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  1. Millenium Rod muahhahahahah i would make people my puppets
  2. Best Character: Joey Best Yami: Yami Bakura Best Millenium Item: Millenium Necklace Best Rare Hunter: n/a Best Big Five Member: n/a Sexiest Character (Male): Not saying he's sexy but joey Sexiest Character (Female): Serinity Best Monster: Winged Dragon of Ra Best Duel: Yami Bakura vs. Yami Marik Best Dressed: Best Scene: All god summoning Best Duel Move: The Rare Hunter that summoned Exodia I thought there was only one English Card Game Best Card Set: LOD Best Holo-foil Card: BEWD (tin) Best Monster: Jinzo Best Magic/Spell Card: Dark Hole Best Trap Card:
  3. I'm gonna guess rose whip because cyber shield was already taken.
  4. Mine was ok we watched TV till 11:45 at 12:00 we watched the ball drop. At 2:30 a.m I met my friends at a creek behind a bunch of houses in the front of our neighborhood. Then we played Gameboy Advance until about 2:45 or 3 am just after the neighborhood party was over. Then we launched loads of fireworks. Just after we walked back to my friends before his parents were supposed to wake up. I wish we had some of those nice really loud fire crackers though.
  5. Recently it would have to be getting all platinums on Star Wars; Rebel Strike im still stuck on fondor shipyard assult and Attack on Executor.
  6. I been depressed here or there for a week tops........well hopfully you'll cheer up soon...................anyway............Hey! I found a peanut!!!!
  7. Well most of the time it's my frined saying he's watching his cousin nobody is aloud in then the next day it turns out alot of people were there. And junk like that. Anyway like alot of people have said it's Kenshins business and it's his lie and what you don't know can't hurt you. I guess.
  8. *Zach continues to walk when he sees dereck and seth dueling.* Zach: This should be interesting. Wonder where Hiro is. *he walks over to the duel to watch.*
  9. For gamemasters question: I think C drive, RAM drive, cheat drive, and D drive. For shinmarus question: Uh..............28
  10. battle 1: At cearulean city gym. Winner: No contest. Ash was probably going to win if team rocket didn't stop the match. battle 2: Forgot where but it was a battle for togepi. Winner: Misty battle 3: I think its was before ash and co. headed back to Olivine City it was at the whirl islands I think. It was a water pokemon contest. Winner: Misty.
  11. Ooc: Sorry i haven't posted un a long time we just moved to a new house and my mom hasn't called comcast for internet and cable yet because we are now on vacation. IC: *Zach was walking around looking for the others after just signing up for the tournament and grabing his duel disk* Zach: Darn alarm clock fell on the floor this morning so i can wake up late. With my luck I'll lose this tournament in a second.
  12. Wrestlemania XIX is coming out around september as well.
  13. Sure I'll be a friend of yours i guess Name: Zach Mcloud Age:14 Height/Weight: 6'0"/ 125 Bio: Like his friend Hiro, Zach got into duel monsters ( yu-gi-oh) even though he's less experiend than hiro he still is a very formidable opponent with his REBD, B. Skull Dragon, and Barrel Dragon. Deck info- Deck type: Dragons/Spellcasters/Warriors Deck size: 50/fusion deck: 2 Favortie card- Barrel Dragon.
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