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AAAAAHH!You're driving me insane!


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I just moved this summer AFTER my mom promised me that I could
finish jr.high at my old school.Well now i can't bcuz I moved. She also got married 2 months ago and she gets mad at me when I don't talk to him for at least 15 min.Well the guy doesn't show emotion and he hardly ever talks and when he does it's in little whispers. :mad: Don't get mad at me if he doesn't respond!I'm talking he's not!

Well,now my mom wants to completely change me.She wants to change my hair,clothes,life-style,etc.Well EXCUSE YOU! I like my hair short,I like wearing t-shirts and shorts,I like hanging out all day and playing sports when I feel like it. The new school I'm going to has a TOTAL of 20 ppl in all the grades combined. Most of them are Jr.H. She's trying to make me play organized sports everyday and ,oh yeah, now she's even changing what I eat. Ok. I can understand you wanting me to eat more fruits and vegetables but really, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE AWAY MY CEREAL????It's crazy!First she doesn't let me eat sugar cereal,which I can live with, BUT NOW YOU WANT ME TO EAT OATMEAL???!!!ok. I am one of those ppl who doesn't like oatmeal.
so this is horrible for me.

I would love to argue and I would love to protest my rights but if I do she'll EXPLODE!i'm not joking.My mom's temper is like that of a volcanoes.You get her ticked about one thing and BOOM! I'm off the computer for the day. One time she kicked me off the computer all weekend for sleeping in my clothes."If you ever do that again,you'll be off for a WEEK!!!!" holy cow!I think I know why my sister ran away to my grandma's.She came back off course but she says that mom is twice as strict w/me.I think it has to do with the fact that she doesn't want me to make the same mistakes as my sisters.Don't worry,I have my own mistakes to make.*sighs* well, at least i still can talk to ppl on the internet.

i know other ppl are or have been in situations like this. Do you have any advice?What's your situation?I'm going to go crazy!
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Guest Crimson Spider
What I say is do what you want. Your mother can't force you to wear cloths. She can't force you to stay off of the computer. She also can't force you to talk to that guy. You can eat what you want when you want, because simply she can't stop you.

No matter how mad she gets, stand your ground. If you have a point, make it. And force her to get it. If she grounds you for defying her, you can always say that is a weak escape out of an arguement that she would probably lose. That always gets them.

Then you can always talk with the guy that she remarried. Even if he is quiet, maybe you can get atleast a few words in.

Try to stay away from "Yuh huh Nuh huh" arguements, has it is impossible to win those. Go with hard facts that she couldn't twist around. And be sure to remember this phrase.

In the everchanging universe our perception of fact is only made from an assortment of random data.

In simple terms, there is no absolute. There is no what smart is. There is no specific way on how you should live. There is nothing that means that your mother can bully you around. Only you yourself make it be.
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hey cmon'. I know im newb and im not going to second guess you, but show a little sympathy will you. I've been in this situation lots of times like when i started playing basketball and my mom got married to my stepfather. All I can say is take what blows you can and explain yourself and if it dont work go to your best friends house and talk with his or her mom about staying there and about your mom to her. She should understand.
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thanks ppl.hmmm...crimson spider,I stand my ground as much as I can but I'm not going to disobey her in everything.I argue as much as I can and sometimes I can make her change her mind. I know she's been through somethings that I'm going through so I'll at least listen to her.

DFantasy-Hey,I don't care if you're a newbie so am I.Back to the point.Since we just moved about 200 miles I can't really go to my best friend's house.I still talk to her alot online though so I talk to her about some of this stuff to her and she sometimes goes to her parents.

Well that has to do with another reason she wants me to play sports.She wants me to make new friends.Well I like to take time to do that. I can tell at the start if I can be friends with someone or not. But I'm going to start being the first one to try to be friends.I think it's rather difficult to always have to befriend the "new" kid first.I know I've had to do that so I'm going to give the ppl a break.

Yeah, it also has to do with the fact that this summer we are working on our "Social Skills". I guess she wants me to go out there and make new friends as fast as possible.Well I can't do that with very many ppl so I'm sorry.I need to take time to adjust to these things and you can change in an instant. *sighs* she actually said something along those lines (her being able to adjust quickly) but I think she forgot about it. She has made many promises to me and broken them.Not little things like "I promise to take you to your friends house" but bigger things. And me,being a person who has never broken a promise no matter how insignificant,finds this hard to take in.

Well thanks for those who have posted so far.And thank you for not thinking I'm asking for pity bcuz I'M NOT!
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