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  1. Sol-Blade

    Writing Sweet summer, Sweet slumber [E]

    I'm glad to see that last line be interpreted in so many ways. But the way I intended it to be, was to show the reader that I was indeed so far in love, that I would *promise* her the *impossible*. I gave my word and assured her I would NOT die. And yes, that is one of the biggest promises you could ever give a person. I don't write such things lightly. Yes I feel that if she was indeed with me, I feel like I could never, ever, die and leave her behind. Now that I finally have her, why would I want to be separated again? That was my meaning behind it. But I guess it can be seen in a variety of ways, kudos to you. :)
  2. Sol-Blade


    I never personally believed in a "fate" really. I believe more in a goal-oriented fate than one that has already been predetermined since the day I was born. I mean, if I'm ever going to reach my destiny...it's going to be because I worked hard, dealt with the down times, enjoyed the up times, and am standing there because I [B]*want*[/B] to be there. Nothing more to be said really. Fate's a nice concept that gives people feeling without a purpose a, well a purpose to be alive I guess. I'm not so easy to [I]accept[/I] that concept with such wide arms. I'm going to, probably always, believe that I got to where I am now/am going because of things I've done. Not because I was[I] "supposed to"[/I] or [I]"meant to"[/I] and such.
  3. Hmm, first post here...[B]ever[/B]. Hope I'm doing things right. Anyways, I was stuck in class today and thinking of this girl (my best friend) I'm madly in love with and can't have. And well, needless to say I started to write what was orginally just a two line poem, and kept writing...and writing... [center][I][U]Sweet summer, Sweet slumber[/U][/I] [I]Farewell. Sweet summer. I fell into you. Now you're gracefully falling away. I hope it's cold where your going. So your heart is always warm. I'm sorry I got so mad. You were the best I ever had. As long as I still matter. I will always have a place in my heart for you. As long as I have left an imprint on your life. I will always be beside you. As long as there is day and night. I will always protect you. As long as you stay by my side. I promise you... As long as you're here. I promise you... As long as you're always with me. I promise... I promise to never die. Farewell. Sweet slumber.[/I][/center] Anyways, I was wondering if you think it seems to run on for too long and such, as I want to give it to her, but not something that is unfinished. Replies with some constructive critism would be nice! :D EDIT: I just realized, that someone on OB has a signature that has some lines that my poem slightly resembles. Like "I promise to never die" was one I recall. I remember seeing it before I wrote this, so it seems like I was sort of inspired by them. But I didn't mean to steal work or anything, sorry about that. D'oh. :(
  4. Hmm, yeah been there. But my story is kind of a bittersweet one. I've been in love with my best friend for over half a year now, and she knows it. I mean, in *love* with her. Can't stop thinking about her, can't stop dreaming about her, can't stop wanting her. Cliche, cliche, cliche...yes, but! I can't help it. I'm way open about how much I'm in love with her, and yes, to a certain extent, she does love me back. The problem is we're seperated by two states and I cannot actually be in a relationship with her. So, obviously she goes out and dates other guys. Right now she's in a relationship with someone else, and as much as that breaks my heart into pieces...I'm happy for her. I'm always going to be happy for her. Because that's how much I love her. I mean, yeah it's sad and pitiful feeling worthless because the girl you love the most is out there sleeping with someone else right now, but yes no matter what you can't help but hope she is happy, even...EVEN...if it's not with you. I'm never going to be able to be in a relationship with her, so I make the best of the friendship I have now and cherish it to the most. I would protect her with my life. Regardless, sorry if that's not the total heartbreak story you're lookin' for there. But it's my most current one. ;)
  5. Sol-Blade

    Televangelist Underfire

    Chavez responded with: "It doesn't matter to me. I don't know who that person is," he said. "As far as his opinion of me goes, I couldn't care less." And to be honest, I'd have to say that I didn't know who Robertson was beforehand, and I still couldn't care less. But apparently he's said some pretty controversal stuff in the before. [quote name='"CNN.com"']He has suggested in the past that a meteor could strike Florida because of unofficial "Gay Days" at Disney World and that feminism caused women to kill their children, practice witchcraft and become lesbians.[/quote] But still, although he never came out and said it, to own a show dedicated to Christianity - it would almost seem he would have said such a thing "In the name of God." But I'm not going to jump to conclusions here, all I know is "Thou shall not kill" and it is *his* show and he can say *whatever* he wants in my opinion. Yes, it was wrong, and he of all people should know better than to say such a thing. Maybe he was speaking in response to the statement that the US would "bite the dust" if they were to invade Venezuela. [quote="CNN.com]CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told thousands of visiting students that if U.S. forces were to invade the South American country, they would be soundly defeated. The U.S. government has strongly denied Chavez's claims that it is considering military action against Cuba's closest ally in the Americas. But Chavez said late Monday that the U.S. government, which "won't stop caressing the idea of invading Cuba or invading Venezuela," should be warned of the consequences. "If someday they get the crazy idea of coming to invade us, we'll make them bite the dust defending the freedom of our land," Chavez said to applause. He spoke during the opening ceremony of a world youth festival bringing together student delegations from across the world and convened under the slogan "Against Imperialism and War." Chavez called the United States the "most savage, cruel and murderous empire that has existed in the history of the world." The Venezuelan leader said "socialism is the only path," and told the students the collective goal is to "save a world threatened by the voracity of U.S. imperialism." Earlier, the students waved flags, danced in traditional dress, and held signs praising socialism, Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Ernesto "Che" Guevara. More than 300 students from the United States shouted out their disapproval of U.S. President George W. Bush, chanting "Get out Bush!" Other students chanted: "Bush, fascist -- you're a terrorist!" Some 15,000 youths from 144 countries traveled to Venezuela for the weeklong festival and conference, organizers said. Chavez wore a red shirt like many of the students, and embraced delegation leaders as their groups marched past. The ceremony was held in Venezuela's military headquarters in Caracas. Troops looked on while students passed carrying colored flags and shouting: "We will overcome!" This year's World Festival of Students and Youth is the 16th. The first, in 1947, was held in Czechoslovakia, and during the Cold War most host countries were aligned with the Soviet bloc. Apart from the former Soviet Union, other host countries have included Romania, Poland, Finland, Cuba, the former East Germany and North Korea. The weeklong gathering will include musical performances, panel discussions and an "Anti-imperialist Court," which in past years has condemned the U.S. government's actions. While tensions have grown between Chavez and Washington, the Venezuelan leader has built close ties with countries from Iran to China. Chavez expressed his support Monday for Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, saying he expects to continue strengthening relations. Chavez said like Venezuela, Iran is a country that has been "attacked" for many years by "the hand of imperialism." Chavez, whose country remains a major supplier of oil to the United States, also is sharply critical of the U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.[/quote] In conclusion, Jon Stewart put it best, "Thou shall not kill...if the oil shipments stop. If the oil shipments continue, feel free to slaughter as you see fit." ;)
  6. Sol-Blade

    Personal items of sentimental value.

    I have this little charm on my keyring, it's a golden heart that's pretty faded and worn out. I found it in the middle of a dirt field one day. The reason it's so special to me, is because it was the same day I fell in love for the first time. And as all firsts, she is really special to me, so whenever I take a look at it - I think of her.
  7. Sol-Blade

    Gaming Game Controversy

    Well it would seem Rockstar decided to try and release a new "hot coffee [i]clean[i]" version of the game, in hopes of avoiding their potential losses in profit had they stuck with the AO rating. [quote="Gamespot.com"]After the public outcry regarding the "Hot Coffee" issue in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, publisher Take-Two Interactive had two choices: leave the game as it was (and see it pulled from the country's biggest retailers because of its new Adults-Only rating) or rework the game to get it back on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and others as an M-rated game. The decision was an easy one for the publisher, which expected a new version to be in stores "in the next six to eight weeks," as of July 22. It appears as though when $50 million is on the line, things get done quickly. A listing on GameStop's online site shows a product page for an Xbox version of San Andreas with a release date of August 22 and price of $49.99. Under GameStop's policy, the retailer does not carry AO-rated games, meaning this version of San Andreas must be a non-AO-rated game. After the game was rerated, listings for all versions of San Andreas were pulled from the Web site. Currently, there are no listings for a PC or PlayStation 2 version. One GameStop employee told GameSpot that the retailer is already taking preorders for the Xbox product. "The SKU [GameStop's internal product code] that it's under suggests it's indeed the game, not a strategy guide or anything else. All Xbox game SKUs start with a certain number. It's how we look them up. It's also under the same SKU as it used to be when it was sold, and up until now has been listed as a recalled product." Games at the retailer generally don't get a specific ship date listed with a reservation SKU unless officials are "confident enough in the date to allow us to share the info with customers." Retailers often attain their information from game publishers, just as media outlets do. However, there has been no official announcement from Rockstar, and attempts to contact the company went unanswered. If the information on GameStop's site is true, it doesn't mean that San Andreas will once again be readily available. According to The New York Times, several retailers have considered not reshelving the product even if a "clean" version of the game is released. Rockstar recently released the "No More Hot Coffee" patch for the PC version, a file that blocks any attempts to unlock the sexual content hidden in the game's code. Before it was the center of controversy, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Xbox was the top-selling game in the country. By Tim Surette -- GameSpot[/quote] Edit: I just wanted to add, does anyone else recall the ESRB re-rating a game based on 3rd-party content? This is my first time I've ever seen them do this. You'd figure they'd do something like this about the so called "nude" patch for the Sims 2 and what not. Heh...
  8. Sol-Blade

    Reboot, does anyone remember?

    Wow - it's been so long, since I've ever thought about Reboot. That was a great show indeed. I used to think of how "state of the art" it was to me. I still used to laugh at how the first episodes went from corny and [sort of, but in a good way] stupid to mature and all idealistic at the end. Plus you just can't beat how "adventurous" it made the "Net" sound. Ah...that was the good ole years. I'll still never forget the way everyone would say "Bob!" with such emotion. Though if you ask me, Megabyte was given way too many personalty changes. How many times would he be hostile, one episode, and damn near friends the next? Weird...
  9. Sol-Blade

    Anime hey new people, come and say hi

    [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=-3]Hey Ima, that link doesn't really distinguish itself as a link very well. You might want to try [I]italicizing[/I] it or making it [B]bold[/B]. You know, like [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?][B]this[/B][/url]. ;) Oh, and Hi to the both of you.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=-3]I of all people, hate to do this, but I feel it's my duty to society to bring this to light if you haven't already heard of it. ;) So I happen to watch some news today, and I hear that the Jackson Family is currently in the process of making a new reality show. Yes, let that sink in for a moment. Ahem, now where were we? Oh yeah, the Jackson's are getting a reality show. I for one, never cared for the "realism" of "reality" shows. But does anyone else just happen to literally LAUGH OUT LOUD at the idea of a look at the "real" life of the Jackson's? I quote the TV as: "The Jackson's want to prove to the world that their family is just as tight and close as ever." ...right, considering they practically disowned Latoia (sp?). Anyways, I wish I had a link for you guys to read, but at the current moment there isn't one. It's mentioned only briefly on CNN.com if you happen to check that site out. Anyways, I ask you this: [b]Would you watch a Jackson Family reality show?[/b][/SIZE][/COLOR] Edit: Yeah a poll would have been a good idea...I know. I hit Post New Thread before it hit me though. ^_~
  11. Sol-Blade

    Met someone very famous?

    [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=-3]Well unfortunately I haven't met anyone has dynamic and exciting as the rest of you, but I was able to spend a night partying with Blink-182, as well as Everclear when they came here to Vegas. That pretty much comes with the job though. I was able to actually talk to and hang out with these people though, if we're talking about seeing people in real life but not actually getting to spark up some sort of interaction with them, then I've seen almost every celebrity in the known US. With as many award shows held here, I see alot of them come through town.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  12. Sol-Blade

    Anime Underatted and overated animes

    [quote name='Roflocopter][size=1][color=darkred]Interestingly though, sol, how one person could say something is overrated and onother one say it is underated. Maybe this has to do with the areas we live in?[/color'][/size][/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=-3]I wouldn't doubt it. Travelling across country once, I found an area in Denver where [I]everyone[/I] there seemed to have heard of [b]RahXephon[/b] at one point or another. Then in the next city sector over, you couldn't even mention the word [i]anime[/i] without getting a weird look from the locals. It definately varies from region to region though. As you could expect big cities with many oppurtunities to import would have larger fanbases for shows versus a relatively small town out by the interstate and such. It's all a matter of personal taste I guess, but here in Vegas, anime is definately something not talked about by alot of people. So I'm gonna have to say that ALL anime is underrated from where I come from... But to be honest, consider that Adult Swim, which does tend to air *some* good shows from time to time, has one of the largest, yet most...I'm trying to think of a good word here...idiotic, fanbases ever. I wouldn't exactly say that just because an anime may have not gone mainstream to the public, it is underrated.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  13. Sol-Blade

    No...no...ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!

    [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=-3]All BackStreet songs sound the same...all Linkin Park songs sound the same...I'm with Siren on this one. But anyways, to be honest I didn't even know the BackStreet Boys were [i]gone[/i] in the first place. I never paid attention the boy-bands at all...as I honestly believe the genre should die. I think it all got started back when N-Sync came out. All hell broke loose with teenage girls across the nation jumping up and down to see N-Sync sing "All I Ever Wanted" and such. Infact, It wasn't until they eventually dominated MTV that I eventually began to grow such a hate for them. Not like MTV is prestigous in it's own right, considering it's only 2% music anymore. It's mainly a toss up between 49% skin and 49% interviews with mediocre artists.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  14. Sol-Blade

    Anime Outlaw Star

    [COLOR=darkred][SIZE=-3]I highly doubt it, as if there was I am pretty sure it would have already surfaced already. [b]Outlaw Star[/b] was ended, there was pretty much nothing left to continue. [IMG]http://img128.echo.cx/img128/9875/end69of.jpg[/IMG] The artwork (Sample Above) that is displayed during the credits is actually just [i]other[/i] random works of art from the show's creator (Forgive me, I forget his name. Details, I do not care for). They have absolutely *nothing* to do with the show at all. It was just another way for him to show off his amazing art skills. Which I do commend him for. :D So yeah, I think it's just a bunch of rumors started by people who want a the series to continue so badly. I think [b]Outlaw Star[/b] is a great series and all...but lets keep it as is and not ruin it by trying to lengthen the story. Let it go already.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  15. Sol-Blade

    Michael Jackson Verdict

    [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=-3]I personally, did not care about the case either way. But I have to say, that I agree that just because he was found "Not Guilty" doesn't mean he didn't necessarly do it. It also means he probably never did. What it means is that the jury of 12 decided that there was just simply not enough evidence to find him guilty of any of the charges. Plus since it *was* a criminal case, you must take into account that they had to have more than [i]a reasonable doubt[/i] to find him guilty of any charge in that case. But I have to ask you this, did you even pay attention to the prosecution? Their case was extremely weak, and full of many holes. The mother and child were BOTH unconvincing and very suspicous. I mean, their truthfulness has to be questioned with all the apparent changes and seemingly ever-changing constants in their stories. They could just simply not be trusted. You would have to be *extremely* biased to believe them. So yes, I too believe he was "Not Guilty" based off what the prosecution has shown. Bring me better evidence and a more soild case, and then we'll see if I deem him "Not Guilty" again. Oh, and Sneddon was quoted saying something along the lines of "In 30 years [Of prosecuting] I have never once questioned a jury's decision, and I am certainly not going to start today." Smart man.[/SIZE][/COLOR]