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  1. [quote name='Raiha' date='23 July 2010 - 08:53 PM' timestamp='1279932823' post='697724'] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Primarily frost, with some arcane mixed in, just for giggles. And, it's on an RP server, so pretty much the only thing I do is run dungeons for fun. And I don't think it's nearly as weak as it should be. I was fire for the longest time and got really tired of doing almost no damage at all. Either I was doing something wrong with the talents or ...something. But I went from doing less damage than a petless hunter to the most. Blizzard [the spell] is my new best friend, even if it's a mana guzzler. [/color][/size][/font] [/quote] You got me back into playing this game again and I hate it. Also, don't let all those other members on your server get to you. If you like frost, than stick with frost. It may be hard to do real end game raids like ICC, so when you get enough gold to "Dual Spec." than you don't have to worry about having your main talent spec be frost. Eventually though you will have to have a fire/arcane spec. to do other raids you might enjoy.
  2. [quote name='Dagger']It has Higurashi-like elements, yes, with a big emphasis on the issue of what's real and what's not. It's also partly a satire of extreme otaku culture. Most of the main cast is high-school age, though. ~Dagger~[/quote] If it's anything like Higurashi I'm sold as well. Actually I can't wait for the third season to start for that anime and I thought for sure it was going to come out in the fall...or so I heard. Was wondering if anyone knew any information on that.
  3. [B]Vampire Night[/B] - Personally I think its the only good anime that has been released thus far for the spring line-up. The characters are very interesting and whats great about his vampire anime is there is not a lot of meaningless action going on. Has a high quality story line (up to episode 6 I have seen so far) and doesn't seem like it will slow down anytime soon, actually it just keeps getting better. Plus the opening and ending songs are amazing, especially the ending one called Still Doll; just brings out the mysteriousness of the anime. The only other TV seriest I have been interested in as well is [B]Tower of Druaga[/B], but it just seems to be a little bit too random at times. Plus I have no clue how far up the tower the main characters have climbed (currently watched episode 7), so I hope the anime gives a little update every now and than on that detail of the series. As far as OVA's, which I usually never bother watching, the 6 episodes of [B]Mnemosyne[/B] have been pretty packed full of action so far. There have only been 4 episodes, but for this type of OVA it has been quite enjoyable. The story line is a bit shaky at times, but I'll watch the last two episodes and write a little bit more about it later.
  4. Yea I started watching this about a month and a half ago when it was on episode 4 or 5. Anyway though this series is really great, but once it hit episode 13 for me [spoiler] and Clare lost her right arm and is now being taught by Irene now (who should be dead I don't think any of the former Claymore's who faught Pricella should be considered 'alive') [/spoiler] just brought it down for me a little. I liked how Clare depended more on herself in improving in battle, but now shes depending on another? Guess i'll have to see what happens in episode 14.
  5. The one thing that kind of caught me off gaurd is in the previews for the next episode, [spoiler] it looked like someone else had obtained the Shinigami eyes. I'm not sure if it was Light or not but it seemed like someone else was using the eyes. [/spoiler] Perfect anime so far just need to catch up on the manga.
  6. To me someone who is an anime fan is someone that just enjoys that genre of shows. Whether it be dubbed or subbed, mainstream anime or up-and-coming doesn't bother me one bit. Whats great is for the few people that I know that DO enjoy watching anime, just being able to show them different series and not having them completely turned off by it is great. Usually I ask them after they have completed the series if they enjoyed it, and if they ask for more than to me thats being a fan. As of right now, I'm at the point where its getting hard just to find new series to watch. I've been searching online for different listes that satisfy my tastes on anime I like to watch, but I'm running out of series and just depending on either ones that are still finishing up their episodes (Deathnote) or others that are waiting to put out their sequels (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni). Nonetheless, being able to talk to just a few people about any type of anime is fine with me. Also, not all those who watch mainstream anime have the capability to either get it online by fansub or buy series from stores. Thats one reason why I don't judge people on what they watch, since that might be the only way they are capable of watching anime. If the ones who watched the animes on AS or Toonami enjoyed what they watched and like to have casual conversation about it, thats a fan to me.
  7. Chrispin Freeman is always a good choice for any character just about, but fits the role of Kyon perfectly. I also get the feeling that Wendee Lee isn't a bad choice for Harhui either (although i personally would rather see Jessica Calvello as the dub actor). What I want to know is who the dub voice actor for Nagato is going to be. Good choice for her I think would be Luci Christian (played Rico in Gunslinger Girl) or Amanda Winn.
  8. [quote name='Dagger'] The manga has not been licensed yet, unfortunately.[/quote]Shame that it hasn't been licensed yet for the manga. Although I have enough for me to read at the moment anyway with deathnote and basilisk. Probably once it starts to come out on DVD in America they'll license the manga. Either that or wait for them to finish off the remaining arcs in Japan (or maybe they already finished it)...who knows. [quote name='Dagger']It also bears mentioning that a second season is supposed to start in Japan this summer.[/quote]Yea I think the main website has it airing in either June or July. At first it was supposed to be in April, but they pushed it back. I'm still watching the series again, so I can wait a couple more months or so. On another note...that boxset artwork looks halarious. It's totally the opposite of what the anime is all about. They make Rika and Satoko look like maids from He's My Master with that cover :animesmil .
  9. [font=Verdana][size=2]#6 is Ed from Cowboy Bebop[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]However, my only question is if someone else already has the answer for one and I posted afterwards, would I still get the points for it. If not ill just wait for the next 6 and post than for another one as well if thats ok.[/size][/font]
  10. [size=2][b]Synopsis[/b] - This is a heavily based psychological/drama series that has extreme graphic violence...to say the least. [/size] [size=2]Story takes place in a town called Hinamizawa Village where many unnatural murders are taking place with very little evidence left at the scene. The only thing is, these "unnatural" murders seem to be happening every year on a predetermined day in June. The cause for these murders, no one really seems to know...except for the 2000 villagers where the murders are taking place. They believe the cause to be a curse, where specific rules are in place that has happened every day on the fixed day in June. The main characters of the series belong to a "games club", where during the club they all seem normal but outside of it everything changes.[/size] [size=2]This series is broken off into 6 arcs, with some of the arcs being "question and answer" type arcs. I'll say this ahead of time that for me this is a very confusing anime and maybe others agree with me as well. Overall, each of the arcs are supposed to be presented with a view from each character on the situations and events that are occuring within the village. Even though I have only seen this series just once, I don't understand all of it (have to see it a second time and maybe a third) and that is pretty much the only summary I can give about this series in the meantime. [/size] [size=2][b]Characters[/b] - There are around 5/6 main characters, all of which I like for many reasons. [/size] [size=2][b]Keiichi Maebara [/b]- I believe this is the first character that is seen in the first episode of the anime. He is an outsider to the village and moved from another school for various reasons. He is the main male character in the series (although the other 5 I'm going to list are all female, but if you watch or have watched the series you know what I mean) and notices that there is something odd with the villagers of Hinamizawa, especially with the other five female characters.[/size] [size=2][b]Rena Ryuuguu - [/b]I believe this is the main female character (although the other 4 seem to be shown in the anime more than Rena is) that is the first person Keiichi becomes friends and gets along with. However, Keiichi's feelings towards Rena change drastically once he finds out about the murders occuring in the village and her reaction when Keiichi brings up the topic.[/size] [size=2][b]Mion Sonozaki and Shion Sonozaki [/b]- Reason I'm going to explain both of these characters at the same time is for two reasons: 1) They are both twins 2) Sometimes I can't tell who is who in the anime....I'll leave it at that for a reason. Both of these characters are my favorite ones out of the group. They are both like heaven and hell....except I can't decide who represents heaven and who hell. For me, they played the crucial role in the whole series, probably even more than the other two listed above. Mion is next in line for one of the three shrines that are within the village. Supposedly Shion is an outcast and is not currently one of the members of the shrine.[/size] [size=2][b]Rika Furude - [/b]Probably the most mysterious and puzzling character in the group. I liked her role in the series and could not figure out some of her meanings in the phrases she would say throughout the series. Is head of one of the three shrines in the village, a different one from Mion.[/size] [size=2][b]Satoko Houjou [/b]- Probably my least favorite of the group since she seems to cry non-stop throughout the series (except for one really great part in the series). She is really only known for creating and disarming traps when they play games. She is also the youngest in the group along with Rika. Both of them seem to get along with each other the most out of everyone in the group.[/size] [size=2][b]Animation[/b] - This anime is up there with any other top series. The facial expressions that the artists use in this series make it such a creepy anime. At some parts during the series the way some of the background was setup, I believed I was in some type of psychiatric ward setting. [/size] [size=2]The thing I love the most and especially for you Elfen Lied fans out there is the violence that is in this anime. Elfen Lied I thought (and not trying to put the anime down I loved that series as well) was a little bit over-the-top with heads and arms just coming apart left and right. However, after you see this series you'll think twice of how people can be tortured.[/size] [size=2][b]Music [/b]- The opening and ending were great for this series. I love how the opening just seemed so eerie, but it fit in perfectly with the genre of this anime.[/size] [size=2]Well that's it for now. I'll just wait for others to comment before I say more of my interpretation of the anime (that and I need to see it again anyway). I think Dagger brought this series up in new releases in 2007 and I watched this about a month before she posted that, but I didn't have the time to post a really detailed summary of the anime until spring break for me as a teacher.[/size] [size=2]I also want to know if anyone knows if the American manga is out for this yet. I've been searching everywhere for it, but it seems like only the Japanese maga is available to purchase. I know the anime series has been licensed, but I'm not sure about the manga at all. If anyone knows by chance please tell.[/size]
  11. [font=Verdana][size=2] As much as I enjoyed this whole series, they ruined what could have made it such a better series if they just developed the Akutsu Jin (guy that thought tennis was boring and always tried to pick fights with everyone) and Echizen matches a little more. After Echizen beats Akutsu, its like it never really happen and you barely see Akutsu ever again. Plus, he was the only player I thought that looked like a real tennis player. Most, if not all of the other characters didn't even resemble what a usual tennis player looks like. For example, Echizen was about what 4' 2" but can knock players back with the power from his serve???[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2] I agree with everyone else as well. I guess tennis is a huge thing in Japan (although you really only see the female Japanese players in professional tennis tournaments not the guys, so this anime surprised me a lot) and because of that they were able to continue the series for such a long period of time. Otherwise, I think the creaters could have cut the series in half and it would have made it a little more interesting and not so dragged out.[/size][/font]
  12. [QUOTE=Dagger] Back to Blood+, though. How do you all think it'll do over here? [/QUOTE] I agree with kenshin that it won't do that well here. People like non-stop type anime which Blood + doesn't have. I like slow and fast paced, so for the few that tend to like more of a slow paced anime like Blood + maybe it will do alright. Hopefully more will give it a chance. Plus....it all depends on who the dub voice actors are as well.
  13. [font=Verdana][size=2]I'm sorry I meant to say about 70 or so different edits in the whole series when it originally aired. Theres a website that has the whole listing of edits (not official but ive looked at some of the episodes that the website has listed and they match the ones on AS). Anyway though I don't want to stray off topic more than I already have so if you want the name of the website ill message it to you.[/size][/font]
  14. I felt only a few sceens were pretty graphic in the Evangelion series. However, I'm not sure if they ever got to the End of Evangelion movie or not (haven't watched AS in a while), so if that was unedited than Blood + probably won't be. Then again AS is pretty weird with editing, since they edited so many different things in Cowboy Bebop. I even think they edited 76 different things in one Bebop episode, so I guess I'll have to see.
  15. Yea, but Dagger I can't imagine how much they are going to have to edit this series (especially the first episode). I'm just glad I was able to watch it subbed, but I am interested in watching the dub on AS just to see who the voice actors are. I can see Steve Blum being a voice actor somewhere in there...hopefully one of the Cheveliers.
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