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    Student. I hate my job
  1. kaisha

    Anime Inu Yasha

    You can also check [url]www.inuyashaworld.com[/url] they have episode summaries and screencaps.
  2. kaisha

    Anime Inu Yasha

    [quote name='Petie][font=Verdana][color=blue]You pretty much answered your own question. His sword keeps his demon blood at bay. Before he got the sword, his demon blood was free to take over and therefore, he looked a lot more like a full demon. That's at least how I viewed it anyway. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.[/color'][/font][/quote] To me, before me got the Tetsaiga he did not look any different then he does now. And as far him not going full-demon before he got the Tetsaiga, I think he had not yet become strong enough to go full-demon. He was probably still mastering the Iron Reaver Soul Stealer and then after he got the Tetesaiga he grew in power, not only that but his want to destroy Naraku and protect Kagome probably made him stronger as well. And only then was he powerful enough to go full-demon.
  3. kaisha

    What is your Favorite adultswim show??

    Inuyasha is at the top of my list, but I also like Samurai Champloo, Robot Chicken, Famliy Guy and Futurama.
  4. kaisha

    Free anime music downloads?

    You could try downloading [color=red][i]xxxxx[/i][/color], its what I have. I use it to download all my Inuyasha songs, you can download it at [color=red][i]link removed[/i][/color]
  5. kaisha

    Art Rating Arts ! ^ ^ (my first post here !!!)

    [QUOTE=animebitch01]lol. hey nice to meet you, you rate anime artworks, cool that's great that someone is taking that step forward to rate other people here's some of mines, they not really my past best ones, i try to see if i can do new ones although i had coursework tying my hands, i even have to do some over the summer holidays. ^-^' what do you think? :animeswea[/QUOTE] Good job, I really like the 2nd one. I draw sometimes, but I'm still learning.
  6. [quote name='cyberphenix']mine is june it means im angey at the world and wish death too all i hate everything[/quote] You have serious issues.
  7. I was born in December and this is what it says about me: Like an archer's arrow that always finds its target, and because Sagittarius is governed by the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, it is said that Sagittarians are prone to finding themselves in the best of fortunes. Just as the archer always wants to shoot straight and true, honesty, truth, and integrity are said to be of the greatest importance to the Sagittarian. Like the members of their fellow fire signs, Leo and Aries, they are said to be direct, forthright, independent, positive, optimistic, enterprising, trustworthy, and loyal. Sagittarians are said to be natural teachers and philosophers, with little or nothing giving them more pleasure than revealing to others the many necessities that appear to govern the universe. If there are unnatural laws at work anywhere, the typical Sagittarian, it is said, won't feel at ease or rest until natural laws have supplanted them. However, as with any kind of worship, Sagittarians should be capable of becoming fanatical - the fanatical slaves of the rituals and conventions they love. For instance, they may become rebels merely for the sake of being rebels, become hypocrites in religious belief merely because they find that the form not the beliefs of the practice satisfies them, or become political turncoats where flattery and deceit can help them to achieve their ambitions. It is said that Sagittarians seldom betray a personal trust and make good friends and companions, even though their tendency to say exactly what is on their minds can be a painful to others, and they're readily able to use their ability to find sources of weakness and then wound by attacking them. But although they can dish out pain, they are also supposed to be able to take it, because it is said that if they have what they consider to be a just cause to fight, they'll defend it doggedly without concern for their own well-being. It is said that they are fundamentally generous people, but that they can sometimes seem to be mean because of their tendency to be constantly on their guard, which contrasts somewhat with their natural restless enthusiasm that is too optimistic to allow anything to rain on their parade. Sagittarians are supposed to long for new and exciting experiences, to be able to roam freely and unrestrained, which, it shouldn't be surprising, makes them inclined to travel to exotic destinations where they can indulge themselves in unconventional and exciting diversions. Of course, if this is true, it's probably equally true that they don't allow relationships to develop roots. Occupations and interests that Sagittarians are drawn to are supposed to involve politics, teaching, the law, religious pursuits, the armed forces, advertising, horse-trading, and bookmaking. A tendency to be restless is said to make regular changes of occupation inevitable.
  8. kaisha

    If you were to go to Japan...

    I would (in this order): 1.Freak out (because me like Japan!) 2.Shop!!!!!! 3.Take a nap :sleep:
  9. kaisha

    Anime Do adults like to critisize anime?

    Not all adults hate anime, my mom likes Inuyasha. She watched a few episodes with me, and she lets me babble about it, I love my mommy :love:
  10. kaisha

    Futurama to Return?

    This seems to be going alot like Family Guy did.......hmmm.....This can only mean good things for us Futurama fans.
  11. kaisha

    Songs that get on your nerves

    God I hate Trapped In The Closet too. It sucks, you either write a book or sing a song, not sing a book. I mean there are 5 songs! Like 5 chapters of a book!
  12. kaisha

    Anime Anime Media Requests?

    I like them all, but 3 was my personal favorite because Sesshomaru was so involved in the plot. And you are very welcome.
  13. kaisha

    Anime Anime Media Requests?

    Ok, I'll do them in English and Japanese. Movie 1: Inuyasha: Toki o Koeru Omoi English Title: Affections Touching Across Time Movie 2: Inuyasha: Kagami no Naka no Mugenjou English Title: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass Movie 3: Inuyasha: Tenka Hadou no Ken English Title: Swords of an Honorable Ruler Movie 4: Inuyasha: Guren no Horaijima English Title: Fire on the Mystic Island
  14. kaisha

    Anime Anime Media Requests?

    Yes I am a big fan, do you want titles in English or Japanese?
  15. kaisha

    News - if thats what you wanna call it...

    I hate the news now, they never talk anout anything thats really news anymore. Yesterday I saw a story on the news (it was their top story btw) that said, quote " They wore flip flops to see the president has casual dressing gone too far?". My mom walked in the living room right after it came on, I ranted for about 10 mins I think.