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[COLOR=indigo]It has been many years since Vash defeated Knives. Since then, he has wondered the world with a new sense of what is right. He still teaches people what he feels is the right way, and he still has the $$60 billion reward on his head.
This is the tale of the new Vash, in the new land, in a new time.
It is 30 years later. And Knives has awoken from the coma the sheer shock had put him into.
He is hunting Vash once more.[/COLOR]
Okay. I am playing as a new ally of Vash.
I need Vash, Knives, the New Gung-Ho Guns, and any other characters you can think up.
Here's a sign-up sheet.


If you choose to be a Gung-Ho gun, you also need a nickname, a power, and a number(which I will assign, actually).
Oh, and here's my guy.

Name: Tao-Zhou
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and lean, about 6'1" and 184lbs. He dresses in all black, and a billowing black duster. He has smokey blue eyes, and messy brown hair with long spikey bangs.
Weapons: His Ninja-to, and a Colt .38
Bio: He isn't telling anyone. All that is known is that he's an assassin trained in almost all the martial arts.
Personality: Tao is cold, calm, and a true gentleman, who seems to have a hidden agenda.
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I'll be one of the new Gung-Ho guns. Here we go!

name: Janice Gothort (Janice the Dark Angel)
age: 27
gender: female
appearance: Wears a black button-up shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. Has long blonde hair and blue eyes.
weapons: a black upside-down revolver similar to Knives's (and her good looks, teehee).
bio: She was never very popular, as she was constantly alone at special events and family parties. After 15 years of loneliness, she couldn't take it and ran away from her home, it didn't matter to anyone there. They continued their lives normally. She wondered into the plant where Knives was in his coma, and she lived there until Knives awakened. She obediently follows Knives's orders and is looking for Vash.
personality: Janice is a sad, lonely person. She is in need of love, or at least friendship.
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name: Obiwaban
age: 24
gender: male
apearence: blue shirt with brown open trenchcoat over it and white pants. short messy black hair and a samurai straw hat.
bio: grew up learning to swordfight and become a marksman. When his home was accidentally destryed by Vash he swore against him
personality: Lives to fight and never gives up
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Very good character, IloveBebop, but you need to give Janice a power, like the other Gung-Ho Guns.
And Tical, is Obiwaban a GHG? If so, he needs a nickname and a power. If not, where does he fall into the scheme of things?
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I wanna be a gung-ho gun.

Name: Ryu Gato (Ryu the Cat)
Power: Can turn into a Cat.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'11, wearing a classic ninja suit thats a dark blue. Has a steel face mask that covers his mouth and nose. Has empty blue eyes and short blond hair.
Weapons: Two titanium tonfas(a stick thats about as long as the forearm that has another stick coming out about a quarter of the way down thats short and used to hold on to) and a huge amount of ninja stars.
Bio: Not to much is known about this ninja assassin except that his entire family was butchered in front of him when he was 4. Shortly after the man that did it was found dead.
Personality: Very loyal and hates liars.
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Name: ray hiro
Gender: male
Appearance: blue eyes, black hair, goggles red head band, blue shirt, black pants, brown boots, orange vest, gloves,
Weapons: glaive, hand gun
Bio: Ray travels from town to town looking for adventure. Because he was adopted and had no friends he is not afraid to risk his life. If he sees some one in trouble he will not hisitate to help. He will fight against any one who will kill others.
Personality: nice, loyal, some times a joker, he is in search of some thing does not know what it is
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Name: AkaSuki Bluesummers((the last name isnt revealed until the middle of the rpg ))
Age: 20
Height/Weight: 6'5/185 lbs
Description: Looks suspiciously like Legato. She has steel grey blue eyes
Attitude: Same as Knives but doesnt kill to prove it
Weapon: Two Twin Silver and Black 9mm's
Bio: She Grew up with her Father. One day when she was 15 he left an' never came back. She went looking for him and eventually found him dead. She knew who had killed him by evidence left behind. She has vowed either to bring Vash to Knives
or kill him herself. She'll even die trying...... She's been hanging around knives lately

I'll Be Knives if ya want me to be
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name:John C. Wolfwood
apearance: axactly like his father except he has Milli's (dono how to spell it) face. He still has wolfwoods hair though.
Weapon: Wolfwood's old cross
Bio: He is the son of Mille and Wolfwood. He has tried to take after his dead father. He is cheerful like Milli but down to earth like Wolfwood. He has been trying to become a gunslinger like Wolfwood (refuses to believe Wolfwood was a bad priest that only admited his "sins" ounce) but he had to become a insurance man like his mother was.
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