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  1. Hi there, good question you got here. I would consider myself to be at 8 because finally after almost 1 1/2 of being in the same place I'm moving again, this time to Canada *Jumps in happiness*:D:animesmil
  2. Dude, one part of being a friend is to know when to back down. Look, leave your friend to deal with all his problems himself, if he make s a mistake by himself he just has himself to blame himself for, if you got on the problem then he would blame you. On the side of whether or not to introduce the girls to one another I think it's not a bad idea but you should let him do it. By the way, the decision on the abortion should be taken by the girl not by a guy who just wants to get rid of the problem. Last but not least, if your friend knew you liked the girl he should have stayed away as a sign of friendship, that right there is not being a friend.
  3. Wow, I'm a girl and I'm confused, so this girl who likes another guy apparently is doing everything for you to go and make your move. So, my advise, put the card on the table, ask her what she is all about dude, that is the only thing you can do in this case unless you want to be the kind of guy who just is with a girl because she is desperate.
  4. Love can feel like a dagger stabbing your heart or like a back-flip and butterflies depending on your situation, since I haven't felt love in a while I wouldn't know how it feels. I bet is wonderful :animeswea
  5. Well my hobbies include making amv's I post them in youtube because I still haven't figured how to upload them into animemusicvideos.org Besides from that baking and reading, that reminds me that I got to get new books. :catgirl:
  6. Pie is not disgusting. I bake pies for part of my living, I bake pies as a business. I love lemon pie and pumpkin pie
  7. I'm here because there is absolutely nothing to do in Economy class, too boring to even pay attention. Please someone get me away from this boredom. Originally I was here to make friends and so on, anyone want to be my friend? Just kidding :catgirl: :animeswea :animeblus :animesmil
  8. Well my favorite members are Chibihorsewoman, Dagger and RiflesatReccess. I like them because well, they are who they are, funny a bit and they are witty. I also like DeadSeraphim. Since I don't come here often enough to notice trends I do not know who has become popular
  9. Well lets just say that summer is winter and winter is summer in Ecuador so I already had my summer I guess, well it was just two weeks and now I have to go back to school :animecry: besides from that, I just spend my days trying to get onto some business ventures like having my own bakery ad stuff, now I have to wait for the investor to arrive with the answer
  10. Well is it verbal fights or physical fights. Physical fights I've been in a total of 7. My most important victory was up against a group of racist kids who were picking on my little brother and I. In verbal fights I've been in far more, too many to count. I assure though, fighting is not good for the soul :animeswea
  11. If I had one more day to live I would try to live it, I mean not going wild and stuff. I would spend it with all my cousins and my family and my cousinsĀ“ kids, they call me Auntie. I would also try to gather up all of my friends and try to give them good advise on their troubles and stuff. :catgirl:
  12. the coolest songs I heard this week were: Forever may not be long enough by Live, Te busque by Nelly Furtado and Juanes, Straight as an arrow by the Lovehammers , Love hurts by Incubus, and Face Down by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
  13. where would I hide if zombies attacked? Well I would hide in the pub, been watching too much Shaun of the Dead, hehehe, but I mean ,you have alcohol to make some kind of weapon, you have bottles that can be broken and sometimes the pub owner has a Winchester.
  14. I'm not good in new situations, like placing me in a room with 20 people that I absolutely don't know who they are. I really become anti-social. I'm not a good swimmer. Last but not least, I'm not any good at math, I need a calculator for everything, it's sad, I had to drop out of calculus, I knew I could not take it but my dad forced me to take it. :animecry:
  15. I'm good in writing songs. Just recently I placed the new one in all poetry. I'm good at making amv's and well I love baking, that is about it. :catgirl: :animeswea
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