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    Manga Gantz

    Anyone here reading this manga at th moment. Im up to chapter 282 and i was wandering if anyone wanted to share their thoughts on where the manga is at the moment and whether they are enjoying it. I think its at one of those points again at the begginning of a story arc where 3 chapters are really boring and have no action. But with the story twist coming up [spoiler] the armageddon which will include some massive army coming to destroy earth. Perhaps a massive Gantz battle with all the teams?[/spoiler] i think its ok to be boring for now.
  2. Thanks boo for the help. It was useful. They were understanding when i told them and i had figured out a way to fix it and repeat the module. If anyone else has any experiences from uni or want to share their opinion on it please do so if not please close this thread
  3. I just found out today that i have failed my Uni course :o (Bachelor Of Music, Majoring in Jazz Performance) but i havent told my parents yet. I was wandering if there is someone here on OB who is in (or has been in) the same situation and could offer me advice. Anyone else who offers advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance, Sojio
  4. Yeah 8th grade is basically the ***** year were everything is blown completely out of proportion. Unless this girl's reasons are really strong tell her to get over it. The best thing to do in these situations is to act mature and tell everyone to stop winging. It aint really bad until someone gets beaten up, stabbed etc. 8th grade aint nothing wait till you start exams or going to Uni thats when the **** hits the fan especially if you dont like the subjects your doing. =_____=|||| I hope this solve ya problem XD.
  5. [quote name='TwistedChick']Shippuuden isn't what I'd call fast-paced. They definitely take their time getting things accomplished. The story itself is still pretty good, but they could improve when it comes to moving everything forward. It can be hard to stay patient at times, knowing what is coming from having read the manga, but since I [I]did[/I] and am [I]still[/I] reading the manga, I realize where the story heads, and that's enough to make me settle down and wait for it. Key fight sequences that were astounding in the manga can and have been made even more enjoyable in the anime. The scenes I most want to see are yet to be animated. That's really why I'm hanging in there.[/QUOTE] Twisted Chick i have to agree with you but i think its just the feeling we get because we've just had to sit through 60+ episodes of fillers.
  6. You guys might be interested to know that downloading isn't illegal so long as you are able to prove that it is for educational reasons. I recently finished an arts management and copyright course at my local music academy and while we were doing the copyright section the topic of downloading music came up. Our lecturer told us the story of how an American college student downloaded 300 GB of music but proved to the court that he was downloading it for a study into music and society or something along those lines. So as long as you can prove this I'm sure you are O.K Don't take my word for it though. :animeswea As for my opinion i think that downloading music is bad for the music industry however i only think about my downloads and how they cant possibly have an impact on the figures. :animesmil
  7. Hey Guys/Gals, I’m in my final year of high school and in 2009 I was planning to go and teach English (language) in Japan as a part of a certificate course offered here in Australia. I’m currently learning Japanese which is the reason I’m not planning on going until 2009 ( i think it will take a while to learn).:animeangr I’ve never been to Japan and I was in search of some advice from anyone who has traveled there for holidays etc. Mainly things like what to see, what to expect, and hints and tips on things that I should or shouldn’t do. :catgirl:
  8. hehe Ive just finished my largest Harem binge in a looooooong time ahhhhhh.:p Ai yori Aoishi, Onegai Teacher, Onegai Twins, and Summer OVA. In about 4 days :animeknow Right now im up to ep 113 of Naruto and ep 4 of Shuffle Naruto is probably the most addictive thing i have discovered in my entire life hehe thats out of everything mot just anime. The characters are great, the serious and funny stuff is well balanced and so far has been an enjoyable watch. The Onegai pair were great i havent laughed so much at an anime in along time (feels good to laugh).
  9. 1. Black 2. Brown 3. purple 4. Green
  10. I'd have to say my favourites would be Harem, Shounen, Magical Girlfriend, Ecchi, Phsycological, and slice of Life. There are a couple of things i look for in animes. They basically consist of the ability to make me laugh (until it hurts) and the ability to give me goosebumps by means of something really scary or awesome (for example the majority of the scenes in Naruto). Animes like Onegai Teacher/Twins, Love Hina, Eiken, and otherlove/humour/fan service based anime i love cause they make me laugh like there is no tomorrow.:animesmil
  11. [url]www.animenfo.com[/url] [url]www.animeshinobi.com[/url] good sites with genre searches :animesmil sorry of the short post lol. peace, Sojio
  12. Hey bro, Dude you sound exactly like me at my early stages of otakuness :animesmil. FMP absolutely rules!!! I suggest you check out next: FMP FUMOFFU: Basically centers around the comedy happenings that occur in Full Metal Panic with no deep serious storyline :D its lots of fun. Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins: A good anime which centers around that classic relationship with its ups and downs like Kaname and souske in FMP. For Shounen I'd have to say Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist are the way to go. They are both balanced animes with serious and often deep plots with humorous parts as well. With Adventure based anime I find it kinda hard to find somthing i like. The best thing to do is know what you want alongside the adventure :animesigh. Check out: Berserk, Wolfs Rain, Ninja Scroll, Samurai Champloo,and Naruto there are heaps more but i cbf writing anymore. To find animes to check out go to [url]www.animenfo.com[/url] and [url]http://www.animeshinobi.com/[/url] and check out the genre/category searches ;) peace, Sojio
  13. I think most parents who are against anime have that common belief that anime is either crazy, girly, childish, or sexually explicit. Hmmmmmmm well although some are many are deep, mature and focus on really serious moral issues. My mom always thought anime was stupid and she referred to it as "that plinky plonky stuff" i think she was referring to the Japanese lol. That was until we watched Howls Moving Castle together and since then she still dislikes it but doesn't make out that its all childish and stupid. I think we should find an anime that each of our parents can either: 1) relate to or 2) enjoy watching :animesmil after all we are their children and could expect them to enjoy the similar things we enjoy about anime. Well thats not entirely true i mean i cant see either my mom or my dad enjoying Harem anime hehe :animenose and i cant see me watching it with them. :p
  14. come on someone post the results im really pumped:animeswea
  15. [quote name='Sandy'][B]Sojio[/B], you scare me... A lot. [/QUOTE] hey hey thanks sandy gotta love the katana ahhh:animesmil
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