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Writing My Poems


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A few of my newest poems. All of them are pretty random. Hope you enjoy anyway.
Ever feel like
You're stuck in a box?
No matter how hard you fight
Or how hard you struggle
You'll always be stuck in that box
For some
It's their home
For others
It's their current job
And for still others
It's the life they lead
Closing in
Folding over
Getting smaller
and smaller
and smaller
Until there's no more room
And their Box is a Cage
And they're put on display
Like an animal in a zoo

Glad you know how they must feel
Like An Angel From Above (An ode to a friend of mine)

Thanks for being there
For putting up with me
For listening to me
For sticking by me
But I should have known you'd always be there
You stood by me in life
Though I didn't always know it
So I know you're there now
Thank You
I Love You
Leave comments and such, if you wish.
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[color=green]Wow Eclectic! These are amazing! Much, much better than mine are. I especially liked "Cage". It has this feeling around it that makes me think. C-ya on the other side! *flys off on winged monkey soldiers that [b]do not[/b] belong to ars_magicae :P*[/color]
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