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Writing Really Short Stories

Ultimate Gohan

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Really Short Stories

Starting off with DBZ

It was a late night in Satan City, probably somewhere around 12:00 at midnight, when a portal appeared in a dark alley, rats scattering behind trash cans that were laying around on the dirty ground. Out of the portal stepped a yellow/black boot like foot, followed by another yellowed/black foot, each one making a squeaking sound as they touched the ground. Soon the portal vanished and the being walked out of the alley onto the sidewalk. Spotting a short man walking by, the green being walked up to him and started talking.

"Would you happen to know where Son Goku lives?" The thing asked.

"Who?" The man asked, not being the least bit disturbed by the things appearence.

"I said Son Goku."

"Oh! Son Goku! He's dead." The man said casually.

"What?!" The green creature yelled/asked in suprise. "What do you mean he's dead?! I finally get back to Earth so I can seek my revenge and he's dead?!"

"Well you should have got here sooner." The guy said.

"Can you at least tell me who killed him?" The thing asked.

"Oh he wasn't killed."

"How'd he die then?"

"He died choking on some food..." The man said slowly.

"Oh well, guess I'll just go back to HFIL." Cell said in disapointment as he vanished.

"Hmm, I wonder who this Goku fella is." The man said.

The man continued his walk as if nothing had happened.


This one might be a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen the end of Cowboy Bebop

Taking Out the Trash

"Bang." Spike said as he collasped on the steps. A minutes passed by as nothing happened, then suddenly one of Viscious former henchmen walked up to Spike's dead body with a large dust pan and broom.

"Jeeze this guy is heavy, why are you guys just standing there? Look at this place! And this corpse is starting to stink so lets get cleaning!" The nameless henchman yelled as sweeped up Spike's body and walked away. Then a thump was heard as the bounty hunters body was thrown in the dumpster.


Grand Theft Animal Crossing

(The opening theme for Animal Crossing starts as a super deformed version of the guy from Grand Theft Auto 3 steps out of a shack/house)

He then proceeds to walk to one of his neighbors houses as the music continues to play, and opens the door. Gun shots are heard as the guy leaves the house and does a victory pose while holding up a sack full of bells.

(Fades to black)


(Cheesy commercial music pops up)

Sailor Moon: I'm just so tired of running around looking like a reject from some horrible Sci Fi show! How can I still be a superheroine and not look like a dork?

Voice: Why just head on down to the Anime Abilities Market! We have everything you possibly need! If we don't have it then you made it up!

Sailor Moon: Really? What kind of things do you have?

Voice: Everything! Magic powers without having to look like an dork in a can, a script for anyones anime or manga so they can avoids things like dieing, Teletubies, Krillain for rental, because everyone needs a goofy sidekick that dies!And Cheese!

Sailor Moon: Cheese?! I've got to go there now! Thanks strange voice!

Voice: No problem! Just head on down to AAM today!

(Fades to black)


Future Trunks Meets GT Trunks

Trunks was just relaxing outside of Capsule Corp in his usual outfit that consisted of a jacket, shorts and a scarf, when there was a bright flash and a large object appeared in the sky. It slowly touched down on the ground, and the top opened up. Out of it jumped a man that looked just like Trunks, except with different clothes.

"Who are you? Why do you look just like me?" GT Trunks asked in confusion.

Future Trunks simply walked over to him and hit him upside the head.


"I spent my whole life fighting the androids and for what? So my younger self could walk around looking like one of them? And what's the deal with the shorts and jacket?! Are you hot or are you cold?!" Future Trunks then ripped the scarf off of GT Trunks's neck, set it on fire with a ki blast, hopped back inside his time machine, and dissapeared with a flash.

"What was that about?" GT Trunks asked as he rubbed his head where Future Trunks had smacked him.

"Have you seen yourself lately Trunks?" Vegeta asked as he walked by.


Animal Crossing Z

(The opening music for AC played as a super deformed Goku walked out of a little dome shaped house, with a fishing rod, the music continues to play as he walks by a SD version of Bulma and some animal neighbors, and continues to head towards the beach to go fishing as the screen fades to black)


End Notes: Yeah.......hahaha.....

Another part

More Really Short Stories

One afternoon at Capsule Corp, Vegeta was just heading to the store when he suddenly saw a white car speeding towards him.

"Wha-" he was abruptly cut off as the car rammed into him, of course it didn't really hurt him but he was still knocked on his butt.

"Pops I ran someone over ag- I mean I ran someone over!" the boy that was behind the wheel said as he hopped out.

"Speed! This is exactly why I told you that you shouldn't be in races!" the man that was sitting in the second seat said as he also got out of the car.

"Pops! What does racing have to do with my hitting this man?" Speed said.

"Well you see....forget it! You just shouldn't be behind the wheel until you learn how to drive correctly!" Pops yelled.

"But Pops there's a race next week that I signed up for!" Speed yelled back.

"Speed I told you that can't be in anymore races because you might end up like your brother that vanished in a car crash at the race he was in and was never seen again!" Pops said.

"Pops I'm going to be in the race!" Speed yelled.

"Oh no you're not!" Pops said as they got into a good 'ol fist fight.

That's when the Mysterious Racer X walked up.

"Po- I mean stanger I've seen before in my life I think Speed should be allowed to continue rac-"

"Hey! Which one of you idiots hit me with that car?!" Vegeta yelled as he finally got back up


"Well? I'd like to know who I'll be blowing up." Vegeta said as he charged up a energy blast.

"Look over there!" All three of them yelled.

"What! Is it Frieza?!" Vegeta yelled as turned around to look.

That's when they decided to leave, so they all got into Speed's racing car and did a hit and run, driving off into the sunset.

"Grr....." Vegeta growled as he shook his fist at the retreating trio.

"Wait a minute, I can fly!" Vegeta said before blasting off after them as the Speed Racer music played.


Fushigi Yuugi Bloopers

Scene: Tamahome's families home, moments before he steps in and finds them all dead.

"Dad? Anybody? Where are you? I hope you're not DEAD in there!" Tamahome yelled as he walked into the house and soon found their bodies.

"Oh no!" Tamahome yelled in horror, walking right by them. "Where's the bread at? How am I supposed to make a sandwich without the bread?!"


Take two

"Oh no! They're dead! And I don't remember where they hid the money at!" Tamahome yelled as he chewed on his sandwich.


Scene: Nuriko's death

"Nuriko please! Open your eyes!" Miaka said anguish as she sat in the snow next to Nuriko's body.

Tamahome then reached over and opened Nuriko's eyes.

"Well they're open, happy now?" Tamahome asked as he snickered, Miaka soon following.

"Cut!" the director yelled.

After Mitsukake's speech to Miaka about mourning.

"Here Miaka, I think he would've wanted you to have these." Tamahome said as he handed Miaka Nuriko's bracelets.

"No I wouldn't! Those are mine!" Nuriko said as he sat up from his position in the snow and yanked the bracelets from Miaka's hands.

"Cut!" the director said again.


Pokemon Bloopers

Scene: Ash, Brock, and Misty are walking down a deserted road, heading to a another gym.

"Hey Brock are you sure we're going the right way?" Ash asked as he turned around, accidentaly cutting the former gym leader with his sharp cheek.

"Ow you cut my shoulder man!" Brock yelled in pain as Ash and Misty laughed.

"Cut!" the director yelled.

"Ash you idiot!" Misty yelled in anger after Ash had made another stupid remark, sending him crashing to the ground after hitting him with her mallet.

*3 minutes go by as Ash doesn't get up*

"Ash?" Misty said as Brock poked him, soon they both started laughing.

"Cut!" the director yelled again.

Scene: a wild pokemon reserve

"Where are we?" Ash asked as the three of them walked into the reserve.

"You're in a wild pokemon reserve, it's illegal to catch pokemon here......so put that pokeball back young man!" the woman that had answered his question said.

"We're in a wild pokemon reserve?" Brock said as he stated the obvious yet again.

"No we're in an anime." Misty mumbled as Ash snickered to himself.

"Cut!" the director yelled in fustration.


Sailor Moon and the Creepy Kid

"Stop evil!" Sailor Moon yelled to a monster from the Negaverse as it walked out of a corner store with a soda.

"For casually disregarding the No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service rule I'll punish you!!" she yelled as she struck a pose.

"Huh? Oh, GRRRR!!" the monster yelled as it finished drinking its soda and prepared to fight.


A nearby wall fell down as Sailor Saturn hopped out of the rubble and started growling, shaking her head while she was at it.

"ooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaay." Sailor Moon said as she and the monster slowly backed away, and then broke out into runs.


End Notes: I might add some more.
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