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Digimon: Elemental Force


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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Please do not reply to this RPG unless you are one of these good people:

[CENTER][I]Myself, Ohkami, §corpio, Wondershot, Ruby[/I][/CENTER]


/1. You must post a minimum of three paragraphs in the rpg.

/2. Do not digivolve whenever you want to, or if you feel like making the Digimon Elemental Digivolve. If we need to, you'll know.

/3. And also, please watch your grammer in this RPG.

So, *claps hands*, lets get going. Oh and one thing, we don't get given the Elementals, it's like S4, we need to find them before we can use them.


When the Prophecy of the Digidestined was newly written and the Digital World knew peace there was a great order of Mega Level Digimon, the only Mega level Digimon during this time. They were know as the Royal Knights of the Holy Order, Lead by the Mighty Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) they each guarded an Area of the Digital world that had attributes of a certain Element. Imperialdramon of Fire, LordKnightmon of Wind, Dynasmon of Earth, Omnimon of Water, Magnamon of Spirit, Gallantmon of Steel and AlForceVeedramon of Plasma. It was a great time of Peace when these Mega Level Digimon watched over the Digital World. But like all good things, it would not last

In the south of the Digital World where the Power of the Elements did not reach there arose Seven Great Demon Lords of the Digital world. They were Lucemon (Satan Mode) MaloMyotismon, Daemon, Lilithmon, Beelzemon (Blast Mode) Murmuxmon and Ghoulmon. They were the first of the Evil Virus Mega level Digimon, and they believed that the Holy Knights did not deserve the power of the Elements and took it upon them selves to steal the Elementals and corrupt them to serve their purpose.

So began the first Great War of the Digital World. For a time it look like the Demon Lords were going to win the War, but the Holy Knights soon turned the tide, but at a Price. Gallantmon and AlForceVeedramon both had their Elementals stolen from them, and they them selves returned to the baby stage and were forgotten about. After a cataclysmic between Lucemon (Satan Mode) and Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) the leaders of both sides were trapped in a void were they remain to this day. With out their leader the Demons retreated to the South and remained quiet for many years.

Fearing this might happen again the remaining Knights made their Elementals in special Crytals and LordKnightmon, how had been given the Fire along with Wind, hid them among the Digital world to wait for a time when the Digimon and the Digidestined who had the Power to use these to Digivolve to a new level. And a new Prophecy was written, The Elemental Prophecy of the Digital World. And so our story begins......


[I]'Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!'[/I]. The alarm clock cut through the stillness of the dark room like a hot knife through butter. But it didn't cause discomfort to Steven, he'd been up for a few hours now. Ever since that golden light came from his PC and had depostited the Device and strange egg onto his desk.

He stared at the objects, thinking this was some sort of a dream. He got up without realizing it to go and turn off his alarm clock, it had become a second nature to him. When he turned round he saw that the egg had vanished and that a tiny fur ball with a mouth, eyes and ears was looking up at him with confused eyes.

"WAHHHH!" Steven yelled and fell to the floor after he had jumped up in astonishment. The little fur ball bounced up and down on the table and bounced onto him shouting "Dodo! Dodo!" In a shrill but still loud voice. Steven quickly stood up and, in an attempt to keep the creature quiet, he fed it a chocolate bar from his pocket. The creature took it happily and chewed for a bit, it vanished in a flash of light and it was gone, and in it's place was basicly the same thing, but now it had legs.

"Oh yeah! That felt great, thanks for the food!" Said the fur ball with legs. Steven looked down at it and tried to talk, it took him a few seconds.

"Wha...wha.....what are you?" He stammered. "I'm Dorimon, I'm a Digimon. Short for Digital Monster, and your my partner" Dorimon replied.

"So....erm....what are you doing here and what do you want with me?" Steven asked.

"Well," Dorimon said, climbing onto the bed, "You better sit down for this one, it's gonna be hard to understand". Dorimon jumped up onto the bed and nodded next to himself, indicating for Steven to sit next to him. Steven stood for a few moments and shook his head, as if trying to get the dream-like-thing out of his head. But Dorimon was still there, so he sighed and walked over to the bed. "Okay, now, where to begin?" Dorimon said, and started a conversation that would take them well into the morning.
OOC: I'm not posting Dorimon explaining it because we already know whats happening, so I'll pick this up in my next post ^^.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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It was a dark night.There was no moon,the street lights were out for some unknown reason and dark clouds covered the sky and masked the stars.In the second floor of a house was a half opened window.Inside that room was a bed with a girl sleeping peacefully on it snuggled up in the blankets.

Suddenly the computer monitor in her room glowed a bright gold colour and two objects were released from it and landed on the foot of the bed.The girl was unknown to what happened because she was still sleeping but she would find out soon enough.

That next morning the girl awoke from the beeping of her alarm clock.She groaned and slammed the off button.As she sat up in bed she noticed the two objects that had emitted from her monitor.She rubbed her eyes in case it was a dream but they were still there.She reached out to grab them.They were an egg and a strange device.She rubbed the egg curiosly and heard some cracking.She held it away and the eggs top cracked off and a small red creature with three horn like things.The girl stared at it curiosly.

"Puni!Puni!"it cried.The girl was confused so she grabbed a chocolate bar from her drawer and held it out to it.Punimon snatched out with his jaws and chomped the down the chocolate bar.Punimon was covered in light and it had changed into a round creature with a long horn sticking out of its forehead but it didn't have arms or legs.The girl was staring in shock and surprise.

"Thanks a lot.That egg was cramped."the creature said happily.
"W-W-W-What are you?"she stammered.
"I'm Tsunomon!I'm a Digimon short for Digital Monsters.And you are?"
"I'm Kimana Toki.Just call me Ki.So what are you doing here?And what's this thing?"she asked holding out the device.

Tsunomon looked at the device and started to explain everything.Ki lay back in bed knowing it would take a while...hopefully not too long so she wouldn't be late for school.
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The room was dark. Out side there wasn't any sun light, like it was being blocked away. Inside the room the radio was still on from last night. Although it was on sleep mod, it hadn't worked. An interference had come up. The alarm clock sounded.

Sai got up from her bed, and turned it off before it could be heard through out the house. Turning back around she noticed the computer on the desk. The screen was glowing, the screen was at an angle. Two objects could be barely seen. She adjusted the screen. There was a strange object, and what had seen to be a small bouncy ball with purple strips. Sai put her hand out about to take up the small ball when it unrolled. A bug was in it's place, it's head swayed then focused.

The bug made a shrill sound, then fell silent. [i] It's a bug right?[/i]: Sai thought:[i]Guess it might be hungry...[/i] Sai stopped staring and went over to where the alarm clack was. There was a plant sitting next to it. She picked up the pot and brought it over to the bug. The bug quickly grabbed one of the leaves, and munched on it.

"Thank Sai," it said, "I'm Dokunemon, and it's very nice to meat you."
"Your welcome....umm...what are you?"
"I'm a digimon."
"Digital Monster?"
"Yep, and I'm also your partner."
"Partner...for what?"
Dokunemon sighed. He then turned back and picked up the device. Sai took the computer chair over to by the computer and took a seat. He brought it over and gave it to Sai. It was small and colored a sea-green.
"It's called a digivice, I'll explain every thing to you. "All right..."

Dokunemon then started to explain everything. The story was long, and kept seeming like it'd never end. Sai hoped that it wouldn't take too long to say. Sai sat back in her chair, listing carefully. After a while she feared that the conversation would never end. That she might have to ask her questions later. But Sai didn't want to be late for school.
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Matt woke up. His eyes opened slowly as he lifted his head of the pillow. He turned and walked to his computer and turned it on. He looked beside it and there was an Painted Ostrich Egg with some sort of Yak Back thing. "It's not easter yet..." said Matt, observing the egg and Yak Back.

"Hmm.... AH!" Matt yelled as the egg crackled opened. "Putto! Putto, putto, putto, putto. PUTTO!" said the creature. It was very round and small. A Baishe(sp?) colour. It had 2 little golden wings which didn't help cuz they couldn't lift him. He also had a large curl at the top of his head.

[url=http://www.freewebs.com/digi_lrb/Puttomon.JPG]Puttomon[/url]. It looked hungry. So Matt ran downstairs and grabbed some Cereal then brought it back up. The monster looked delighted and at as fast as possible. Suddenly it started changing. It turned pure white and it's wings grew longer. It then grew a small body with a pointy tail. Small legs formed and hands with 3 sharp nails popped out.

"[url=http://www.freewebs.com/digi_lrb/Cupimon.JPG]Cupimon[/url]!!" it yelled. Matt thought for second.

"Is that your name little fella?" he said while patting his head.

"Yup! I'm Cupimon! I'm a Digimon. Digital Monster. Are you Matthew Hawke?" said "Cupimon" suprising Matt.

"Why yes. Yes I am..." the small creature flew over to Matt's bed and started telling him a very long story...[/size][/color]
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Glenn had already been up since early that morning, and was now sitting peacefully on a huge rock in his backyard, part of his rock garden. He sat there motionlessly meditationg, when he heard a noise from inside his room. He looked at the back window, then, in a single motion, got up and bounded to another rock, from which he could jump and barely latch his fingers onto the windowsill. He pulled himself up slowly, but nothing could prepare him for what he saw next...

He stared at this tiny pink blob which had now jumped onto his windowsill, about an inch from his face. He didn't yell, but the shock caused his hands to jerk spastically from the rush of adrenaline, and he let go of the windowsill, crashing to the ground.

He looked up in perplexity at this small pink intruder which had now taken over his room. It stared at him for a good ten seconds before jumping of the sill and landing with a soft thump onto his stomach. It oozed itself onto the ground and introduced itself.
"I'm Motimon! Pleased to meet you!"
"Pleased to meet you..." Glenn replied, sitting cross-legged on a huge rock to listen to Motimon's long story...

"Glenn?" Came a voice from the upstairs room. Glenn smiled slightly at Motimon.
"Hide," He said simply. Motimon dashed behind a rock, and a black haired girl appeared at Glenn's bedroom window.
"You okay? I heard a noise."
"Yeah, just moving some stuff." Glenn responded casually. The girl stared at him for a minute.
"What are you doing up so early?"
"I'm always up at 6, you don't see me cause I go to school early."
"Why are you still here then?"
"I was gonna go in a minute, I was tired. Pass me my schoolbag?" Glenn asked, the girl laughed, then hurled the bag with the force of a cannon right at Glenn's face. He caught it, but the force knocked him off the rock. Motimon looked down to see if he was okay.
"I'm fine, but I gotta go to school." He read the confusion on Motimon's face perfectly.
"That was my sister Sari, she's into martial arts." Motimon nodded understandingly, then walked with Glenn towards the school, at leeast until Glenn began to sing.

"[i]Alays see them on TV,
Read them in the magazines,
Celebrities, they want sympathy...[/i]"

Motimon covered his ears, not used to this music.

"[i]All they do is piss and moan,
Inside the Rolling Stone,
Talking about... how hard life can... be...[/i]"
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Sai walked out the front door closing it behind her. As she walked down the street a rustling came from behind her. It was Dokunemon, he stuck his head out of her back pack. He then again made a shrill sound and swayed his head.

"What are you doing?" Sai asked, "What if someone sees you?"
"No ones around..."
"All right, if anyone sees you or hears you talk, were gonna have some problems."
"All right, I'll go back down if anyone is near."
"Good, so then we have an understanding."
Sai continued walking down the lanes of streets.

Walking down, she head someone singing. It wasn't the best voice though, and the lyrics were strange. The voice seemed familiar, Dokunemon stuck his head back into her back pack. Looking around Sai didn't see anyone, yet heard the voice. But it kept getting smaller and smaller till she couldn't hear it anymore. Dokunemon came back out, and Sai started walking again.
"Hey Dokunemon, mind if I ask you a question about what you had told me earlier?"
"No, I don't mind," he said, "go ahead."
"All right, why were only certain people chosen?"
"Only those who would be able to help were chosen."
"Ok, then. Thanks."
Dokunemon then went back into her bag.

Looking around she saw Shimada High come into view. It didn't seem like she was going to be late. The time for the first bell was far away from the time it was now. So Sai kept walking at the same pace she had been from before. Seeing father ahead, she saw another person walking awhile a ways in front of her closer to the school. It sounded like he was singing, the same song from before. But up close it sounded worse then from before.
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"[i]Lifestyyyyles of the rich and the famous,
They're always complaaainin',
aaaaalwayyys complaaaaainin'.[/i]"

Glenn stopped himself when he saw that he was getting close to the school. He blushed sheepishly, and Motimon popped up from inside his backpack.
"Get back in, someone'll see you." He said calm as ever. He looked at the campus and saw that there were already people going inside. He had arrived late due to the unexpected meeting. He looked around, and all he saw was a young girl behind him, also moving towards class. He thought he spotted movement inside her backpack, but then shrugged it off, walking inside. He wandered into the building, wondering what his first class was. It wasn't before long that he saw most of his group wandering towards the science lab, so he followed...

..A few minutes later, Glenn was coming close to going catatonic at his desk, bored out of his mind. Well, not bored, but wondering what he was going to do with Motimon...
"Perhaps Mr. Reid would like to solve our problem." The teacher said speaking up in Glenn's direction. Making no attempt to cover his disenterest, he asked.
"What is Co2, Ho2H, and H2O?" The teacher asked smugly, Glenn blinked once, and then responded almost mechanically.
"Carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and water." He said, then placed his head back on his desk. The teacher stared at him for a moment, then continued the lesson. Glenn sat there, thinking that some things never change...

Glenn though back to his childhood, some of the things he had done and the places he had seen...

"Hey, you."
"You look like the perfect guy for my lesson."
"Easy, you just go like this...and this!"
"Sorry, did I hurt ya?"
"A bit."
"It's part of the program, you want to learn it with me?"

Glenn awoke with a start as though someone had just punched him in the face, he gasped and was immediately expelled from his chair as it slid under him. He looked to the side and saw that a larger kid had pulled his chair out from under him. Amid laughs from some others, he grabbed his chair and sat down. The other boy sneered at him, so Glenn just returned a look of amusement, earning him a dirty look. He looked ahead, and thought that he might as well stare at the clock for the rest of the day...
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]While Steven sat through his English class his head was still spinning with the information that Dorimon had given him earlier that day. He, and four others, were Digidestined (What ever that ment) but it sounded impressive. And the five of them were ment to be the saviours of the Digital World when the Seven Great Demon Lords rose again to attack the Digital World. He was only partly aware of the lesson passing and going to the lunch room to get some food.

He had brought Dorimon with him to school because he didn't want anyone from home to find him, he had put him in his locker and when no one was around he went back and checked up on him.

"Hey, psst. Dorimon are you okay?" Steven asked the little Digimon.

"What, huh? Oh right, yeah I'm fine. Though I wish you didn't have a locker so close to the bathrooms. Do you have any food with you by any chance?" He asked with a grin.

"Yeah, wait a minute," Steven fumbled about in his bag and took out some left over cake from lunch, "here you go, try and make do and I'll come back and fetch you when schools over".[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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At lunch, Glenn was already outside, having denied himself of any food. He looked around and picked a spot on the jungle gym to sit cross legged and start meditating. He was soon interrupted by a voice.
"Hey Reid!" Glenn opened one eye and looked down, it was the fat kid from science class, plus two others.
"What'cha doin?" He asked mockingly. Glenn closed his eyes again and ignored his completely. With a pudgy arm, he reached up and grabbed Glenn by the collar. Then pulled him down and held him to the ground.
"Come on, I know you got money since you didn't buy lunch." He said, raising up a fist while the other two laughed. Glenn just stared at him.
"I don't have money, It's unimportant." He said simply, the others laughed even harder. The fat kid held Glenn up and pressed him threateningly against the bars of the jungle gym.
"Last chance! Give it up!" He yelled, Glenn just smiled.
"Last chance for what?" The kid reared back his arm and threw a punch right at his face...

With seemingly superhuman agility, Glenn craned his head out of the way and the boy slammed his fist full force into the iron jungle gym. Howling loudly and cluthcing his fist, he dropped to the ground, cursing. The other two looked at Glenn in amazement. He just smiled back.
"I think you should leave, you're about to get hurt." He said simply. one of the boys threw a punch, which Glenn blocked and responded by making a quick punch to the side, near the kidney. The boy cringed and fell over, winded. The other threw a punch at Glenn's face, but he ducked, then bent backwards to dodge the second punch. Doing a quick backflip. Glenn moved back quickly and tried to kick the boy, but he moved back and Glenn's foot hit the iron gym and stayed there. There was a pause, during which the other boy started to laugh, but Glenn quickly snapped his leg up and brought his hell down on the boy's head, knocking him silly. By then, the fat boy had gotten up again, and grabbed Glenn, but he responded by taking the boy by the arm. and running staright up the side of the jungle gym. Still holding the mesmerized boy's hand, he spread his legs wide and spun around a few times like a helicopter, before moving down and hitting the ground. The energy that he had already gained while spinning worked with him as he flipped the boy with one hand, causing him to spin several times in the air before hitting the ground, completely dazed. Glenn took the opportunity to leave quietly, while the other boys tried to recompose themselves.

Glenn was now far away from his school, having taken a long walk to the local hydro dam. He climbed with ease over the chain link fence and ran along the tom pf the dam, where normally no one was allowed. He ran along the top and eventually settled at the other end. Reaching out an arm, he grabbed the root of a large tree that was growing on the cliff face just to his side. He reached over and pulled himself up, and over the edge of the dam. Dangling by one arm hundreds of feet from the ground. He swung himself over and sat down in the thick, soft needles of an evergreen which was growing along the side of the cliff. It suppported his weight easily, and he reclined in it's branches and looked at the scenery of the town below. Motimon climbed out from under his jacket, and lay on top of his head.
"Wow!" He exclaimed, looking at the town, it was definetely an amazing sight.
"You come here all the time?" He asked of Glenn, who would have nodded if not for the danger of Motimon falling off.
"Yep, it's my place." He said as he looked down at the scenery, the sky, the clouds. He didn't have to be back at school for a little while, so he sat back and enjoyed the sight and the air...
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