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RPG Armored Core: New Beginnings...


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[color=darkblue][size=1]Ok, first things first, I?m going to state the rules. These will be met, or you will be kicked off of the RP.

1. You must write a 2 paragraph minimum. Anything more would be very appreciated. ^^
2. I may have already said this but, all people on Saft?s side turn good. There will be a special reason why near the end, so remember to stay active in this RP if you?d like to find out!

Here?s the list of people who joined.

Wondershot- Zachary "Teotihuaca'n" Radin
SilpheedPilot- Dennis Lefant
Me- Xion
Meteora- Meteora
Terra- Crystal Yumiro
Ben- Ben Idanal

That?s about it, I?m really hoping that this turns out good and that you all stay active! Here goes!


[I]Xion walked down the blank corridors of the Primary Gov?t building. The lights above highlighting his every facial feature as he walked down the many doors. He was looking for room 153 B. He just walked past room 147 B. He was in no rush, but he took precautions and walked faster than normal. As he walked up to 153 B, he turned and faced it. He knew little about what was going to happen, but he knew one thing. They were going to have a conference, on how to defeat the enemies forces.[/I]

Xion: Well, here goes?

[I]He opened the door, a slight smell of of smoke swept past his nose. Who ever was smoking quickly threw away the cigar. Xion went and sat down at the head chair.[/I]

Xion: Hello, what have you all called me for on a wonderful day like this??

Man #1: Surely you would have guessed why, Xion.

Xion: Yes, indeed I know why. Well, what is to be the battle plan. Let me see it.

[I]One of them walked up to him and laid the many papers in front of him on the wooden desk. Xion looked threw them all, quickly glancing for anything that might be important. After he saw it all, he decided to read through it carefully. After what seemed like hours for the men, he laid the papers back down on the table.[/I]

Xion: This? this is all rubbish! There is nothing here that tells me about a good battle plan!

Man #2: Xion, please. You of all people should know when you see a good battle plan!

Xion: True, and I don?t see one here in front of me. Forget your?s, we?re to follow mine. Saft?s armies aren?t gong to do what we predict. They move fast and attack hard. We?re going to have to do the same. Get me a list of the strongest within a 20 mile radius. I?d like to see who?s worty and loyal enough to battle in an AC unit?

[I]The men looked at him in shock. The AC unit was a unit of power and devastation. They haven?t been used in over 150 years. That reason being they haven?t been in any wars.[/I]

Xion: Well, what are you waiting for?!
[I]Xion loathed the men in front of him, they knew not of the ways of war. They trusted their ways of numbers and predictions, not to mention money. A few of the men rushed out the door, to get the list. Xion grinned slightly.[/I]

Xion: Once you get a full list, leave it to me in the AC garage.

Man #3: The where??

Xion: You know, the place where we keep all of the AC units??

[I]Xion snickered slightly, the man blushed.[/I]

Xion: I?ll be training with my unit. Remember what to do?

[I]With that, Xion had gone out the door, towards the AC garage?[/I]


[I]Meanwhile, Saft laughed? all his pain had been worthwhile. He was going to get back on the man he hated the most?[/I]

Saft: Are my forces ready?

[I]A nervous butler nodded at Saft.[/I]

Saft: Very well, tell them all to go train. We?re going to have to be ready at command?

[I]The butler rushed out the doors. A breath of relief came out. He rushed outside where Saft?s forces were. He whispered something to the 2nd in Command of Saft?s forces. His name was Neelo. Neelo grinned, he then yelled so that everyone could hear.[/I]

Neelo: Let?s get trainin?, troops![/color][/size]
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Crystal hummed as she walked down the stairs, hearing the mechanical background noise of her father's work as she did so. He'd basically converted the entire first floor of their small house into his garage, leaving only the kitchen intact. The rest of the area was covered with screwdrivers, scraps of metal, cans of spray paint, and other general items required for her father's extensive hobby-turned-career, the building of AC's.

Ignoring the clutter, Crystal toasted four pieces of bread in the kitchen, and put two on a plate. She left it by her father, who was shaded by the machine whose underside he was working on.

"Thanks, dear," his muffled voice came, as he didn't bother coming out from under the machine. In fact, the only way he'd probably known she was there was from the clicks of her high heels, and the fact they did this nearly every morning.

"Bye, Dad," she said in return, and left for Saft's headquarters.

Once there, she headed straight for the garage, hoping to avoid as much interaction as she could. Everyone she'd spoken to so far in Saft's army had just been so ... drool-y. She supposed it was partially her fault for constantly wearing tiny shorts and shirts that cut off at her midriff. But hey, it got [i]hot[/i] piloting an AC.

She ignored the catcalls of the guys already in the garage and climbed into her AC, using the easy steps her father had built into its side (OOC: impossible? ... well he's a great mechanic!). As she was settling into its seat, she heard the announcement boom out over the HQ -- "Let's get trainin', troops!"

Crystal couldn't help but grin as she piloted her AC outside, careful not to hit any of the others eagerly pouring out of the garage. Their first training exercise appeared to be something that looked somewhat like a slalom course, and she could just imagine many of the other pilot's groans. Most of them held firepower much more important than agility, and while Crystal saw their point, she wouldn't have sacrificed the quickness of her AC for much else.

"What are you waiting for?" Neelo shouted. "Go!"

Ignoring the hesitation of the other AC's, Crystal pushed forward and began the course. For Sarraia, the course was child's play, and Crystal easily navigated through to the end and looked back. Many of the other heavier AC's, particularly the ones with tank bottoms, were having difficulties stumbling through, and a couple of the poles had been knocked over. Crystal rolled her eyes and waited to see what the next training exercise might be.

Erm ... I had no idea what training might constitute of, that was just my guess. Oh and I posted my custom AC stats in the Recruitment thread if anyone's wondering.
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OOC: Training consists of inanimate firing range targets, and then live combat against MT's (pre-built army units that are far weaker than AC's) Also, you usuually get into an AC by removing the head and climbing into the core through the "neck" area.

The two men, Teotihuaca'n and Meteora walked down the long hallway to the AC garages, where thier units were waiting for them. Teotihuaca'n threw away his cigarette and began to stretch his arms, Meteora just waked calmly, not fidgeting or anything.
"Hey man, you nervous?" Teo asked of Meteora. He got no response, Meteora was very stoic and focused, then they stepped into the hangar, where their massive AC units were waiting for them. Meteora looked at Teo.
"Thanks..." Teo grinned, he had helped him build the AC, after all. They ascended the elevators, pressurized by gases, and carefully stepped into their units. The AC's were lifted up to the facility roof by elevators, and Chaos immediately went into Overboost and sped off. Whatever, on the other hand, simply turned and sailed off using normal boosters...

The two arrived on the training field moments later, Teo noticed a fammiliar AC that caught his eye. He opened communications to it.
"Yo, w'sup?" He asked, the girl on the other end just groaned.
"What are you doing here?" She asked, very disinterested.
"Can't I see the AC I helped you work on?"
"You didn't help much, you just ran off and built something without even telling me what you did, If it wasn't for my dad I might never have figured out how to work this thing."
"But you concede that I helped you use the AC and become a pilot, right?" There was another groan, and Teo laughed.
"Relax, Crystal, I didn't mean anything by it..."
"HEY!" The superior officer yelled.
"No talking! The training is starting!" As if on cue, several targets shot up around them, and the group was racing around taking out as many targets as they could. Teo noticed that Crystal was having trouble.
"Hah! Your AC doesn't work too well far away, eh?" Teo on the other hand, just turned on his side boosters, and was having an easy time picking off targets with single rounds from his chain gun. Even though he couldn't see her, he felt Crystal's ice glare penetrate him. He wheeled around and picked off a far away target with a grenade shot. He looked around, seeing how all the others were doing...
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Dennis sat in his Prison Cell, he looked down at the floor sitting on his cot. He thought about his old AC days, he thought about the deaths of the many soldiers that had died by his hands trying to re-move his Helmet. He thought about alot of things. There was a sharp rap at his Cell bars and he snapped to an attentive sit.

The Warden and three guards stood there, the didn't look too pleased. The Warden frowned and sighed. He slid an electronic Keycard through the door lock and it popped open. The Guard ordered Dennis to his feet and cuffed him behind his arms. Dennis didn't struggle, he didn't fight, he had been in there so long it was refreshing to get out. Cuffed or not cuffed he was out of the concrete slabs that were called walls. Dennis was ordered into the custody of Government Officials as they pulled him along to a Cargo van.

[B]Dennis:[/B]Mind telling me what this is all about?

The Govenment Guard looked ahead and didn't pay any attention to Dennis. Dennisgetting quite irritated kicked one of the Guards in the shin, the Guard winced and spoke loudly, with not hesitation.

[B]Guard:[/B] Cadet, you are not permitted to kick that of high Rank, doing so will invoke serious penalties!

Dennis the emotionless looked at the Guard.

[B]Dennis:[/B]What do you mean...Cadet?

The Guard turned to him and spoke loudly without hesitation.

[B]Guard:[/B]As of now you are a Cadet int he Governments Army in the fight to stop Saft and the opposing forces!

Dennis scooted away from the Guards and sighed.

[B]Dennis:[/B]Like hell...I'm not working for the Government.

The Guard turned to Dennis again and spoke. Emotionless, faceless.

[B]Guard:[/B]If the Cadet refuses to co-operate, he is to be executed on by the commission of the last Prison you were located at!
[B]Dennis:[/B]And if I do co-operate?
[B]Guard:[/B]Then the Cadet will be pardoned for his Crimes and set free, with Government Officials keeping keen watch on the Cadet at all times!

Dennis looked down at the floor of the van and sighed. He had no other choice he was going to be in the fight for whatever the Government was fighting for....
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>MISSION TIME: 13:26:20

"Ok, team, this is it." Neelo's voice came through the AC comm.
"This operation is simple, destroy all MT units in your immediate vicinity, then fight each other. If you can complete the fist part of this mission, you will become an official AC pilot for Saft Forces. If you fail, you die." Teo looked at the terrain ahead, it was a bleak desert, and therefore gave way to a massive firefight. He looked as the MT units began to pile up in front of them. Teo smiled, and Neelo's voice crackled through the system again.
"The second match against your partner will decide your rank, I will personally assign you a rank depending on your skill. Zack, your partner for this mission is Crystal." Teo grimaced, no way was he looking forward to fighting her, he could imagine her next to him in her AC, seeing red. Neelo continued.
"This mission is paramount in importance, based on how many of you I expect to move forward. Don't let me down." Teo looked ahead, zooming in using the AC's camera. He could see the enemy units already kicking up a huge dust cloud moving in their direction. Suddenly Neelo shouted through the comm.
"All right teams! Move out!"

Whatever and Sarraia dashed through the sand, kicking up even more dust than the MT's ahead of them. Suddenly Sarraia kicked into Overboost and blasted off with the force of a rocket, leaving Whatever behind.
"No fair!" Teo shouted to no one, then he turned on his Exceed Orbit function, causing the two laser cannons attached to his core to detach themselves and fire independently at the targets. He was pleased to see that he had already hit his mark, not so pleased that he was already running short on power.
"Aw, man!" He complained, turning off EO and dashing forward in short boosts to conserve his power. He switched to his grenade launcher and fired two shots straight ahead. One of them took out two MT's, the other hit Sarraia!
"Hey!" Crystal's voice complained through the comm, Teo laughed, but Sarraia spun around and shot him with her shotgun!
"Ow! Quit it!" Whatever and Sarraia quickly abandoned the task at hand and moved straight to the next phase, even with the remaining MT's trying to take them both out!

Sarraia launched her missiled sky high, and Whatever dashed backwards to avoid them, he unlocked his chain gun and emptied a few rounds into Sarraia's four legs. She retaliated by dashing in close for a blade strike, but he shot her with his howitzer, causing her to stop due to impact shock. Neelo's voice crackled through the comm.
"What are you doing?! Stop acting like idiots and finish the job!"
"Sorry." Crystal and Teo both said, and returned to the task of finishing the MT's, their feud could certainly wait until later...
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