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RPG king of fighters,street fighter,or whatever!!!


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Well i would like to start a group that loves fighting. Yeah the old street fighting role plays that people like and i geuss maybe some of the people here like it too right?

Well you can pick of anybody that you choose like Kyo,Ryo,Ryu,King, Cammy, Rock,Terry,Geese or whatever just pick. And if we want to do this we can but the fighting can be taken place anywhere and there can be any storylines that you can make up. well i wanted to just point that out and post if you want to get in. And remember that YOU make the storylines and there are countless amouts of fighters so go ahead. But by the way i am Ryu!! yeah right just kidding! Kyo from kings of fighters and that is my fighter...

Well is this thing on or what!?:nervous: yeah i don't know how to start a group so please have mercy on me!
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