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Anime Dual!

Lone Bebop

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Just wanted to know if any one has heard of this anime? I been watching it on Tech TV and i think its perty funy the mechs are perty good along with the sound track, My fav character has to be the Doc and D, they and just alot of the laugh value esiply D like watching Kaske sleep, Plus the whole idead of the RaRa army is perty funy to

what do you people think?

[I]Negotiation Result: To be continued[/I]
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[color=darkred][size=1]Hey yeah I saw this the other night on T.V just flicking through the channels and I saw it. It seemed pretty cool and funny ^_^ and D reminded me alot of Fiona from Zoids.. those 2 look just alike. I dont usual wacth Anime unleased but Dual seemed to hook my eye. It didnt make much sense but heck.. what anime does lol.[/size][/color]
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I´m really not into mech animes, so I didn´t watch it at first. But I caught the first episode on TechTV a while bak, and I was hooked. I´m not really sure what differentiates it from other stuff, like Gundam (which I hate), but it´s quite funny, and it also sorta reminds me of Tenchi Muyo. One guy, with about ten girls who wanna go out with him. Kazuki (sp?) and Tenchi even kinda look the same too. Maybe that´s why Dual was more tolerable (for me), and even fun, than a Gundam series.
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