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Art Making something with sucky graphics programs

Roxie Faye

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[color=#9933ff][font=comic sans MS]I saw a red-ified version of Oruha, from the mange Clover, in a wallpaper, and it looked like the Tsarina of Hearts (Any of you who have heard my insane dramatics know what I'm talkin' about). I didn't want to steal that Oruha, so I made my own. Well, I took a pic of her, and I did things like resize, blur, phade the red tinted pic, and to do that, I put a red tint to it (the red I saw was much deeper, she probably put a filter over it or something n one design program or another).

On accident, I found something nifty I could do with MS paint, and it's called "un-check the box called 'Draw Opaque'" ISN'T IT AMAZING?!? I didn't know you could to that, so when you un-check it, and draw, in this case, words, onto an image, the white BG doesn't come with it. Magic I tell you. It's revolutionized the way I'll look at banners and avatars. Woo.

I like the font and style I used (invitation and small caps), and I had a larger version of this designed but SOME EVIL OTAKU RESTRICTION implemented by EVIL JAMMIES, wouldn't let me use the bigger version because "it wasn't 80 x 80 or smaller". -.- (j/k about the evilness James, I was just over exaggerating, playing out the drama of the moment. Don't shoot me. v_v) it was quite a nusiance to resize it, and put in the words again, so they fit right, but that only took 10-15 min. phew! I don't like the size of the letters as much as the bigger version, but it's alright.

And just for your information, I used ONLY MS Paint, HP photoshop, my 30 day trial of Print Shop (which I ran out of. Boo), and the AOL image program, which only lets you rotate the images, make the contrast lighter or darker, brighten or dim the picture, invert the colors, and put it in grayscale. So I could barely do anything with that. But yeah. It's not the greatest, but I'm pround of what little I was able to do. Go me. :)

But what do you guys think? And I'd rather have you constructive criticize than praise.



AHA! I uploaded my picture to a different server, and you should be able to see it now. The only problem is, I can't upload the picture as an avatar, becuase it keeps saying some ***** like "this is not a vaild GIF or JPG file". and no, Don't ask me "hmmm... well is the file a gif or jpg?" BECUASE I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT IT IS! If the mods click the edit button on my first post, you can even see that between the [img] tags, the url is [url]http://hometown.aol.com/moonbeamxvi/images/oruha.jpg[/url] . lol. Meh. Stupid site *kicks it for not letting her upload the image* Still, let me knwo what you think.


Like I said, Domo arigato gosaimasu, Semi-san, for the all great and powerful Semjaza Azazel has aided me in healing my plight. Translation: Semi fixed my avater problem. WE LOVE YOU SEMI!! ^_^[/font][/color]
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