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Art My first banner!!!!!!!!


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hey ya'll. i am sooooo nervous about this. it is my very first banner so of course it has to be TRIGUN!!!!!! tell me if you like it and how i can change it to make it better. im usin microsoft picture it so its not gonna be all that good.

here goes nothin!

edit: crap ya'll. its too big. *frowns* how can i fix that?
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Not bad at all. It's pretty good for a first try. The only problems I have are:
1: The pics don't look good when they are faded, they don't go too well when they blend into the background.
2: In the third pic from the left, Vash's hair turns red, and that bothers me.
3: The text "Love and Peace" is too small, try boldening it or something, make it stand out a little more.
That's about it for my rant, it is a great first try, though.
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