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Dbz af game


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[I]Forte Floats Down Onto the ground...Looks around[/I]

Forte: " Wow Its deserted here...Oh wait.."

[I]Forte sees some people around...[/I]

Forte: " Hey isnt that Phloe?Hmm Whats he doing here....."

Forte: " Hey Phloe!!!!!"
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[I]while training Sage senses some power levels so he flys over to see whats there as he lands he sees some people and someone walkin over to them[/I]

Sage: hmm could that be Forte *looks over* and is that phloe Forte is that you and Phloe that you too **** guess they didnt hear me

[I]so he's flys over to see who it is[/I]

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artemis ducked the green haired fighters swing and came back with one of her own catching him in the stomach

phloe: oof!!!*recovers and punches artemis in the face*

artemis reeled back

artemis: good fight... *holds out hand*

phloe:*shakes her hand* yeah
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*sage gets in front of Forte and stops him*

Sage: Forte wanna train

Forte: alright lets go

*they both power up and forte charges at sage punches but he misses and sage kicks but forte blocks it and they begin punching and kicking at eatchother eatch one being blocked or dodged*
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