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is there one decent person to IM?!?!?!?


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its on AIM im so bored im writing poetry!!! wanna see? here it is!
i posted this sumwhere else tho.... i copied and pasted it

must i be tormented about my looks?
or have my nose forever in the books?
must people be more crewl than kind?
or do they only have torture in their mind?
people as a whole need to clean up their act.
and make up for those who lack.
people whom ive never met,
ive found not one that has liked me yet.
look inside of me. what is my flaw?
did i do something wrong? did i break a law?
as the days go by no one tells me what i did wrong
so my life continueally sings this song
i have no puprose in life
if i do it is to always strive
people always hate
but if they took the time to relate...
they would see my true colors
and see that im a gift from above.
-Jamvis- thank you for listining
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