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One of the major requirements for this RPG is at least a minor knowledge of the anime Blue Seed. So, I'll give a basic run-down of the original story (I've only seen, I think 9 episodes.)
A young girl, in this case Momiji, finds out she's the Kushinada, a girl who has the power to stop the evil Aragami, horrible parasitic creatures bent on the destruction of man. However, her power doesn't come cheap.
She has to be sacrificed.
The Aragami figure this out, so they put some of their 'Seeds' (hence the title) into a boy named Kusanagi. He has to protect her at all costs, and in the process is given super human abilities.
When it is first revealed Momiji is the Kushinada, she is attacked by a possed Oak Tree. Kusanagi rushes in and slashes some of the tentacles Orochi, the tree, produced. But he then tells her that he has to kill her.
Meanwhile, a secret government orginazation, the TAC, rushes off as soon as they find out about the Aragami attack.
Eventually, the TAC get there. However, they have the problem of destroying hundreds of tentacles to even get [i]inside[/i] the school.
Meanwhile, Momiji and Kusanagi have been captured. Kusanagi is tied by tentacles to a wall. Momiji (who, I should add, has had her skirt cut off :eek: ) finds herself encased in a wall of large crystals.
The head of the Aragami, Orochi, tells Momiji that the crystals are made of a tile that will block the Kushinada's power from killing the other Aragami.
Long story short, the TAC bust up Orochi, Momiji is brought to Tokyo, and, oh yeah, Orochi's Seed (a blue crystal-thing that is, in actuality their soul) is know imbedded in her chest (Kusanagi uses the excuse of checking the seed to see what Momiji's breast cup is).
Momiji becomes a TAC member. She now has the ability to find Aragami, Kusanagi and the TAC regularly bust up Aragami butt, and everyone goes home happy. Except the Aragami.
Now, I don't know how it ends. Which is why I'm making my own sequal. This is assuming the Momiji is not sacrificed, and that she and Kusanagi have a child.
This is also assuming that the Aragami isn't defeated yet.
Here's what is needed. I need the new Kushinada and about five TAC members, which includes the leader, the weapons expert, the scientist, and the computer whiz. With one extra.
I shall be playing the part of the new 'Kusanagi', so to speak.
You can use this sign-up sheet, if you wish. Be creative.
Name: Tao-Zhou
Age: 18
Appearance: Tall and lean. Tao is about 6'1 and 184 pounds (all muscule baby). He dresses in all black. Black baggy pants, black baggy shirt, and a black Duster. He has messy brown hair, with long spikey bangs. His eyes are crimson. He wears no shoes.
Powers (Which you normal humans don't get): He's lightning fast, can jump incredibly high, can lift amazing weights (like a full City Bus) and high endurace. Also, he grows blades from his forearms, claws on his feet allowing him to climb up buildings and such fairly easily.
Bio: Tao, like Kusanagi, was chosen by the Aragami to become the Kushinada's protector, to keep her from being sacrificed. He has lived his life, training in all aspects of fighting and physical power, as well as watching over the Kushinada from a distance. Upon the awakening of the Kushinada's power, Tao shall rush to save her from Aragami attacks. And that time draws near.
Personality: Tao is fairly cold. He is often sarcastic, and has a fairly cynical view of the world. He often babies the Kushinada, and doens't like working with the TAC.

Also, the Kushinada [b][i][u]has[/b][/i][/u] to be a girl, and she is in High School, too. And some of the TAC are female.
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You have to rename this rpg. There is a second series called "Blue Seed 2 Beyond" nd apparently Momiji isnt sacraficed juding by the preview a saw. anyway
Name: Calom
Age: 17
Appearance: samurai hat. long pony tail. blue shirt. white jean-shorts. sandals. long open dusty brown trenchcoat
Bio: A weapons expert of the TAC. He loves new weapons, and is constantly wondering what kind of weapon he can use to scare the least amount of people, and if hes the only one, which weapon will make the blood spurt farthest. (but hes not as crazy as that one lady)
attitute: weapon crazy. Always in high spirits of an oragami attack.
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[SIZE=1]I guess I'll join!Blue Seed is such a fun anime to watch.[spoiler]I own the perfect collection.[/spoiler]
Guess I'll be the uh,the leader of the TAC I guess.
Name:Sei Natagwa
Appearance:Black hair tied up into a pony tail,brown eyes,blue jeans,white T-shirt,with a red TAC jacket over it.
Bio:Sei lived a normal and lonely life,as a child she lived with only her father,when Sei was 16 her father murdered without reason,she has not yet found who murdered him yet,Sei did not want to go to an orphange,so she got a job and worked cooking and taking care of herself,at the age of 18 that's when she became part of the TAC,she tried very hard while she was part of the group,while her spare time she'd look over the files that were from years ago about the Aragami,and now she knows lots,she then soon became leader of the TAC.
Personality:Sei is usually cheerful at times,then when things get serious she gets serious also,she's usually the last to come to come through the doors of the TAC because she's usually up late reading over the files of the Aragami,she's also a person who never gives up,she'll always try her best and fight.[/SIZE]
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