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  1. I'm looking for a website that I can type the word in english and it will translate it into kanji for me. I would like it if the kanji was presented in calligraphy, but beggers can't be choosers.
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    I'm interested, but I'm an procrastinator. ^^; Name: Velaxis Gender: Feminine Side: Risen Appearance: [URL=http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c318/Inque_me/Redchick.jpg ][COLOR=DarkOrange](Human)[/COLOR][/URL] [URL=http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c318/Inque_me/Bastetsword.gif][COLOR=DarkOrange](2nd change, most favored fight form)[/COLOR][/URL] Fighting Style: Velaxis is a being of grace and skill, wielding her sword with precision and elegance. She is a cat demon, and it shows in the way she moves. Velaxis is able to transform through the [URL=http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c318/Inque_me/Bastetchange.gif][COLOR=DarkOrange]five stages [/COLOR] [/URL] of her changeling heritage, using the most suited to complete her goals. This is her only ability, and that suits her just fine. Personality: Velaxis is an alluring being, prone to sexual escapades ending in bloodbaths. She is spiteful, cruel, and savage, looking down upon other creatures as stupid, slow and cowardly. It takes great acts to impress this cat, and once done, Velaxis will be loyal to whoever completes her task. She is a fierce enemy, but an even greater ally. Her natural curiosity causes her to pay great attention to detail and store it away for future use. The sharp mind she possesses is her greatest asset... After looks, of course. Writing Sample: Velaxis sauntered through the smoke and laughter, caressing the shadowed forms of the sinners. She wore her human form tonight, seductive in a black skin tight dress. Velaxis ran her fingertips over the silk, pleased with the way it clung to her curves. It was a good find. An attractive fallen smoking a black clove ciggerette cut in front of her and stopped, facing the other direction. Velaxis frowned, miffed at the intrusion of her stroll. Out reached a delicate ivory hand, tipped in daintily painted black nails. Upon reaching the offending shoulder, black claws pushed out from under the nails, biting into cloth and skin. Velaxis whipped the blonde around, snatching the clove from her lips. She unhooked her claws from the shirt and licked the blood slowly from them. Velaxis took a drag from the clove and wrapped a hand behind the fallens neck. Leaning in, she pressed her lips to the ex-angels, shotguning her the thick, flavored smoke, with just a hint of her own blood. Standing back, Velaxis smiled, her cat eyes flashing in the dim light. "There... That wasen't so bad... Now was it." She leaned in once more, licking her lips. "Keep out of my way, or I may just take closer notice of you, my little mouse." She laughed cruely and took another drag of the clove, dissapearing into the crowd, the wisps of heavy smoke trailing after her before blending into the rest of the cloud.
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    Bah. When your home town treats ya crappy, take a break. In a bigger city. Basicly, I'll be away from my computer for a bit, so no postins for Robin. I'll be back Sat.
  4. RPG

    Glossy black wings pulled in, pressing tightly against the small figure as it plummeted frighteningly towards the cold hard ground. Banking sharply, Perish swooped over the frigid landscape surrounding the Temple of Darkness. Cackling at the guardians on the ground, she exercised the raven form?s wonderfully vulgar vocabulary. She landed upon one of the many columns of the temple and began to shift back to her natural form. ?Still no sign of our counterparts? This feels like a fools errand to me, meaning no disrespect. I?m still not sure that mingling with our brothers of the light is a good idea. There is already much unrest among our companions? I can only imagine it is much the same with the light.? Perish sighed, knowing her queen had heard. A voice floated to her ears, a sound not unlike the baying of hounds at the moon, or ice cracking in the frozen wastelands to the north. A voice to send mortals crashing to their knees, howling in agony. ?Peace my daughter. Though what you say may be true, we must hope that the threat to our peoples will galvanize a renewed hope for cooperation. The light must recognize this threat as we do, to send their warriors to join with us here. I will tolerate no bloodshed on this holy ground, so bickering must be kept to words only. It is my hope that you may forget your differences to defeat this powerful threat.? Perish bowed her head, accepting the words as wisdom. It is not for one such as her to question the will of one?s goddess. ?Yes, my queen.? Perish turned her eyes once more to the horizon, scanning quietly for the approaching guardians of Light.
  5. Anime

    I just finished watching an Anime series called "Elfen Lied". It's thirteen episodes long, and made me cry like a baby. I really liked it and recomend it to anyone who isn't squeamish. It's kinda a love story... But you won't understand that until the very end. The director writes much the same. "What I thought, while reading the comic, was that this was a love story, and I could make it so that it would bring veiwers to tears." - Mamoru Kanbe He was right. I got eyeliner all over my t-shirt. I was wondering if anyone else had seen it, and what they thought. [color=navy][size=1]I merged your thread with the pre-existing Elfen Lied topic. Have fun discussing it! - Dagger[/size][/color]
  6. I just finished watching an Anime series called "Elfen Lied". It's thirteen episodes long, and made me cry like a baby. I really liked it and recomend it to anyone who isn't squeamish. It's kinda a love story... But you won't understand that until the very end. The director writes much the same. "What I thought, while reading the comic, was that this was a love story, and I could make it so that it would bring veiwers to tears." - Mamoru Kanbe He was right. I got eyeliner all over my t-shirt. I was wondering if anyone else had seen it, and what they thought.
  7. I asked Jeeves... He said "Here, run around in a circle for a while." lol I'll try the other ones... Thanks. I'll post the number if I ever find it.
  8. I did. The searches gave me a whole bunch of obituary sites, but they don't specify for suicide, and Wikipedia gave me suicide songs.
  9. I really want to know how many people kill themselves on Valentines Day. But I can't find the information anywhere. Search engines are my enemy. So, if anyone knows, or can tell me where I might look, it'd be appreciated.
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    Name: Perish Age: teenager Gender: Female Race: Guardian Position: Guardian of Darkness Appearance: [URL=http://img47.imageshack.us/my.php?image=darkcatgirl9uh.gif][IMG]http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/9619/darkcatgirl9uh.th.gif[/IMG][/URL] Personality: Perish is morbid and extroverted with a keen sense of irony. Her humor is sharp and many find her difficult to cope with, considering she will lash out at friend or foe. Perish is an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives her an intoxicating power over others. At her worst, she's a narcissist. Full of herself and even proud of her faults. Stubborn and opinionated, she knows what she thinks is right. End of discussion. A bit of a misanthrope, she often sees others as weak, ignorant, and inferior. Perish loves her sarcasm, though it often hurts the ones she cares about. She has the tendency to be playful in her actions, accidentally causing a wide area of destruction in her fun. Despite her dark image Perish falls in love easily, making high tragedy of her crushes. She is a hopeless romantic, often falling for humans. Weapons: Two dirks and two black desert eagles Powers: Perish has the ability to shape change at will, changing only parts of her body, or making the entire transformation. Her favorite shapes are cats and a raven. Perish also has limited shadow manipulation, thought not as strong as others, she is more creative. (ooc: That comes from three years of playing a lasombra in VtM) Character Snippet: Perish kneeled, dipping a finger into the spot of blood cooling in the dust. She sniffed it, a thoughtful look in her eyes. It was a human, an overweight, smelly, disgusting human, but human none the less. One large cat-like ear swiveled at the sound of footsteps. "I thought you got tired of scaring the piss out of insulting humans." The tall being shook his shaggy mane. "Really, Peri, it's not really worth it." Perish flapped a hand at him. "I made a special exception to this one, Caeru, and what have I told you about calling me that?" Caeru laughed "So, the great and mighty Perish is above nicknames now?" He kneeled to better see what Perish examined. His eyes widened in shock at the sight of the blood. "You didn't.. Did you? Peri, that's against the rules!" Perish turned around and punched him lightly. "Of course not. His drunkenness turned him about and ran him straight into a dumpster. I should throttle you for thinking I shot him." She turned back to the ground and shrank, her face darkening as fine feline hair covered it. Her ears and tail, which she wore in her normal form shrank to accommodate her small housecat form. [I]"Right now, I'm just going to see if he's alright. You may follow if you like, but don't step on me."[/I] With that, housecat Perish trotted down the dark ally to make sure smelly man was still breathing. Suddenly, two gunshots rang into the night. Not unusual in this part of town, but they were close. [I]"Uh oh... Caeru, did you hear that? Crap. I'm gonna get blamed again, aren?t I? Someone always does, even when it's obvious I didn't shoot them, the bullet holes are way too small!"[/I] She raced down the ally, Caeru trotting behind. The fat man lay on the pavement face first, the blood pooling under his bulk. [I]Yep.. Dead. Look likes he got mugged."[/I] Caeru nudged the corpse with a toe. "Yeah, probably. As to the blame, since when do you care what those light heads think anyway? It never bothered you before. Anyway, we had better be getting back soon. Malchiel wants to speak with you." Perish sighed and returned to normal. "Very well... Let's get it over with already." (I didn't really know what to write, but I figured that you wanted something to judge our writing with... So if it's lacking let me know and I'll try harder.) Notes/Other:
  11. Shark: If I was a surfer when would I fall? (I should get a mention for suck. I vote the Posidion one)
  12. I think it really depends on the person. Crack and such should go, but I think pot is like beer. First get old enough so that it's not stunting necessary brain functions, then get high with a small group of close friends while watching Super Troopers. Avoid heavy machinery and cars. To overdose, you would have to smoke something like 15 pounds in 15 mins... And even then, you'd be dieing from smoke inhalation not the THC itself. Shooting anything into your veins is just a generally bad idea... Sure you get higher, but not smoking the **** for a month will do the same thing. Things like shrooms and acid are iffy. You can't really predict the way people react to hallucinogens, acid more so because of the fact that it is man made. Screw meth... It's way too much trouble to make. I want my hands. And my teeth. Meth labs go ka-blooey. Yep. The only drug I think should be legal is pot.
  13. Hm.. I like this neo-emo term. People have the habit of labeling everything... Without labels, people would be lost. I know I'd be mad is someone mislabeled the peanut butter and I ate it. Anywho, Emo was the term 'cause someone didn't know what they were talking about. (Pst. that happens a lot.) Sooo, now that we've been enlightened, we shall call them neo-emo! And thus another label is born. It matters not. We could just say "faggy looking whiney wanna-be punkers without the balls" but that's too much of a mouthful for everyday use. I, personally, get massive amounts of pleasure from these "neo-emo" chaps. If one of them actually kills themselves off, the world would be a better place. It amuses me to have long drawn out conversations with them, usually ending in: "That's horrible. Here?s a gun." They give people who dress accordingly bad names. I know people with neo-emoesque hair styles and listen to that crappy music, who are decent enough by my standards (which are high, usually) that get crap for it all the time. As long as they don't force me to listen to their music. So I suppose that the moral of the story is: Talk to them first. Once they start to whine, direct them to the nearest flow of traffic.
  14. [QUOTE=renayiiq]I'm letting the world win. I may even take out my piercing. It offends the school system, so why not just shut them up, right? [/QUOTE] Screw that. Never give that bottom feeding, soul sucking, crime against humanity that calls itself the school system what it wants. I spit in it's face. Technically it's the lawn, but I try to remember to every time I pass. Sure I think education is important, but not at the cost of our individuality... Public school breeds the close minded, tie wearing, cramped-into-a-tiny-white-cell-for-eight-hours, suck up zombies. Online schooling is the way to go. In our middle school they have a 4x6' room with a two way mirror for the "bad" kids. Or the retarded ones when they flip out. The reason I spent time in there was I refused to eat my dignity and take off the goth makeup I wore. They never locked me in, for which I am grateful or I'd still be paying property damage bills, but they used to lock the "socially inept" boy in, and the rest of us bad kids would have to sit in the nurses office and listen to him scream until he went hoarse. In my high school they attempted to expel me for wearing a trench coat. They did expel a friend who wore blue three days in a row. It was a sign that he was in a gang, they said. And from then on, no one was allowed to wear the same color three days in a row, anything with an eight ball on it, any billabong clothes, anything with sexual innuendos, sharp bits, carry a purse, backpack or any other bag, jackets, or hoods. So I quit. Now I'm on an online program. I can work on it anytime I want, and am free to work, or in my case, stay up all night a country kitchen gaming. The moral of the story is, public schools are a really bad example of a place for freedom of speech. Or self expression.
  15. Aw... Poor kitty. ~ Turkey: *does the moon walk* Here kitty, kitty, kitty. *shakes his tail feathers* You knoooow you want it. Frreee turkey toooni- *gets hit by a truck*