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I Heart Bacon!!!


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I like bacon. but, that's not what this is about. I want to see who can post something funnier than this. Good Luck!! I had just walked in the door from school (it sucks) when my cat went flying across the room. My dog had been trying to eat her. She landed on my face and dug in her claws so she stayed put while I fell to the ground and rolled out into my yard where my friends and my BF were standing, about to ring the doorbell. As I was rolling, I tripped them all while screaming, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! OW!!! As they got back up I rolled around behind them, tripping them again. A rock hit my face. the cat finally came off after the rock hit me. unfortunatly, my boyfriend didn't come near me after that. I got depressed so I went into the kitchen and ate pounds and pounds of bacon. I tried to go to Bally Total Fitness, but they said that they can only help you so much. *tear tear* P.S: Jesus plays the air guitar. P.S.S: I look like a water tower.


hehehe... yay!
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