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Gaming Need Pokemon Crystal Help Come Here


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Anyone (which is most of u)that was here before shinji screwed stuff up knows that i started a topic like this and u can still ask me about anything in G/S/C versions.I know alot of stuff about Crystal considering i have 235 pokemon and did it without cheating so just ask away.Oh 1 more thing if u are gonna ask how to catch Celebi dont becouse i still havent figured it out.I've been 2 busy tryin to catch or trade for all the other 250 pokemon.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DarkerSephiroth [/i]
[B]As how many of each or all of them together?

All of them:PKMN Stadium, PKMN Stadium2, Hey u pikachu,Gold,Silver,Yellow,Blue,Red,Trading Card Game,and Crystal [/B][/QUOTE]

U 4got Pokémon League Puzzle, and Pokémon Pinball, and Pokémon Green(Japan).
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