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  1. The random thoughts are of meeting a female vamp and becoming a deamon. Also begin a pilot of a zodic gundum(form of a dragon that in full plate armor. All of them have me fighting and losing controll maybe it my subcon trying to say i should be a fighte.r
  2. I wish to be known but i hate the the famous spot light. For me i want to be known aas a great driver and atlast be come the best drifter at least in america. Also be the leader of the best street/track team out there. But other then that I really rather have a well known garage. Both will take time and I need to find othere good drivers.
  3. I wouldn't go and fight in the war on terrorisum or Iraq. Even if we go to war with Korea I might not stand for the war. This doesn't mean im anit-military it just mean im anit bush and hi wars. yes the attack on the world trade center was bad but yet the wars have reach there objectives now it's time to pull out. But if it was a actual country attacking us then the ask for there butts to be kicked. But hell i risk my life every day working with acids, chlorine, molten metals. and drifting. But i would take a bullet for my friends and what i believe in. if i had to protect bush i would push him out of the way but not risk my life for that war mongal. Also the money we spent on the war should really should be used on helping are homeless citizens and veterns. god Bless our troop. and also some family history my great grand uncle was the first american to die in WW2 and he joined because germany invaded his home country Belguim. And my Grand Father served in the Korean War. My dad served in the air force.
  4. Anime

    My Favorite male Character is a toss up between Vincent(Cowboy Beboop the movie) still haven't figured out how he serived thoughs explotions, Koga(Inuyasha) , and Kouichirou Iketani(Initial D) I'm like him a drifter that still have alot to learn. Favorite Female Character is Mika (gungrave) she a strong women that can't hit the side of a barn :laugh: . Favorite bad guy HarryMcDowell (gungrave) he was a bad guy hiding as good guy the took over the Millennion orgination.
  5. This summer will be full of work. I wiil probably have two jobs to get a apartment and also fix my MX-5. but in june/july have a 50th and a wedding to attend. also the last week of july the dreaded frontier days. The city pop with probably triple again :mad: . Too many darn cars and crashy drivers. no room to run at all O well
  6. Anime

    If I would do any live to anime iw ould do a classic that has be in the dark for a long time like the old clash of the titans( realy good effects for the time but still can tell it was fake). But far as anime to live I can't remeber the website but there making a live action initail d movie the trailer had fc, fd, and 86 doing a run real sweet looking more action then flash unlike f&f/2f2f.
  7. first thing i would do if i had the money go to a Nissan dealer and get R34. ans go shoping the things that are considered to de about out dated are top of the line in the us.
  8. I almost bought a shirt that said ******* tourist i live in cheyenne wyoming where last week of july our pop triples and it take you 30-45 minutes on a drive that take 10-15 min which is triple the time. but my favorite plass is Game On Extreme Internet Gaming. if you ever go there I'm Nogard Marith. the guy with metal spikes on his Game On hat and a 3-4 foot chain on his wallet.
  9. I'm into street rading and drifting so i would feel at home raciing against the charicters in Initial D. Or be in Gundum 08th ms team or Zoids. I think it would be cool to pilot a zoid or a gundum. I figure the risk are about the same and death is death and in real the i died once already and lived pass there excpected life span for me. only one of eight :moron: . but back on track I choose either Initial D, Gundum 08th ms team, or Zoids.
  10. I prefer to rock/alertnative. favorite band ar LP, Rise against, My chemical Romance, Creed, disturbed, System of a down , and Incubus. But also alot of punk, heavy, and anything that has a good beat to race/ drift to.
  11. Anime

    One anime that I dicovered is called Initial D it been out for about 2 years I believe. It's about street racing in Japan which contains Drifting :animestun . It fun to drift. Back to the point I wonder what is your opion about Initial D. Also the shot out side the gas station where Tak, Iggy, and Cole work has a MX-5 driving by :animesmil . [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]I merged your thread with the original Initial D one. Please be sure to check for threads before starting a new one, either by searching the forum or by checking the Official Threads Directory at the top of the forum display. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
  12. I like Mazda the best but don't get me wrong every car company has their flagships and pos (cough mostly us domestics cough pinto cough neon cough ). Nissan has it GT-R, Honda/Acura NSX, Mazda has the RX series, Ford GT, :animesigh Chevy nothin now sense the discontuined the F chase, Dodge Viper, and Mistubishi has it EVO's. But my insurance will be $330 a month :animestun. Also I need to fix my car with after Market :animesmil
  13. Request

    thank yopu for the banner.
  14. Could some one make me a Initial D and Inuyasha banner plz
  15. What type of car(s) do you drive? For the people old enough to drive. I drive a pearlecent blue 1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata. that last friday I bearly reared a truck :animeangr and ruined my bumber even more, smashed the turn singal, leftside pop up headlights don't pop up and crushed the left fender. :animecry: