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  1. I still adore this sight and everyone here. This is a pic of my friend Emily and I and her boy-toy/Ian in the back looking all sexy-like. And hell yes we are total hippies.
  2. I'm not a newbie or an oldie just a tag along from '06, but maaaaaaan I do remember how I would anxiously hop back and forth from this site and my actual school work etc. When I remember what was going on in my life back then all I can say is this. Holy sh*t, Batman.   The OB will always have a soft spot in my cold, dark, little heart.
  3. *yawns*   Holy crap, it's been a while. I know veeeeery little about Bleach other than the fact that it smells funny and it kills things.   LEMME JOIN!
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    Oooooo, I'll gladly add a li'l something from my bag of randomness. I've a few ideas already brewing in my head as I type this. Liiiiiiike, at some point we are ejected from our suits and forced to fight the barons in person and that. Leave it to me K.G. *salutes*
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    Obsidian wore quite the grim face as he huddled around the Rover taking his position. Every so often widening his flank to fully see the eerie desert. "I don't like this. This Rover is a walking death-trap." he said eyeing the structure carefully. "We are here to make sure that it is not as you say 'a walking death-trap' " chimed Guinevere. Obsidian held his tongue as the convoy came to a stop. He was somewhat relieved by the break, but that moment was short-lived as Sapphire yelled for the Rover to move. The Barons were nearly upon them. Bear courageously drove off to meet the Barons and demand passage, but was easily overwhelmed by the small deadly suits. The other pilots reacted quickly to the approaching threat. Obsidian closed his flank to make sure he would be within Shu and Sapphire's sights. He then eagerly engaged the tiny suits. They indeed were fast, but this was Obsidian's forte and he made sure the Barons knew it deadly well. He twisted his Knight to his every whim and movement becoming almost like a blur on the battlefield. Suit after suit fell to an icy mess of mechanical rubble as he masterfully repelled the keen force of Barons that attacked him. The waves were erratic, though Obsidian soon recognized a pattern. He lured a large number of them dangerously close to the Rover and suddenly attacked the desert floor with everything he had. His Impact Boots sending shock-waves rattling everything inside of the 100 meter zone. The tiny suits slammed clumsily into one another giving Obsidian just enough time to execute the next part of his plan. "Hang on tight, Crimson!" yelled Obsidian as he recklessly kicked the back of the Rover pushing it forward. "Speed is truly of the essence here.".
  6. Did I really get that tanked?? To the point in which I drunk texted literally everyone in my phone then to top it all off write as well as post online a love letter to someone I can't remember for ****!? Yes. Yes I did.
  7. Once again Cupid has hit me with another one of his darn arrows.

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      So.... can we shoot him in the head with arrows until it stops being funny?

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      Awesome! I'll get my bow.

  8. I'm a teeny tiny bit of a writer so, I thought I'd share a little something that I just wrote that I'd love some feedback on. 5 Thoughts From 1 Where do I start when it comes to my thoughts of you... First thought: Your beautiful smile and how it lights a fire in my heart and urges me to press my lips against your own. Second thought: Your personality and how infectiously wonderful it it. It's like a warm glow of things so lovely and heart warming that I nearly never know what to do when I'm around you except be swept away. Third thought: You. Simply you. You're a goddess before my eyes that radiates an aura of magnificent sun-kissed light with a touch of the most subtle and divine red. Fourth thought: I just want one thing. To be with you. To be able to walk with you, talk with you, embrace you, kiss you, love you. Last thought: Can I be with you... Can I keep pace with your lovely stride, can I match your words with my own, can I hold you as I so dearly desire, can I kiss you with all that is me from the heart? Can I truly love you... My own thought: Yes, yes I can and will as I feel like I already have.
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    Obsidian followed a few minutes after Shu to return to his own quarters, though his right hand was planted on his stomach. "Mm, that food was not to my liking..." he said as he approached his room, but as he closed his eyes before the last few steps to the door he suddenly found himself with a slight bruise on his forehead and his bottom to the floor. Dumbfounded, he quickly picked himself up rubbing his forehead as he did so. "Again, this happens. It seems as though I move from one spot to the next in a mere blink of the eye." he thought to himself as he entered his quarters and sat upon his bed. He stretched out the sleepy miasma of the meal and decided to take a quick run around the base. After running for what he thought for sure was only 15 minutes he stood once again puzzled as his stopwatch only read that he was a mere 8 minutes in. "T-this is maddening. Either this device is wrong or I am at a loss of time." "It's not wrong, Yore. You're just moving a little faster than normal." "Bear." Bear walked up from behind him holding a stack of papers as Obsidian stood in the doorway. "Your Knight has a few new improvements for battle. Here are the schematics." "Understood, but what you said earlier... what did you mean exactly?" "Again, you're just moving a little faster than normal. It is one of the beneficial effects of the Zero specific to negative blood type pilots, but...." "But what?" "Your accelerated healing as well as the others' was to be expected, but the additional effects of Zero... your heightened speed in this case shouldn't be so apparent yet. What wounds did you receive during that battle?". Obsidian removed the top half of his uniform revealing a few slight, but visible scraps. "Hm, so your healing isn't as well as the others, but it seems your speed will truly be your best factor." and with that Bear left to tend to other business. Obsidian glared at Bear as he left his quarters then began to read over the schematics as he himself went for the hanger. "Guinevere." Obsidian said entering the Knight's cockpit as it hummed to life. "Obsidian." the Knight replied curtly as a visual of the new attachments and armor appeared on screen around the the cockpit detailing all the areas which were improved. Obsidian simply sat down and closed his eyes. "I take it you know of the improvements already?" "Yes." "....and?" "There is no and." "Confident?" "Why shouldn't I be." "Indeed, but...." "What is it?" "Arrogance." Obsidian shook his head at the Knight's words and began to meditate. He would be ready for battle when the time came and that was all to it. His confidence as a fighter was made steel years ago and the only thing that truly was on his mind was the Zero and its effects. "I wonder if the other pilots are as in the dark about this, but perhaps I need not ask questions for I am here to simply do one thing. The complete annihilation of my lord's enemies. Nothing more. Nothing less.".
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    The first battle was finally over. The impressive Baron suits now reduced to burning piles of scrap metal. "Hmm, that was quite a nasty situation...." he said to himself. "For your pride perhaps...." replied his Knight, Guinevere. Obsidian gave a slight chuckle as he realized the truth of the Knight's words. "Perhaps you're right, but you never truly know until you truly try...." "Again, your pride is showing. I assessed those suits and there really wasn't another option." "Hmm, I don't deny that... but...." "But, what?" "That was a close battle." "How about a little more faith in your allies." Obsidian grew quiet as they all approached the base. Immediately medical teams as well as mechanics swarmed them and their Knights drawing Sapphire's ire. She would personally look at each one of them including their Knights instead. Obsidian wore a small smile as she hastily moved away to assess the next pilot. "[i]A strong woman.[/i]" Obsidian narrowed his eyes and looked about for the source of the voice. "[i]Obsidian it is I, Guinevere. Do not alarm yourself.[/i]" "A little hard not to, but this is something I must accept." "[i]How about you just accept it and not add such a dramatic 'I must'.[/i]" Obsidian laughed for a second, but stopped as a few concerned eyes found themselves in his direction. A few moments later Bear announced that Imera, a former Knight pilot had passed away. The news put Obsidian on edge for a moment, but he swallowed the feeling and listened on to Bear as he informed them of a people called the 'Pages' and of their next mission. As much as Obsidian questioned and protested he remembered the words of the Knight as well as his strange link with the machine besides that. If he truly was the Knight's pilot he would know soon enough or simply die. No way around it. After their order to get some rest and recuperate the Blue pilot, Shu extended an offer to dine with him as well as the Green Knight, Hunter in order to build up their comfortability as a team and Obsidian agreed. Shu told his story and Obsidian immediately came to respect the fellow fighter. "I look forward to further witnessing your caliber as a warrior, Shu." Obsidian said shaking his hand. He then put his hand to his chin and thought of his own tale. "There isn't much to say. I was raised to fight for I am from a family of retainers. For generations my family's blood has been spilled to protect something that someone has deemed important and we give no opposition. Our lord, my current master has charged me personally with this task. I am to defend her people from outside threats of any kind. The Barons are this threat and I will stop at nothing to see them annihilated. The care that my lord's family has shown for all her people... especially me... has proven to be just, right, and true. I will gladly lay down my life for her and her people. That is why I am a pilot. That is why I am here." Obsidian said somberly.
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    Discuss LOVE

    Aye sir, I'm with Humaru. I was thinking for me self a pair of gauntlets with the capability to flash freeze areas that are hit by my Knight's fists. Maybe like some type of Liquid Nitrogen infused punches though, I'm thinking about how in the world that's going to be possible, haha.
  12. [url="http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/537702_4165288417429_502549901_n.jpg"]http://sphotos-a.xx....502549901_n.jpg[/url] I realized I've never posted a pic of myself here so, I fix that now. This is one of the few places online that I actually care to do this.
  13. It's kinda funny how many us here will be 30 in 8 years time including myself, haha. Let's see... 8 years time.... * Hopefully I'll officially be having my BSN * My own humble abode to call mi casa * Maybe I'll get myself into another relationship, but that's a big ol' meh. * To have traveled to at least 4 different countries. I figure these things won't be too hard if I buckle down and don't party as much.
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    "Prepare yourself for battle, Sir." the woman said casually. Obsidian nodded to her in response looking over his Knight with a glint in his eyes. It was truly something to behold. He noted that the Knight's wrists, elbows, knees, and feet were especially eye-catching. "This reminds me of my training equipment back home. Those areas are weighted to add power as well as defense, but I wonder if those parts are detachable...?" he thought to himself. Obsidian did a quick stretch then nimbly made his way up to the Knight's cockpit. Entering the wide white and grey room he raised a brow as he saw that there seemed to be no controls whatsoever. Carefully inspecting every inch of the room he stopped and sat down in the middle of it to think. "There must be something that I am missing-" he stopped near the end of his thought as the door of the cockpit closed and the room seemed to come to life, but as soon as the flashes and beeps started they stopped and the entire room went dark. "I kindly ask that you leave if you are not my pilot...." said a tender voice from thin air. Obsidian, never really one to question the unquestionable stood up firmly. "I am indeed your pilot, Obsidian Yore." he replied with steel in his words. Again, the cockpit sprung to life with flashes of lights and sensors all around him. "Well, aren't we confident. If you truly are my pilot then you'll survive this...." the voice remarked. Obsidian watched as a grey and white metallic ring slowly descended surrounding him. "Are you prepared, Obsidian Yore?" "If I am not then death will be my punishment...." "You're quite the solemn one I see." "I'm prepared to give up everything to save this world." "Well then... prove it!" The metallic ring around Obsidian launched several long white wires that drove through his skin then lifted up once again towards the cockpit's ceiling until it slowly came down covering Obsidian's body with a grey elastic substance. "I-if that's all...." he said slightly out of breath. "No, now for the true test...." the voice replied softly. The wires that were now embedded into Obsidian's skin began to send bolts of electricity directly through him. Steadily the current became stronger and stronger until the pain nearly matched the threshold of the Zero. "That was my true test for you, pilot. To utilize my full potential you must know the grasp of death." "A-again... if that's all we have a battle to prepare for." he said with great calm and determination. The voice said nothing for a while Obsidian noted. He really didn't know if he had passed this so called 'test' of the Knight until the very hanger itself appeared to him. Not quite understanding he looked around and could only guess that this was indeed the Knight's viewpoint. "Obsidian Yore, I am Guinevere the White Knight. You have shown me your heart now show me your spirit for the call of battle is my very life-blood." the Knight proclaimed. The call for battle happened soon after. The Barons now right in front of him and the Blue Knight close by supporting a strong flank while the rest utilized their unique talents. Obsidian, relentlessly pounding his way through the ranks of the Barons letting the high of battle wash over him.
  15. Ol' Fighter


    Obsidian weakly forced himself up tightly holding onto the site of the injection. The pain from the chemical was almost unbelievable. They all were warned of the effects, but he thought it a twisted miracle from Hell itself that he survived. [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]He looked around the room and immediately flattened himself to the wall. Slowly, his sight returned as he made out a few others. Sapphire Magus... Crimson... Hunter... and finally Shu Kazumichi. It was obvious that they too were all still feeling the effects of Zero. Their breathing labored and their movements jarred. [/font] [i][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Good. At least those whom have died today will be carried on....[/font][/i] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]He suddenly felt an intense rush throughout his entire body. His pulse beating so furiously that it was all he could hear. He thought for a moment he was soon to join the dead, but it seemed something else entirely was actually happening. Everything around him seemed blurred and slowed as the ordeal continued. He slumped against the wall, trying to gather his wits about him as the blur cleared and his pulse began to return to a somewhat normal flow.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]"You... survived. ...ch of you, ...Zero ...body given your blood. ...will ...ction times, tougher skin, or even enhanced strength, but ...invincible because of this... all of you are still very much human... you're just able to push yourselves a little further than the rest of us....Those of you with positive blood may experience increased speed or even heightened senses. These reactions, can go either way, just be ready for whatever. Now... you five your time starts now. Welcome to the war pilots."[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Obsidian could barely make out the beginning of the man's speech, but those last words rang through his ears almost all too clearly. He was now officially a part of the war.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Obsidian made no remark about anything he heard. He knew exactly what he signed for and what was expected of him and he would give no quarter for hesitation or doubt. He made his way to his quarters sliding off his boots, ripping away his shoddy black shirt, and throwing off his worn baggy pants. [/font] [i][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]My life means nothing if I can't protect everything I care for....[/font][/i] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Some moments later a young woman entered Obsidian's quarters and called to him.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]"Sir! You are to report to the hanger." said the woman. Obsidian startled her a bit as he casually walked towards her now fitted in an white uniform with a red crest bearing the words "KNIGHT" being the most distinguishable feature.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]"So begins this journey...." he said walking out of the door. [/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Making their way through the long halls Obsidian's heart began to race. As the two entered the hanger he couldn't deny the slight excitement he felt about being given such a tremendous opportunity to prove himself. [/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]"Your KNIGHT, Sir... the White Knight. Specializing in CQC or close-quarters-combat. It was specifically assigned for you due to your extensive experience with hand to hand combat, Sir." the woman recited. Obsidian looked over the impressive machine with a stern and solid face. It would be this mighty mechanical device that would hold his life as well as protect the lives of so many others.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]"Obsidian Yore, Sir! White Pilot! Do you accept the responsibilities of this KNIGHT as well as the duty to protect every human being on Earth, Sir?" she declared to him. He looked proudly at her and then towards the KNIGHT. [/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]"You bet your ass I do.". [/font]
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