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Writing inspiration or automatic


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When writing a book or poetry or something else,can you just say
I want to write about this and do it?Or do you have to be inspired
by something?

I have a few friends who can write books whenever they want to but for me,I have to be inspired by something in order to write about it.More so with poetry.

So what about you?Do you need to be inspired or can you just do it automatically.

Feel free to post some of your work here as well.
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Guest dayday
I can do things automatic all the time. I always have something on my mind that I canuse. In my stories and my poetry. But I can get inspired by something too. It'll usually make it come out better that way.
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[size=1] It depends, I guess.

Whatever happens when a poem comes to life is sort of a hard thing to describe. It's just things laying themselves down in your mind and to the paper the right way...Bah. It's hard to say.

I can write automatically, but when I write for longer periods of time, I find that everything I am writing starts to feel somewhat contrived, and of lesser value. It's like swimming and using your arms for a long amount of time...you get tired.

But the longer you do it the stronger you muscles get, and you can do it more and more. At least that's how I see it.

So inspiration is a factor, but I must say, I sure listen to music a lot when I write poems. I even use some lyrics that just randomly spur from a song and use them like a running start. Then it just happens as it happens.[/size]
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