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  1. I still adore this sight and everyone here. This is a pic of my friend Emily and I and her boy-toy/Ian in the back looking all sexy-like. And hell yes we are total hippies.
  2. I'm not a newbie or an oldie just a tag along from '06, but maaaaaaan I do remember how I would anxiously hop back and forth from this site and my actual school work etc. When I remember what was going on in my life back then all I can say is this. Holy sh*t, Batman.   The OB will always have a soft spot in my cold, dark, little heart.
  3. *yawns*   Holy crap, it's been a while. I know veeeeery little about Bleach other than the fact that it smells funny and it kills things.   LEMME JOIN!
  4. Ol' Fighter


    Oooooo, I'll gladly add a li'l something from my bag of randomness. I've a few ideas already brewing in my head as I type this. Liiiiiiike, at some point we are ejected from our suits and forced to fight the barons in person and that. Leave it to me K.G. *salutes*
  5. Ol' Fighter


    Obsidian wore quite the grim face as he huddled around the Rover taking his position. Every so often widening his flank to fully see the eerie desert. "I don't like this. This Rover is a walking death-trap." he said eyeing the structure carefully. "We are here to make sure that it is not as you say 'a walking death-trap' " chimed Guinevere. Obsidian held his tongue as the convoy came to a stop. He was somewhat relieved by the break, but that moment was short-lived as Sapphire yelled for the Rover to move. The Barons were nearly upon them. Bear courageousl
  6. Did I really get that tanked?? To the point in which I drunk texted literally everyone in my phone then to top it all off write as well as post online a love letter to someone I can't remember for ****!? Yes. Yes I did.
  7. Once again Cupid has hit me with another one of his darn arrows.

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    2. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      So.... can we shoot him in the head with arrows until it stops being funny?

    3. Ol' Fighter
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      Inuyasha Fandom

      Awesome! I'll get my bow.

  8. I'm a teeny tiny bit of a writer so, I thought I'd share a little something that I just wrote that I'd love some feedback on. 5 Thoughts From 1 Where do I start when it comes to my thoughts of you... First thought: Your beautiful smile and how it lights a fire in my heart and urges me to press my lips against your own. Second thought: Your personality and how infectiously wonderful it it. It's like a warm glow of things so lovely and heart warming that I nearly never know what to do when I'm around you except be swept away. Third thought: You. Simply
  9. Ol' Fighter


    Obsidian followed a few minutes after Shu to return to his own quarters, though his right hand was planted on his stomach. "Mm, that food was not to my liking..." he said as he approached his room, but as he closed his eyes before the last few steps to the door he suddenly found himself with a slight bruise on his forehead and his bottom to the floor. Dumbfounded, he quickly picked himself up rubbing his forehead as he did so. "Again, this happens. It seems as though I move from one spot to the next in a mere blink of the eye." he thought to himself as he entered his
  10. Ol' Fighter


    The first battle was finally over. The impressive Baron suits now reduced to burning piles of scrap metal. "Hmm, that was quite a nasty situation...." he said to himself. "For your pride perhaps...." replied his Knight, Guinevere. Obsidian gave a slight chuckle as he realized the truth of the Knight's words. "Perhaps you're right, but you never truly know until you truly try...." "Again, your pride is showing. I assessed those suits and there really wasn't another option." "Hmm, I don't deny that... but...." "But,
  11. Ol' Fighter


    Aye sir, I'm with Humaru. I was thinking for me self a pair of gauntlets with the capability to flash freeze areas that are hit by my Knight's fists. Maybe like some type of Liquid Nitrogen infused punches though, I'm thinking about how in the world that's going to be possible, haha.
  12. [url="http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/537702_4165288417429_502549901_n.jpg"]http://sphotos-a.xx....502549901_n.jpg[/url] I realized I've never posted a pic of myself here so, I fix that now. This is one of the few places online that I actually care to do this.
  13. It's kinda funny how many us here will be 30 in 8 years time including myself, haha. Let's see... 8 years time.... * Hopefully I'll officially be having my BSN * My own humble abode to call mi casa * Maybe I'll get myself into another relationship, but that's a big ol' meh. * To have traveled to at least 4 different countries. I figure these things won't be too hard if I buckle down and don't party as much.
  14. Ol' Fighter


    "Prepare yourself for battle, Sir." the woman said casually. Obsidian nodded to her in response looking over his Knight with a glint in his eyes. It was truly something to behold. He noted that the Knight's wrists, elbows, knees, and feet were especially eye-catching. "This reminds me of my training equipment back home. Those areas are weighted to add power as well as defense, but I wonder if those parts are detachable...?" he thought to himself. Obsidian did a quick stretch then nimbly made his way up to the Knight's cockpit. Entering the wide white and grey roo
  15. Ol' Fighter


    Obsidian weakly forced himself up tightly holding onto the site of the injection. The pain from the chemical was almost unbelievable. They all were warned of the effects, but he thought it a twisted miracle from Hell itself that he survived. [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]He looked around the room and immediately flattened himself to the wall. Slowly, his sight returned as he made out a few others. Sapphire Magus... Crimson... Hunter... and finally Shu Kazumichi. It was obvious that they too were all still feeling the effects of Zero. Their breathing labored and their movements jarred. [/
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