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Writing Poems of Mine


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Here are two of my horrile poems that I randomly decided to post.

A Bitter Sweet Death

Death is painful
Death is cruel
Death is shameful
Death is brutal
Destiny calls
Your body falls
You hear the patter
You feel your soul shatter
Whose voice do I hear calling?
Is it God?
Is it the figure dressed in black?
It must be a fraud
Why me?
Why now?
My life was perfect and neat,
Maybe this death was just a little too bitter sweet.

Stone Cold Words

I love you,
Can't you see?
What I say is true,
Why can't you get a clue?

I've loved you since we first met,
Our love, our future, it was all set.
In my mind you loved me too,
But I was too blind too see you through.

Lovers of yours, there were many,
Your little flings were comman as a penny.
I never knew till the end,
A world of pain thats what you would send.

This time my wounds won't mend,
My love was too deep.
But not enough to keep,
To keep our relationship alive.

I write these stone cold words as tears stream down my face,
You got tired of me, That was the case.
I love you,
So why do you do the things you do?
Don't be like me, Don't cry.
I've told you this you see, for this is my goodbye.
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