role Players and just STAY "In Character". Its irritating listening to "slang" and "acronyms"[/I]

[B]Rey:[/B]Get out of my way, you arent worth my time!

[I]The "Newbies" sprung forth with thier Spears held out, Rey ducked as one "Newbie" swung at him, He stuck his sword in the stomach of the Over swinging "Newbie". The other Newbie looked at his friend and turned tail. The "Newbie" flashed red then vanished. Getting used to seeing the Deaths was hard too...Being in the game isn't much from sitting at your computer, if a player dies they flash red, then vanish. The only difference is that everything is real. Yes, wiping away the feeling of realism will be very hard... Rey walked down the cobble stone road and entered a Blacksmiths shop...Yet another fantastic thing about getting sucked into the game is that all the Stupid NPCs became real..To you anyways, and Server Crashes made you wake up as though you blacked out. You'd waked up at the last door you had walked through, or the last City gate you had passed. It was difficult, but you survived. Rey hadn't gone through death yet, and being in the game he wondered what would happen. Taking chances isn't something you want to do. Rey looked at the Blacksmith and smiled[/I]

[B]Rey:[/B]Got any new Steel for me?
[B]Brutus the Blacksmith:[/B]'Friad not, Rey...

[I]Rey snapped his fingers and put his Sword out, Brutus examined it and took it from Rey. He grabbed it by the handle and took it to the forge. He set it in the forge and turned to face Rey.[/I]

[B]Brutus the Blacksmith:[/B]Come across any rare Metals? or Stone that I could use?
[B]Rey:[/B]No..I've been looking, but all Metals elude me.
[B]Brutus the Blacksmith:[/B]Well...Fixing that Sword of yours will take some time. Seems like its always get banged up.

[I]Rey turned around and walked to a chair by the door. Rey sat down and conversed with Brutus, while he worked the Sword back to it premium state[/I]
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Dmitri ran through the forest, he had to, he didn't want to die at the hands of 12 ogres. Before he would have tried to fight them, but that was when he wasn't part of the game. If he died he could just simply restart. He didn't know about now.

Since he could interact with his environment more now, than before he started to formulate a plan. He jumped up into a tree and climbed through the branches and finally finished up his mental plan, if only he could make it work now. He knew he could probably escape now, but he wanted to kill the ogres.

His plan went to poop when he saw fire errupt from somewhere. A mage had shown up, tried to kill the ogres with fire, smart, but not good enough. The ogres now didn't care about Dmitri, they wanted their new target, the stupid mage. The twelve monsters ran up to the mage and proceeded to tear him apart limb from limb. It was more bloody than what Dmitri could remember, but now with the ogre's distracted he may be able to do something.

He came up behind the ogres and dropped silently out of the trees. With his saber's drawn he walked up behind two of them. What he was about to do was sneaky and dishonorable, but it would work. He jumped up, and plunged two of his swords blades into the necks of two of the ogres, killing them instantly. He came down again and withdrew his swords then started his spin attack on the other ogres. He sliced hamstrings and Achille's tendon's. Dropping ogres quickly, even if he didn't kill them.

Finally, all the ogres were either incompacitated, or dead, and all he had to show for it were a few gashes here and there that wouldn't cause much problems. He killed the fallen ogre's and looked at the little remains of the mage.

"Hmph, Noob." He sighed, he would have to make sure he didn't talk like that to NPC's. They would give him funny looks, he didn't know how real they would be now, he didn't care to find out. He started towards the edge of the woods, he remembered a town that was nearby.
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I looked at my hands...They were covered in fur....rat-fur. I looked at my body. and arms...i looked exactly like my character in Lore! I walked up to the lake and looked in to it. I saw a reflection of a rat... I touched my face...it was me. I was the rat-man. I slammed my fist into the water. I was astonished...
I looked around and saw a few dwarves. I am in the game...im in Lore...i thought to myself. I stared as the dwarves walked around, hammer at there side. Well...I thought to myself...If i was actually in Lore...I could kick some serious butt... I jumped toward the dwarves, as they got ready...I snickered as i ducked from the hammer blows they sent at me. I looked up and uppercuted one in the jaw. i then slashed the other 2 dwarves with my claws. They fell to the floor and vansished.
Too easy...I murmured.
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Nightmare flew past the skies, trying to escape the Wyverns that were following him. He would of stayed and fight, but he was too tired from a fight with a pack of Chimeras. He would of let them kill him if he tried to fight them but since he's now trapped in the game, he wasnt sure what would happened if he died.

Nightmare: [i]I got no choice but to take them out[/i]

He stopped flying and remained floating in the air while the Wyverns came closer to him. Nightmare began focusing his energy into one attack and right before a Wyvern could attack him a ball of dark energy surrounded Nightmare, and it burst, spreading around him, obliterating the Wyverns.

Once everything came back to normal, Nightmare's vision began to fade, and he started falling to the ground...
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After waking up by a beach, Taren stops and stretches trying to remeber how long it has been since she last logged out. "I guess I better get off and help mother with dinner," she says trying to log off the game. "Aaahhh," Taren says realizing that the fimilar screen she was so used to looking at was gone. "What happened, where'd my screen go?" she ask noone in particular. "Is there a problem," a lady on the beach asks. Yes there is I'm stuck in this game, Ican't get out." "What do you mean your stuck in this game, what game are you reffering to?" she asks a little confused. "Nevermind," Taren says picking up her weapon, "I'll just go, someone else out there must understand me. Someone must have the same problem as me." Taren says walking up the beach away from the other people.
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I looked over into the grassy plains. I was somewhat familliar with the layout, and where everything was. I remebered a nearby town where i could visit. I decided that was my first destination. I knew i was going to encounter enemies on the way though...
I ran threw the tall grasses.
I was much more athletic and faster then i was in real life.
I traveled around and after some time, i saw a town in the horizon. "That'll be a nice place to stop..." i said to myself. I looked around, and heard a sound. "Heh, whats this.." I said. I looked behind my shoulder and saw an elf. He had his bow and arrow reddied.
"Err.." I moaned.
I glanced over at him, and put my hands up.
" I surender.." I said. But i was playing bluff of course.
The elf neared me cautiously.
"Dont worry...I dont bite..." i said
The elf got close and began to study me.
"Oh yea, i forgot, im a rat...I do bite!"
I yelled as I bit the elf in the shoulder. I then slashed him with my sharp claws.
The elf fell to the floor and disapeared.
I chuckled.
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[I]Rey looked around, then was poked with the handle of his Sword.
Rey glanced at its flawless working and took it, he sheathed it and fished 50 Gold Pieces from the pouch hanging from his belt. He handed it to Brutus, He stood up and shook Brutus's hand.[/I]

[B]Rey:[/B]Thank you Brutus, as good as ever.
[B]Brutus:[/B]Hey, No problem...Just dont forget about my Metals!
[B]Rey:[/B]Oh, I wont. I'll see you again, sometime...

[I]Rey walked out of the Blacksmith shop and looked down the cobblestone street at a Grey Elf who was entering town.
Rey thought to him self.."Now thats an unusual Race to pick on Lore..." Rey watched as the Elf walked down the cobblestone street, past all the street vendors. The Grey Elf entered the Pub and vanished from Rey's line of sight. Rey shruged and started down the street. A woman, an NPC to most...came running down the street, waving her arms wildly. She called out to everyone, but most "Newbs" were too stuck up to care, and everyone else either seemed to be on different quests or just were too busy. Rey walked up to the frantic woman and calmed her down.[/I]

[B]Rey:[/B]Slow down, and tell me whats wrong.
[B]Woman:[/B]Kobolds! They took over the farmland, they killed my Husband and children! I dont know what to do!
[B]Rey:[/B]Slow down..Where did these Kobold come from?
[B]Woman:[/B]They came from the hills behind the farms! Please, if you can get rid of the Kobolds I'll pay you dearly! Please!

[I]The NPCs, though real are still very blunt about the quests they give. In any case, Rey told the woman to go to the Inn and stay there, he was heading to the Farms.[/I]
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Serena rummaged through the abandoned farm, looking for anything of value. NCP's always had something of value, every good theif knew that. She left, very disappointed. All she had found were a few gold coins and a bit of metal. She walked away grumbling, thinking about logging out. She had a very large pile of homework waiting at home. She kept walking until she bumped headfirst into something, something hard. She looked up into the eyes of a very large, very angry kobold. She backed away, drawing her sword as she did. This probably won't be easy, but it might prove to be fun.
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[I]Rey walked down the road to the Farmlands, he passed many dead Kobolds. He figured his quest was going to be easier then normal...Oh well. He walked into the Farmlands and looked to his right, he saw a Kobold confronting a Halfling. Rey unsheathed his Sword and walked up to the Kobold, it turned around and looked at the large full Plate Rey. Rey grinned under his helm and let his Sword fall into the head of the Kobold. It squeeled and fell backwards, Rey kneeled down and retrieved his Sword. He looked at the Halfling wither her Sword drawn. Rey lifted his helmet from his head.[/I]

[B]Rey:[/B]I suppose you killed all these Kobold?
[B]Halfling:[/B]Sure did. I was going to kill thatone, ya know...You took all the fun.
[B]Rey:[/B]Think of it this way...If he had killed you, I would have looted your dead corpes.
[B]Halfling:[/B]Since you put it that way...
[B]Rey:[/B]My name is Rey, nice to meet you.
[B]Serena:[/B]My name is Serena.
[B]Rey:[/B]Well..I gotta finish of the Kobolds in the hills. I'll see you around.

[I]Rey walked past Serena towards the "Kobold Hills". He past the Farmhouse and saw the dead bodies of the NPCs, he looked away in disgust. Being in the game made things a little more graphical then usual...[/I]
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Draco was walking towards Loloth were he could find food and nurishment for his hunger, carrying his eneormous Breaker Sword which was easily 3 feet taller than him on his shoulders. He was thinking about his family on the outside world. Thinking if they missed him. He began to whistle. This caught the attention of near by Orcs. They came over a hill swinging there knives and daggers and yelling there battle cry.

[B]Draco:[/B] I'm to tired for this. Gah! ALright you asked for it. *draco swung his sword around the sword twice and yelled* FAULT LINE!

AS Draco said the a great spell came from his sword, bringing forth a fault line in the ground, sending it at the orcs and knocking them several yards away. Draco shrugged and countinued on his journey.
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Rizzo laid low behind the hills along with his bandits called fire bringers. They waited to prounce on a merchant cart comming down Mt.Road , the fire bringers fired the warning shot that was an arrow head with flames around it. A menacing figure that was 6'4 with black hair carring a sword that a lizard man or a barbarain would walk around with took the merchant and tossed him out of the cart, it was Rizzo.

Rizzo: Check the cart for any good .

fire Bringer: We got some gold .

Rizzo: Take the gold and this ring looks good.

Rizzo and his bandits left wanting to ransack a small village of newbie players.
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Nightmare had awaken to see three players around him.

????: You think this guy's dead?

????: I dont know. Let's check the body for anything.

Suddenly, Nightmare stood up, scaring the three. He could tell they were newbies.

[B]Nightmare[/B]: Do any of you have a healing item?

[B]Newbie[/B]:S-S-S-Sure. Here.

Nightmare quickly used it and his energy was restored.

[B]Nightmare[/B]: Thank you. Now you die.

He suddenly grabbed one of the newbies by the throat, instantly crushing it. He then took his wings and instantly cut off the other two's heads. Nightmare quickly searched the bodies for items. All he found was money.

Nightmare surveyed his surroundings. He was in a forest.

[B]Nightmare[/B]: [i]There should be a mountain town nearby. Better watch out for Kobolds.[/i]

He then took flight.
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An brown eagle flew through the plain blue skies.It screeched and beat it wings strongly getting altitude.It saw a pillar of hot wind and flew right into the thermal letting it take it even higher.As the eagle arrived at the peak of the thermal it spread its wings open widely and soared through the air.Then it suddenly closed its wings around it and pointed its body down in a streamlined position and began to plummet at a speedy pace.Just as it was about to hit the ground it opened its wings again and broke the fall,floating to the ground softly.It closed its wings and shook out its feathers.The eagle began to do something strange and any on lookers would be horried at what they would have seen.....

It was changing.The feathers were beginning to shrink away into the body and turn into smooth skin and clothes began to form.The beak and beady eyes became a nose,mouth and emerald eyes with silver,reflective,custom made sunglasses.The feathers on the top of its head stayed the same chocolate brown colour and but changed to become hair that stopped around her neck/shoulders.The talons stretched out and became legs and feet with shoes and socks on them.The eagle stood,now as a human.

Her name is Kimana.Known as Ki.She is the main shape shifter and does it swiftly and quietly so as not to be discovered.

Suddenly a group of wyverns jumped out at her snarling and scratching.

Ki smirked and unsheathed her blade of her back and made some quick,swift and deadly cuts and the wyverns lay in pieces on the ground.Ki said one "ha" and then sheathed her blade before shape shifting into a common street dog and trotting off down the lane to visit the village.
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Rizzo and his bandits made it to some small village for newbies, a place for newbies to challenge one another and learn more about the game. Rizzo looked at the members to fire the warning shot. They got the arow head on fire and fired the arrow to let the newbies know the fire bringer bandits were on their way !

Rizzo: Well you newbies it's about time to meet the fire bringer bandits. Give up you'r gold and all other items so you can walk away alive.

Newbie: Come on we out number them.

Rizzo raised up his sword the fire rune that was ingraved into it. Rizzo yelled out BERSERK BLOW, the sword was ignited with fire , he swung at the newbies taking four down with his attack !

Rizzo: I can only do that once, but im still dangerous.

The rest of the newbies gave into the bandits and left not wanting the same fate as the other four.

Rizzo: Well call it day im going to log off, Ace your in charge.

Ace: Oh right , we got a baseball game tommarow.

Rizzo watched as everyone logged off, he himself tried to but couldent , Rizzo was just going to hit ctrl,alt and delte to unfrezze the screen but his eye's looked at the ground of the village.

Rizzo: What, this has to be a bad dream.
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Ki trotted into the village still in her dog form and she changed back into her human form.She walked out and brushed herself off.She had noticed it was a Newbie town but something wasn't right.The newbies were upset at something.

"What's wrong?What happened?"she questioned a male newbie.
"It was the Fire Bringer Gang.They came and robbed us."
"Typical.Be careful from now on.There are a lot more gangs around in this game so get used to it and get stronger so you can fight against them."

She nodded at them before changing back into an eagle and screeching loudly before flapping her wings and taking to the skies again.She looked around and then spotted them.She started a normal descend like a normal bird would and propped herself on a branch nearby so she could listen.Now and again she would make bird movements like scratching and flapping to another branch as to not be suspicious.

"I can't log off!"said someone who she suspected was the leader.

Ki nodded and screeched before flapping off leaving the "leader" alone.She flew further and landed in a lush green paradise.She had found it a long time ago seeing as she has been playing Lore for a long time.She changed back and lay back in the soft bed of grass.Something strange moved and Ki moved over silently.She grabbed it and found it was a wolf pup.It was only a baby whose eyes hadn't opened yet.It whined softly and looked around sniffing.It was so cute.It was a dusty grey.Ki craddled it softly in her arms and got up to go search for its mother and family.She walked alongnot making any sounds in case the family was close and she scared them off.She pushed away a bit of bush and gasped.She'd found his family but they were all dead.Hunted down.They lay on their sides with blood staining their sides showing and the grass around them.She was glad the pup couldn't see because he'd be in shock.Ki put the little one down and looked at the family.There were the parents and 4 other dead baby cubs.A tear fell from her eye for the pups that never got a chance to live life.And the parents whose lives were so horribly ended.She changed into a digging animal and made them a tomb like thing in the ground and changed back to human before placing them in and changing into a chocolate brown wolf and kicking the dirt over the hole to seal it.She changed back to human again and patted the dirt.She picked up the little pup and let it put a small paw print on the tomb and Ki got up and left the area vowing to help the remaining pup grow up to be strong.

After a few days the pup opened it's eyes and looked around curiosly.His eyes were very interesting though.They were limpid blue like his families' but in his right eye below the iris was a sliver of green,like shattered emerald.Ki had decided to named the pup Fell.Ki and Fell from then on became companions and became the best of friends.
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Rey sat at a Cave entrance in the "Kobold Mountains", he had angered the Kobold Cheiftains and they had blow the entrance way up with Gunpowder barrels, leaving Rey trapped. He had tried to get out, but to no avail. He sat at the entrance sparingly eating what was in his pack. He had eaten the Kobolds, a bad mistake. They tasted rotten, He had found treasure in the cave but getting trapped inside wasn't a treasure. He sat and looked around at his surroundings, the cave was a watery blue and the reflections of ponds sprinkled the cave walls, it was beautiful. Rey closed his eyes and fell into a light sleep. Maybe his last, if he didn't find a way out.
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A wolf pup ran across the fields,beside him was an older chocolate brown wolf.They ran together...They were headed for the next town hoping it wasn't filled with Newbies.Fell yipped happily as he played around and Ki just watched on letting him enjoy some time in his childhood before she toughened up.

As they arrived Ki swiftly did her shape change and she was as her normal self with Fell at her heels.Ki just walked in ignoring people's stares and gazes.Fell looked around curiosly as Ki recognised the city as the city of Ambor.Fell lifted his nose and sniffed the air before directing it to the ground and sniffing all the new and exciting scents.Ki walked on and into a Weaponry shop.She saw that Fell was still going around sniffing things and gave a loud whistle between her fingers and he bounced over.

"Hey there.Haven't seen you in a while eh Ki?"
"No sir.Been about a year.Too long Jack.Anythin' new lately that I'd like?"
"I dunno really.Go check the back if ya want.Hey what you got there with you?"
"Huh?Oh that's Fell.He's an orphan.Parents were hunted.I'm gonna get them.They killed his four other pup brothers and sisters."
"That's terrible.Well go on back and see what you like."
"Ok thanks.Fell stay."but her voice was wasted as he was already going around the shop sniffing everything.He walked up to Jack and sniffed him.The man laughed and rubbed his ears.Fell decided he liked this man so he jumped into his lap and looked at all the things on the bench.

Ki walked into the back room and saw it was packed with new items.There were nice blades there,arrows,staffs,bows-long and cross,shields,some armour and other sorts of things.She shook her head and then spotted something in particular.She walked over and pulled it out.She had been looking for one for some time.It was a long bow made of the branch of a young willow.Willow was a great material for bows because they bend easily and are very flexible so they don't break.Ki looked over it carefully running her hand over it.She picked up an arrow and aimed at the far wall.She notched the arrow carefully but quickly and fired.It flew at a incredible pace and thunked into the stone bricks of the wall.Ki grinned and walked outside.

"I've been lookin' for one of these.I'll take it Jack.How much?"
"I don't usually do this but for this little fella I'll give it to you for 50."he said refering to Fell who was panting happily.
"Done.Thanks.Now unfortunately we gotta get movin' again.You know how it is.Come on Fell."
"Yeah.Come back soon Ki.We need to catch up on times.And bring the little guy with ya!"
"I will.Don't you worry about it."

They exited the shop and Ki headed for the next shop which was the items store.

"Hi Jane.Long time huh?"
"Ki!!Yes it's been too long.You never visit us any more."
"I know I know....I'll try and come back more often."
"Good.Now what do you need?"
"Some potions,elixers,hi-potions,burn heal,freeze heal,sleepers,awakeners,stun,poison,antidotes,softs,holy water and I think that's it."
"That's it?Are you sure?"
"Okay let me get all that stuff for you."

She went into the back and started to rummage through everything that was there pulling out bottles,vials,herbs and others and packing them into bags for Ki.Soon she was done and she came out with some bags and handed them to Ki.

"Thanks Jane.How much do I owe you?"
"Just 100 for old times."
"Thanks a lot."

Ki payed up and then took the bags and left again.She placed the bags in her backpack and then she was about to leave town when she decided she was too lazy and she headed to the inn to get a room to stay for the night and leave in the morning.
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Dmitri had left the town and made his way into the wilderness. He heard about the kobold report, and wondered why such a big deal was being made about them. They only stood about 2 feet tall and were very reptillian, but they were only fodder for the drow, and most other races.

"Oh well, humans are weak.." Dmitri said to himself quietly. He made his way up a path, and found a collapsed cave entrance. "This is interesting.."

Inside Rey had heard Dmitri shuffling about, and started yelling for help. Dmitri heard him, luckily, and started looking for a way to help.

"You do know that there is a least a ton of rocks blocking the way right?" Dmitri asked.

"Yes! Just do something!" Rey screamed back.

"Fine, fine, keep your pants on." Dmitri started to move rocks out of his way, luckily he recieved a high strength score, but he couldn't keep it up for ever. He began to tire.

"You could help you know!" said an annoyed Dmitri.

"How stupid?" Dmitri didn't answer, the person he was helping presented a good point.

"I don't know, but what's your name?"

"Rey! Yours?"

"Dmitri, nice to meet you.. kinda.."

Dmitri stood there, looking around, he would need help for this, he had barely put a dent in the rocks. Knowing his luck some person thinking they were god would show up and move the rocks with a flick of their wrist, he swore he would kill that person quickly.
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Nallen woke up, collected his equipment, and headed out the door of the inn. Walking down the street, he let his mind wonder to how he had been teleported into his game. That night, around a week ago, he had somehow come to exist in his game. He forced the subject out of his mind, for it was useless to even think about it. He was here for good.

He finally came to his destination. It was a catacomb which the local villagers had been having trouble with. Said it had been infested with the undead. He studied the entry-way, which was dark and forboding, just how I like it.

He walked inside. It was very cold, and crawling with undead. He drew his long-sword, and readied for battle. Moving forward, slashing and parrying at the moaning zombies and the sword wielding skeletons. He moved from room to room, cutting down anything that posed a threat. Finally, he reached a locked door. Tired and bleeding, he kicked the door in...
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The next morning Ki got up and grabbed her backpack full of items,her blade and her newly bought willow long bow.She prodded Fell with her foot and he rolled onto his stomach and stood.Ki looked around and checked that she didn't forget anything before heading out of the inn.She gave the key back to the registration and left.She almost left the village but her stomach growled loudly so she headed to a café nearby and sat down at a table.Fell jumped into the chair next to her and started sniffing at the scents of foods.Ki waved a waitress over and ordered some breakfast and something for Fell.The waitress looked strangely at Ki but she just shrugged.The waitress walked away and soon returned with the stack of pancakes with maple syrup and hot chocolate Ki had ordered and a bowl of water and some bread for Fell.Ki thanked her and started to eat.Fell sniffed the food curiosly and bit the bread.Ki looked up at him and broke the bread up a bit so it'd be easier for him to eat.Ki went back to her pancakes and soon finished them,moving to her hot chocolate.She sipped carefully as to not get burned by the heat.Fell by this time was lapping at the water after the dry bread.Soon they were done and Ki payed the bill before leaving with Fell.They walked out of the village entrance and continued their journey.

She walked through the plains and the fields with Fell fighting the monsters on the way.Ki had began to train Fell to fight so he could help her in battles.Fell's teeth had began to grow already and his claws were getting longer.Fell would soon grow into a large wolf and not be just a little pup but for now it was fine as he was.She looked down at him bouncing,bounding and frolicking by her side enjoying the sunshine and the space.Ki just chuckled and walked on.A group of ogres came up to Ki and growled menacingly.Ki just smirked and she began a shape change.She soon became a large grizzly bear.Ki reared up onto her hind legs and swiped at them with her large paw.They were bowled over and Ki changed back firing at them with her bow and killing them all with single shots.Ki just shook her head and walked away from them.At first Fell stayed and sniffed at the ogres before rushing off to join Ki.
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Nightmare flew through the sky, observing the landscape below him. What he caught sight of was a a girl and a young wolf running from several ogres chasing them. He suddenly watched as the girl changed into a wolf to run faster.

Nightmare: [i]Strange. She must me that famous morpher I heard about. Might as well help.[/i]

He quickly shifted himself to fly down toward the ogres. As he was flying toward them he quickly created two balls of dark energy on his hands. In seconds, he fired, two of them roaring in pain. While the ogres were taken off guard, Nightmare stabbed through the other two.

The two 'wolfs' stopped to see that the ogres were dead while Nightmare remained standing, blood all over him. The wolfs walked toward him. Then one of them changed back into a girl...
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Serena walked up into the Kobold Hills, careful not to make a sound, when she heard shouting near a cave entrance. She decided to help, otherwise the day would be a complete waste. She sighed and headed in the direction of the sound, not wanting to waste more time than she had to. She was a little shocked to see a grey elf standing by the blocked entrance. "Strange enough, but it could be worse." she muttered to herself. "What are you doing here?"
"Getting an idiot out of a cave. I could use some help," Dmitri answered.
"I can still hear you," replied someone else.
"Hey, you're that knight from before that took the fun out of ransacking that farm! Why should I help you? Are you going to pay me? If not, I have some kobolds to steal from."
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Guest Ren-chan
Correna Lovencraft sat on a rock lazily twirling an arrow in her right hand. She had gotten used to being able to do things like climb trees, use her fingers to a good extent, and just sit around ever since she had been trapped in the game. She knew it wasn't as in-character as usual; most of the time she was sneaking around with a sword or other various weapons, or maybe just her magic with the promise of money if she killed a certain player. But now, she was just not in the mood. Sure, she never really liked her real life, or at least, she thought she hadn't...but being stuck in Lore was not as satisfying as she thought it would be. It was downright terrifyng.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard shouts coming from not to far off. Some bloke yelling about being stuck, and the words "idiot" and "kobold" were clearly heard. Sighing, she got up and began walking towards the voices, figuring it was a few newbies seeking out kobolds and ending up getting stuck or lost in one of their caves. She put up her arrow and figured she could easily help them then kill them, just to get back in the spirit of things.
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Rey stood in at the Entrance and waited for the help to get him out of the cave, he was getting quite irritated at the fact that he was acting like a "Newb". A pity, really...Rey started kicking at the rocks blocking the cave.

[B]Rey:[/B]Blasted rocks! Get out of my way!
[B]Dmitri:[/B]Calm down, Rey!
[B]Rey:[/B]I am calm!

Rey stopped kicking and leaned against the wall, he let out a long sigh and began to breath. You get tired, really...Well, of course you tired when you are actually in the game!
Rey slid down the wall to a sit.
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