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Anime Three in One


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I hope this isn't spam.

Okay, the concept is simple. REALISTICLY! What anime characters act/sound/look like you and why did you choose them. And what aspects do you share with them?

Mine are:

Wolfwood (TRIGUN) : Cuz i'm philosophical and goofy.

Miroku (InuYasha) : I'm sightly perverted and a bit of a womanizer.

Koga (InuYasha) : I'm insightful, a little arrogant, and i preferr to fight with my body rather than a weapon by far.

Remeber, realisticlly and post the good and bad. :D
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Well for me its like this

Kakashi (Naruto) Caues i am very laid back an it really takes alot to get me mad, plus also like him i am always late for things

Schwarzwald (Big O) The reason here is becaues i am very fasnadted with the past and the events that have already gone by. Also i hate people who always suck up to people and do the work of others

Alexander Anderson ( Hellsing) Caues i am very set with my goals and when i take on a task i have to see it threw till the very end and tend to get a little obessed with things from time to time (like prodjects, comatishons) and i can hold a grudge for a very long time
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Well Umm here are mine I guess...Hey can I do 4? oh well i'll do 4 anyway....

Sana (Kodacha) Because I have very odd behavor cause when I'm with friends I just say what ever comes to my head
Miaka(Fushigi Yugi) Because I can be a crybaby some times and oblivise to things some times. Plus sometimes I'm a bit doopey but I mange to keep a 96.5 averge....
Kagyua(Planet Ladder) Because sometimes I tend to hide my true feelings...
Utena(Revoultnary Girl Utena) Cause If the going gets tough I'll stick up for and protect my friends.
Well that's it I guess...
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]Hmmm... well, I've learned a lot about myself in the past 3 months, so...

Vash The Stampede (Trigun): I am stupidly good in nature. Before, I used to say that without much thought, but after certain events I've realized I'm hopelessly one of the good guys. Unlike Vash however, I sometimes question if the way I am is truly in benefit of myself. Certainly, thanks to my "good heart," I've lost more than my share of opportunities to be happy with someone, yet at the same time I've made others suffer less because of it. Then I realize I can't change as far as that's concerned, so I at least accept it. I'm also first perceived as a harmless goofball, but I completely change my attitude under serious situations.

Keitaro Urashima (Love Hina): I don't have as much in common with him, except for the fact that I try to find a companion that I can truly be happy with, just like him. As cheesy as it may sound, it's the truth. I'm also a little on the teen-perverted side, but from knowing a lot of people my age (20) and older, that's a common trait. I just choose not to hide it. :)

Vegeta (DBZ. Not GT, as he's a ***** there): I'm VERY competitive in nature, and while I'm not as bullheaded as the Saiyajin Prince, I simply cannot stand someone being smarter, stronger or anything more than me. I can't stand it, and it always bothers me. I'm still trying to improve myself to at least half the man I want to be.[/color][/font]
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Mine are going like this, Kakashi (Naruto) He is pretty easy going, just around that area.

Tsukasa (.hack//SIGN) He is a gamer, pretty easy going, and quite like myself.

Subaru (Tokyo Babylon) He is somewhat easy going, doesn't try to act to cool, is somewhat deep he's just a guy that's like myself realisticly.
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Alright then, three.

Shara of Teknoman:
Find ways to cut my life span down, I can hesitate before acting. Usually returned with insults for my actions. Can have major break downs, and keep it to my self. And no one ever finds out, will always try and help those I care for. Carries other's well being above my own.

Bathyscaphe of Narue no Sekai:
Smart and will be providing guidance and advice when necessary. May easily keep things from others, and hide the truth.

Priscilla S. Asagiri of Bubblegum Crisis (Bubblegum Crash):
I don't like to rely on others. Can carry a grudge for an extremely long, time. Enjoys fighting. And I care for those few I considers friends. Can be cold, aloof, solitary, and quite. And may some times may seem insane.
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Alucard (Hellsing) - I look like this main character the most. I have the same exact personality, such as take life for granted and not worry about the circumstances of problems that come my way. I also think life as a game and i just have to get the right cards sometimes, usually i get a full house or two pair but theres always that time i get a pair of 10's or lower. Im trying to get my hair like his....for some reason his hair just kicks ***. His confidence is extremely similar to mine. If i think im going to win something i usually do, but if i dont think i am i usual dont.

Spike (Cowboy Bebop) - This man is pretty similar to Alucard, so i have the same points to say about Spike as well. Some other aspects i would have to say is his lack of patients. Im usually always the first one to attack in a football or paintball game and try to use that as my advantage. Im usually a man of few words when meeting new people that i dont necessarily like and try to avoid them at all costs.

Shinji (Evangelion) - Once in a while ill always question life and ask myself "why am i here" or "what is the meaning of life". Its sorta fun asking myself these questions since it motivates me to know that i am alive and breathing. Some people arent always as lucky and Shinji realizes that and i try to help others that are less fortunate. Ill go out of my way to sometimes make someone else happy before i worry about myself.
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Oh, i just remebered the character that i'm almost exactly like. Except for the whole story behind him, i'm almost identical to Spike Speigel in Cowboy Bebop. Im a wise cracker, i am a martial artist, and i like a challenge. :D
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[size=1] Ok, well...hm...this isn't an anime character, but whatever.

[b]Jim[/b] [Treasure Planet]
-I know, I know, it's a Disney movie. [you got a problem with that?] Hey...I like Disney movies so--shut up. :P I kid.

Anyways, when I first saw the movie, I almost cried [trust me...I [i]never[/i] cry during movies....except for Grave of the Fireflies] because of the resemblance Jim and I had.

So, I look back at that time and think I was the [i]stupidest[/i] moron then, but still.

I [i]hate[/i] getting jobs or positions that make me feel that I can do better. Whenever I get in trouble, I feel that I don't have to go through a talk with my mother, and I [i]know[/i] what she's going to say. The main part of resemblance was that I felt the need to do what my passion was, but was never allowed to.

Since all Disney movies end happily, I can't say the ending is same for me.

[b]Asuka[/b][Neon Genesis Evangelion]
-Hey, it's only on the inside. I used to have an extreme jealousy problem, so if someone did better than me in areas I did well, I went overboard. ::coughcoughDRAWINGcoughcough::

I used to feel like I [b]had[/b] to beat the one person or do better. It's actually a different story now-- I don't even care. Whenever I hear someone say to someone else: Wow, that's an awesome drawing!-- I feel no need to butt in and steer the conversation into showing people [i]my[/i] art. When someone shows me their art, I don't even mention that I also draw. I don't even draw much anymore. I think there's something wrong with me.

Heh, I have this drive to now write and study philosophy. :toothy: Which is perfect because I want to become an author when I grow up, and this very, very, very x1000 fun academic camp [TIP] has a philosophy class.

[b][insert any quiet, observing anime character][/b]
-I tend to point out facts and observations that make people ignore me or not want to talk to me. I'm usually very quiet now [a huge change from last year] and I don't feel to talk very much. [/size]
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......I know I will look stupid putting down Yugi...But it is only from the manga....I swear ^_^

Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh*manga*)-I get picked on...Even if I am...Good at things or not...Yah!I also like the Card Game ^_^

Shinji(Neon Genesis Evangelion)-Quit...I do things when ask.I don't show my feelings to the opposite sex alot...Only if we are close...And that would never happen in the real world.

[strike]Invader Zim!!!-I am wierd when I am close to people...And have this strange feeling I want to take over the world some times....[/strike]

Harry Champ-Even though I don't say my feelings with the maybe future patner I want....I have crushes on alot of girls I have no cance with.I try to be better then people who think or I think are trying to be better then me too.....And can pilot a mean Zoid...o_O;;;
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[size=1][size=1][QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ayokano [/i]

[strike]Invader Zim!!!-I am wierd when I am close to people...And have this strange feeling I want to take over the world some times....[/strike]


::laughs quietly:: ::laughs more loudly:: ::laughs insanely::

...I love Invader ZIM. Yes, well...I'm a bit like Gaz at times. [/size]
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