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  1. sia

    Gaming I Really Need Ff8 Help!!

    3 words for an easy defeat.... Meltdown - Aura - Renzokuken......lowers Vit. to 0...which is defense....and then aura to get the limit break, and Renzokuken with Lion Heart...and its the end of Ulty..
  2. sia

    RPG Dark Armageddon

    well, i'll join....i just hope i can remember where it is lol.. Name- Valen Age- 1102 (*see bio*) Race- Mage Job- Mage Special: Holy/Demon Weapon- wooden staff, about 2 feet long, with a glowing crystal orb on the tip. Appearance- A mage with a dark blue robe and he is about 5'7" tall and weighs 103 lbs. Personality- Calm under the pressure of battle, annoyed most of the time.....very presistant.... Bio- A Mage that was killed in the 8th century new world, and ressurected for the purpose to take form in the new world after Appocalyspe. k..i think thats it...
  3. sia

    Gaming The cubone story returns!

    very nice ben....and welcome back...had fun?
  4. very nice....i like the animated motion thing...very kewl
  5. sia

    Gaming What's Your Fave Type?

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GotenksSSJ343 [/i] [B]Electric beats water :D :cool: :ball: [/B][/QUOTE] nuh uh lol battle scenario- Pikachu VS. Swinub Pikachu - Thunderbolt Swinub - No effect. winner? Swinub.
  6. sia

    Gaming What's Your Fave Type?

    definately my combo....Fire, ice, and electric....that combo rulez!
  7. sia

    Gaming New Boards

    what the hell is this doing here? last time i checked this is the POKEMON forum.... not GENRERAL DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!
  8. :eek: damn....i knew you were good at nintendo stuff but..damn.,,,, Congrats JC! surprisingly, you even got the trick question correct....(1.What year did Nintendo start? ) because when you think about nintendo now, you think of electronic gaming...not card games... anywayz, very good, jc...
  9. sia

    RPG Otaku Big Brother: The Final vote.

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by jcgoudy [/i] [B][color=indigo]Okay, yes, I admit I posted quite a bit in the Otaku Big Brother thread. But when the thread was first starting out, beofre all the members arrived, Flash said that [i]other people[/i] could stay until they all arrived. Almost all of my posts in that thread where before all the members had arrived. I had maybe five posts after that. Most of my posts in that thread where from my little war with Warlock... Up at 3:00 AM with nothing to do, arguing, insulting and generally not being very coherant over the instant messenger while we fought two battles, simultaneously in the Padded Room and the Big Brother house... [I]That[/I] was a crazy night..... :drunk:[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] yeah, and as you can see, the padded room party went bye bye after all the dbz crap started popping up in it and totally destroyed the idea that we all had in the beginning. now, WHERE ARE THE RESULTS?!
  10. sia

    RPG Otaku Big Brother: The Final vote.

    good luck to (cencored)...
  11. sia

    Gaming Help, I wanna sell my cards!!!

    i got those too...and i only paid like, $2.50 for the Holo-Rainbow Eevee.
  12. sia

    Gaming AT-AR-EE (Atari)

    hehe i agree, Rico, nobody needs more than 8 buttons on a controller.......anyway, i got the old atari....and 2 of the classic games...Pong (very fun), and Super mario (classic)
  13. sia

    Gaming What did you name your FF Characters?

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by RicoTranzrig [/i] [B].....named Squall me and Rinoa my girlfriend... [/B][/QUOTE] hehe i did that....cuz rinoa looks like my GF (girlfriend) and Dagger....well, her real name is not Garnet til Alexandrios...its actually sarah....and ummm that is my GF's name....so that was just very freaky....i mean....i actually dropped my controller....i was thinking, damn she looks just like my gf....then BAM i go to edelion wall, and her name is sarah The way i found out Dagger's real name was the Edileon wall thing....
  14. sia

    Gaming Beat

    well, i had a lot of spare time lately and finally got around to beating MM and the oos/a games....so now i have beaten all of em......but still....Zelda II was the hardest.
  15. sia

    Gaming so you think you know pokemon eh?

    ok, since only 1 person had enough guts to post answers.they are... 1.)1982 2.)1990 3.)6 years 4.)1996 5.)1998 6.)Pokemon: The electric tale of pikachu #1 and was almost an instant sell-out in japan. 7.)1999 8.)Game Freak...The reason for this is, When Satosi Tajiri was in collge, he started a magazine called "[i]Game Freak[/i]", which was about arcade games. then when he started making pokemon, the logo "Game Freak" was put on everything related to pokemon...it is sorta Mr. Tajiri's logo.