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  1. I'll always look back on my past, just to see how far I've come along in the futer and to remember the decisions that made me who I am.
  2. I like it... Alot i got lost at some points as well but other than that i liked it.
  3. I hve tree nick names. One is Alex which i got from my middle name being Alexander. The second one is poet which was given to me because I write poetry. The last one is Handz which igot from boxing.
  4. well time to say my hobbies poetry, writing, sports, anime, video games, and anything fun.
  5. I have been on the boards for some years now after being banned a numerous amount of times but now coming back after being away for awhile I?ve missed so much :animecry: and just wanted to know about some of the new people.
  6. what you feel is love under my oppinon but if you feel this strongly for her than take your chances just dont force the subject cause she might feel like a rock in a hard place when it comes to you. so do what you gotta do
  7. As far as I?m concerned there?s nothing wrong with being a virgin. Something of the same has happened to me with my cousin. I caught my cousin in his room with a nice looking girl and they were getting ready to have sex cause he was naked and she was getting undressed. When I caught them I told the girl to leave and I talked to my cousin he?s 13 and he said he was doing it to be cool. I only asked him if he was going to use a condom and he said that aint cool and that?s when I gave him the talk and asked him if he still wanted to have sex he said yes so we went to the clinic and got some condoms. That was all I could for just make sure it was what he wanted to and make sure he was having safe sex.
  8. All I can say is just tell the truth and pray to god that they believe you and your friend. Don?t worry though these things have a way of working them selves out.
  9. [QUOTE=Gavin][SIZE=1]Mythologicly I am seriously questioning the nature of your situation here if you claim your friend or you (the story seems to vary) is in so dire a situation they/you were unaware about aid provided by charities or churches. On top of that, unless your local bus service charges an absolute fortune for it's usage, I'm pretty sure it's going to cost significantly less than the cost of dinner. On top of all of that, if it is you who are in this situation, as you seem to indicate from the above quote, then what the hell are you doing running up your phone bill using the internet ? There are such little things called priorities. [/SIZE][/QUOTE] I think awhlie back I said I dont live like that any more and as far as my friends go there both dead now do to what we were arguing about. Now to explain When I was 14 I was moved out of my old place and lived with my grandparents. Months later my mom got a good job were moving pretty soon. This is they turning point we started getting things llike the internet just last year and now I volunter at a rec center in my old neighborhood to stop kids from doing such things I relized that I have done much wrong and I dont want those kids to do the same. And there was no charitiy thiing were I use to live so I'm trying to get one started to help those who were like me and my freinds I want to give people a chance to find hope. :animesigh The that answer your question.
  10. [quote name='Big Sky][SIZE=1][COLOR=Gray]Extremists are, by design, nutters. Wether they're religious extremists or the opposite, anyone who believes so strongly in something that absolutely nothing - not even concrete, absolutely irrefutable proof - could change their mind is an absolute fool. That's just the way it is. [/COLOR'][/SIZE][/quote] I dont think thats true there can be people who strongly agree in something and not be complete fools.But if he acts like he the greatest thing in the world thin he's nutts. :animestun
  11. If i fought someone with martial arts skill I wouldn't try to wrestle them I would stick to boxing but it doesn't matter what there able to do or what I'm able to it would depend on skill alone. ;)
  12. [QUOTE=Rachmaninoff]Or so he tells you. I've yet to run into a charity that outright refuses someone who needs food, unless they have nothing left in their food banks to give. :animesigh And not mentioning them is a cop-out as well. They do exist and they do their best to help provide for people who don't have any food for themselves or their families.I understand what you are saying, the problem and mind you this is only from a few people I know, some people are so embarrased that they can't provide for their family they would rather steal than ask for help. And for some people their religion provides charity. The LDS church has food storehouses that any member can go to their leader, present the problem and he'll give them a voucher to go there and get food, enough to feed their family anywhere from say a week to several months depending on the need. But again, I've run into people who refuse to go even though their kids are starving.You just don't get it, lots of people have been in bad situations and never resorted to stealing to make ends meet. Or mugging someone else to take their money to buy food. The only way I would even consider such an act is after I went to every charity organization I could find and got turned down. And even then, I would have trouble thinking it was okay to hurt others just to feed myself when I wouldn't be able to determine if stealing from them wouldn't put them in the same situation.[/QUOTE] No you dont get it. I diddn't go to curch and on top of that I diddn't know about any and frist you would have to know about a charity to go to it. And even if I did how was i going to get there drive in the car we diddn't have or should I use money to ride the bus but isnt that the money for dinner so we can eat.
  13. [quote name='Gavin][SIZE=1']I know what you're getting at Farto, and most people would imagine they could catch a kick before it impacts, but in all reality, the better trained guys could kick you in the head before you've even realised it. [/SIZE][/quote] Wait a minuite i box and now i\I'm learning a bit of wrestling but i just wanted to say that cause I beat the the team captain in a match :animesmil that will teach him to take my GF. But any way if we fought not that i want to no offence but if you did a kick to my head I could most likly block it and if not that dodge and then why your of balance come up with a combo of powerful haymakers with some quick jabs.
  14. I have to ask a question for those who disagree iwth me on this subject. Have any of you ever been in a situation were you have to commit a crime. Nothing as bad as murder but have you ever had to steal anything or mugg some one or even commit a robbery just to make even for your famliy. I have even though its somthing I'm not proud of but i dont live that way any more yes :D. I'm not saying you should try it and I'm not asking for sympathy but instead of being in the victums shoes try seeing from the attackers ppoint of view, if it was you would you commit a crime to survive.
  15. [QUOTE=Lunox][color=dimgray] Can you think of more than five businesses that have been run down by common thieves? If you can, than disregard this, but I can't think of any. And that's not even the main point. So many of you are boiling this down to a moral thing and disregarding the social aspect of it. First of all, for people to be stealing for survival they'd have to be living in the worst conditions. Unless you're living in a poverty-stricken slum that is home to major social issues, bringing up examples of how many charities your community has doesn't do anything. I'm not saying I know everything about slums/ghettos, but I'm pretty sure you can't just say "go to your local soup kitchen" and leave your argument at that. The charities available in such places are probably overrun and few. Operating charities is easier to do in places like suburbs and small towns, but when you really dig down and reach the worst living conditions there just aren't going to be as many. Not to mention, living in such conditions perpetuates racial and social stereotypes that lead to decisions like robbing or becoming a drug dealer. Really, bringing up charities and organizations is sort of a cop-out to me.[/color][/QUOTE] Thats whats I've been trying to say but diddn't have the right words, in certain areas like mine charites dont help.
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