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  1. I don't think I've had to deal with the loss of someone to cancer until now. Not someone who I was a friend of...or just knew. And it breaks my heart. I found out last night and just cried. I cried last night, I cried this morning, and I broke a few times at work. I am so utterly grief-stricken and sad over this happening and am still trying to comprehend that he has truly passed. Did we ever find out why Des had an accent on Skype calls? That's one of those mysterious I don't think I had an answer to. And that's going by when he would talk, which wasn't super often. He was quiet and kind and
  2. [color=#0099ff]So apparently they ARE filming that in New York, as they are there right now. Tumblr's full of pictures of them at Central Park. Makes me insanely jealous and wondering why I live where I live.[/color]
  3. 'ello! :D I'm sorta new & browsed on your dA! woohoo! BFA Illustration majors! :D I know random..sorry. hahaha!

    1. Katana


      Haha! That's great! :D I'm always happy to come across people who are BFAing it up.

    2. otakuuu


      hahaha! indeed! :D if you don't mind me asking, where are you studying? and are you doing an internship now?

    3. Katana


      AGH I didn't notice I had a reply! D: I'm at Northern Illinois University, and I quite enjoy it. As of right this second I don't have an internship, but I've been looking into some (all different kinds) or at least trying to be semi art-employed.

  4. Oh my God, he's wearing a fez.

  5. [color=#0099ff]The high-pitched whine of an alarm clock woke Noriko from her slumber. She rolled over, her hand groping around her bedside table for her cell phone. She tapped the screen, snoozing the alarm, before rolling back up in her blankets.[/color] [color=#0099ff]She had been dreaming, which wasn't unusual. But most of her dreams were just of events and people preventing her from going to the bathroom (so that she herself wouldn't wet the bed). This one was...distinctly different. Nightmarish, almost. Actually, definitely. It was definitely a nightmare. Dark, nauseating, and
  6. Maniacal laaaaaugh...

    1. Asrai


      Mirthless laaaaaaaugh...

  7. [quote name='Petie' timestamp='1333398115' post='711242'] [color=#0000ff]I thoroughly regret missing this.[/color] [/quote] [color=#0099ff]It was beautiful.[/color] [color=#0099ff]Yeah, my April Fool's was also staying up and watching the Toonami/Adult Swim thing. There was so much squealing on Skype, and it forced me to stay up a lot later than I had intended.[/color] [color=#0099ff]One of my roommates was warned of being pranked, especially with the group she has to live with (me), but we made a mutual agreement to not prank each other. I myself despise t
  8. [color=#0099ff]Nothing annoys me more than moe blobs and overly boobtastic series, so automatically 60% of the shows on that list get cut out. And with anther chunk being sequels to things I never saw, I'm left with a weird list of things that sound maybe interesting. I haven't been very active in watching anime the past few years, and whenever I have watched stuff, it's been one show per season. So let's see... [/color] [color=#0099ff]Uchuu Kyoudai - Seems genuinely interesting, though looks like Planaetes, not that that's a problem. I'll give it a shake.[/color]
  9. [color=#0099ff]Dibs on the Emperor, if that's cool.[/color] [color=#0099ff][b]Edit:[/b] Okay let's do this bad boy.[/color] [color=#0099ff][b]Name:[/b] Noriko Mizushima[/color] [color=#0099ff][b]Age:[/b] 16[/color] [color=#0099ff][b]Gender[/b]: Female[/color] [color=#0099ff][b]Arcana:[/b] Emperor[/color] [color=#0099ff][b]Appearance:[/b] 5'5", roughly 140 pounds. Has very short black hair, the tips of some parts being blonde (she previously had longer, bleached hair, but decided to chop it off). Average build, with wider shoulders than hips. [b]Pesonality: [/b]S
  10. Brb table flipping.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Katana


      Because someone else's sloppiness may have potentially cost me scholarships. :T

    3. Boo


      Oooofff. Is that their sloppiness or a general lack of teamwork, editing and group pressure?

    4. The Spectacular Professor

      The Spectacular Professor

      Or perhaps the mix-up was the fault of another party entirely uninvolved with the actual production of the project in question.

      Context is a rather wonderful thing.

  11. [color=#0099ff]I heard somewhere that one episode takes [i]place[/i] in New York, but I don't know if that means they filmed there. Probably not. And all the western stuff was shot in Spain, so I don't think so.[/color]
  12. And now time for the 49th Annual Tossing of the Bowtie-san!

    1. Sangome



  13. [color=#0099ff]All I've got going right now in terms of anime is [b]Persona 4[/b], which makes some of the hardcore Persona fans scoff and be all "I was a fan of the series when it was a game, cha". And to that, I'm like "lolol". (I'm playing the game as well, calm down.)[/color] [color=#0099ff]The series is wrapping up this week, which makes me sad because that means I have to find something else to watch in the meantime. Looking back, the show got remarkably better after roughly the first ten episodes, and by that I mean it got out of its funk of having a g
  14. [color=#0099ff]BAAAAAAH THREAD REVIVAAAAL The big news of the day is that the trailer for season 7 has been released. If you haven't checked it out yet, then [/color][url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=J5iwoRA2Cas"][color=#0099ff]here's a link to the video on YouTube[/color][/url][color=#0099ff] (which won't be taken off since it was put up by BBC America). The coming season is set to air in the fall, then take a break again. We've got the Ponds departing, the new companion at Christmas, and then the big 5-0 for the show in 2013. Anyone else m
  15. It's about that time of year, the time when I get back into the OB for about a month.

    1. Sangome


      And then get in the Nifty Fifty without even doing anything. :O

    2. Boo
    3. Katana


      Hahahahaha Nifty Fifty hahaahaha.

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