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Much like DMC, this story is M rated due to language and gore.

In the future, little has changed. Society grows, generations come and go, and there are always demons running around messing stuff up saying they want to take over the world. Whatever. To this day, people have fought demons trying to preserve their freedom. Some demons have joined the cause of peace, and one of them was the legendary Dark Knight, Sparda. A demon who sought to free the human world from the clutches of the underworld. He had a son, Dante, half demon, half human, who took his place and hunted the bane of the living world for decades...For a price, of course.

Now, Dante sees that it is time to throw in the towel and pass his demon hunting business: "Devil May Cry" to the next likely candidate for demon hunting hero. Also, he hears that people have been setting up demon hunting businesses of their own, making for some interesting competition. He wonders what the world...both worlds will have in store for the future...

Here is the signup.

Age: (over 20 at least)
Race: (demon or human, ppl who want to be demons must send me a three paragraph post over PM, I choose who gets to be a demon, humans are weaker and don't have as many skills.)
Business: (Work in Devil May Cry or make your own demon hunting business, I'll only allow two others and only demons can found businesses.)
Weapons: (One short range, (sword or the like) three long range (guns, throwing knives, etc.))
Devil Trigger: (Demons only, Devil trigger is where you turn into a full demon and gain special powers and techniques, as well as a kick a** appearance. Describe them to me.)
Description: (Work on this people, dont just say "looks like {insert character here})
Bio: (your life until now, how and why you found(ed) this business, etc.)

Ok, if anyone wants to be Lucia or Trish (no Dante) from the DMC series, PM me unless you think you can put in a detailed description to avoid having a mod breathe down our necks. I'll put my own sign up later. If you have any questions, use the PM system, not this thread.

Oh, and [b][u]posts must be at least three paragraphs long.[/u][/b] I [u]may[/u] let it slide once, but do it more than once and you're out!

Ok, that's about it, happy hunting!

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Name: Tao-Zhou
Age: 24
Race: Demon (BTW, what does the 3 sentence (I'm assuming) paragraph need to have?)
Business: Yushi no Yami (Hero of Shadow, in Japanese. Or is it Shadow of Hero? I'm not sure.
Weapons: Zhou Family Ninja-to (enlongated some), 2 colt .45, and Shuriken.
Devil Trigger:
-Name: Reaper
-Description: Looks like the classic Grim Reaper.
--Soul Reaver: Slashes opponent repeatedly with scythe, doing more damage than a usual sword slash.
--Soul Cannon: Fires a skull-shaped blast
--Spinning Slash: Runs forward, slashes down with scythe propelling into the air, and spins repeatedly before slashed down onto enemy.
Description: Tao is tall and lean. He wears baggy black clothes, and a black Duster. He has long, spikey bangs and crimson eyes.
Bio: Tao was born to a royal family of a demon species known as the Shadow Stalker. His evil brother, Myo, dethroned him by challanging Tao to a duel and cheating. Tao wandered the world (he was about 17) for a while until he founded Yushi no Yami, which is the name of his sword as well. He hires himself out as an assassin and demon slayer, preferring to slay demons than kill people, but he'll do either for the right price.
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Name: Jason Wedge
Age: 25
Race: Human
Business: Devil May Cry
Weapons: Claws, 12 Gauge Shotgun, Mp5(sub-machinegun)
Devil Trigger: I don't have one:(
Hair: Short blond
Eyes: Green
Height/Weight: 5'11/155 pounds
Appearance: Wears black dress pants, a white shirt under a black jacket thats never buttoned, dark sunglasses, and black shoes
Bio: Jason comes from a long line of demon hunters, its been the family business for hundreds of years. Not until he was 17 was he actually allowed to participate. On that hunt, he watched as his dad was killed trying to protect him. After that he wanted to become stronger then his dad so he could avenge him. He finaly got revenge four years ago, then disappeared. Jason showed up a year ago and started to work at Devil May Cry, hoping to get stronger...
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Name:Meteo Dragoon
Age: 32
Race: Human
Business: Devil May Cry
Weapons: Bastrd Sword, throwing knives and Shurikans
Devil Trigger: None
Description: 6'3, Meteo has Black hair and red eyes. Meteo wears jeanshorts that reach the bottom of his knees. also wears a Black shirt w/ an image of a terrier. Meteo has various Piercings on his ears. Meteo is very muscular as well. He makes up for his speed with stength. And Meteo has Tattooes all over his body.
Bio: Meteo is an ex-bouncer for a club that was destroyed by demons on his day off. Meteo Joined DMC after that to avenge the crew of his club. Meteo hates demons that attack mankind. Rumor is that he practices Vampiristic Blood drinking which is true... Meteo Does drink Blood but not all the time. Meteo Drinks the blood of demons that he kills to understand how their blood tastes. meteo has not found his club's destroyers yet...
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Name: Aurora Marsters
Age: 23
Race: human
Business: Yushi no Yami
Weapons: broadsword, twin colts
Description: see attachment; dark grey eyes, around 5'7
Bio: Aurora has trained as a demon hunter since she was able to hold a gun properly. Ever since, she has trained and perfected herself and her technique, becoming cold, calloused, and impersonal over the years. She joined Yushi no Yami to further her perfection.
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[b]Name:[/b] Gustov "Gus" Deblorn
[b]Age:[/b] 26
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Business:[/b] Devil May Cry
[b]Weapons:[/b] Katana; Repeating Hand Crossbow; Desert Eagle.
[b]Description:[/b] Gus is 6' even. He's really skinny, but still manages. In High School he was called 'Bones' because of his light weight. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. His nose is sort of swollen from where it got broken one time. Gus wears a variety of clothes. His wardrobe is vast, and he wears clothes that match his mood.
[b]Bio:[/b] Growing up Gus heard all the stories about the demon slayers. It always intrigued him, he wanted to be in Devil May Cry for as long as he could remember. He was always teased about that too, they said he was to small to be in DMC. He proved them wrong. Now he is eating more redmeat, and killing more things than he could ever imagine.

Will that safice? If not tell me.
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Name: May Greenville

Age: 26

Race: demon

Business: Yushi no Yami (decided I'd rather join an existing one, unless you'd prefer I started another one, Wondershot)

Weapons: short range -- twin daggers; long range -- shotgun, classical bow and arrow

Description: looks like {insert character here}. Oh you didn't want that? ;)
Long blonde hair that's usually in a ponytail, but is amazingly straight and untangled. Soft brown eyes that look calm and innocent most of the time, until she's angered ... Tall (about 5'8"), rather thin, and wears stylish outfits that usually consist of a great deal of black leather.

Devil Trigger:
As a demon, May's blonde hair turns jet black. Her eyes darken to black as well, but the pupils become an inhuman white. Her skin pales dramatically to nearly white. Her canine teeth also slightly elongate, giving them a fang-like appearance, though she's not a vampire by any means.
The change in May's eyes actually allows her to see much more clearly and distinctly, and in the dark her visibility becomes as good as a cat's. Her hearing also becomes slightly more sensitive, though it is not as enhanced as her sight.
In demon form, May is able to imbue her bullets, arrows, and tips of her dagger with darkness. Under these circumstances, a victim of any of these things experiences trouble beyond the normal physical wounds inflicted; he may also experience problems with sight, delusional visions of shadowy creatures, or hear things that aren't there. These symptoms often linger for a long time, sometimes fading, and once in a while driving a victim insane.
May also becomes able to cast darkness with her hands, which blots out light. If she casts darkness onto a person with her hands, it usually does not affect them; she hypothesizes this is because the darkness needs to enter their bloodstream.

May's father, Kahoku, was a demon sent by his family to kidnap a human woman named Fiona, the daughter of a powerful politician whom the demon family planned to use to gain power in his sector. Fiona was heavily trained in martial arts, though, and ready for such attacks, even from demons. The two fought for several minutes until Fiona was holding her shotgun to Kahoku's head; however, she found that she could not pull the trigger, and soon after they eloped.
Kahoku and Fiona lived their lives on the run from Kahoku's demon family, the Aitan, who were obviously extremely angered by his change of sides. (Fiona's father was angry as well, but as long as she left him alone, he was able to continue his politician's life and eventually forgave her.) The two gave birth to May, who grew up living the life of a fugitive, being given practical lessons from her parents as they continued fighting and running.
When she was 20, her parents were finally trapped and killed by demon assassins from Kahoku's family. At that point, May decided to stop running. Using her parents' weapons (mother's shotgun, father's bow and arrow, and her own daggers), she hunted down Kahoku's killers one by one; they were her first kills. Soon after, she joined Yushi no Yami. Her primary target is still the family of her father, the Aitan, but she has not heard a trace of them since she killed the murderers.
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Oh god, can't anyone take me seriously...?

DJ Prof. DM, If you can't take me seriously and add a description and work a little harder on your bio, you're out. I'm giving you the chance to edit. Aside form that, everyone else is in.

Also, terra recently PMed me asking about being a demon and starting her own business. Sure terra, you can do that. However, I would like the human characters to be divided equally among the businesses.
We have 5 humans (or 4 if DJ Prof. DM is out)
I only want 2 humans max in each business. So make your choice carefully. If you can't decide, then I will.

Remember demon characters, the reason I had you send me post samples is cause I expect you to work at this. You're the ones who run the businesses. If you want, you can send yourself on missions independently, or you can work with other businesses on assignments. It's up to you.

I'll be adding my signup soon, hopefully.


Ok, I have just checked all of the extra info added to people's signups, and I would like to make the following points.

First of all, DJ Prof. DM, thanks for changing your signup, you're in.

Secondly, terra has decided to work for Yushi No Yami (oh, by the way ULX, that's "Shadow of Hero", you got it backwards.) rather than start her own business, that is fine, and so we can keep the setup as it is. No one has to change businesses.

Third, I'm adding my signup below, and will probably start the RP this weekend. Thanks to all who joined, if you have any questions, PM me.

Name: Roman Cage
Age: 25
Description: Long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, light skin, 6'2", small sunglasses, large brown trenchcoat and gloves, dark pants and boots.
Business: Devil May Cry
metal claws concealed under the wrists of the coat,
Z-M Weapons LR-300 series assault rifle,
large pipe bombs,
"Nightmare Zeta" A large, black rocket launcher-like device which is actually organic and is said to have been crafted in the demon world from the knowledge of a giant weapon like being known as "Nightmare".
Devil Trigger: One of Roman's abnormalities is that he usually keeps his right hand tucked into his coat, and when he reveals it, it is mangled and pale, indicating a heavy loss of blood, when he initiates his Devil trigger, the reason for this becomes clear.
Roman is a werewolf, or at least the closest description of one, when he goes into Devil Trigger, his muscles bulge and he grows dark black and blue fur all over his body, he gains supereior strength to that of any human being, and is able to jump so high it is practically flight, as well as large claws and fangs which replace his usual weapons. He is unable to use firearms in this state, but he is able to close in on his prey quickly, and either crush them with superior strength in his claws, or bite off large chunks of flesh at a time, eventually resulting in death by anemia, or the servere irreperable damage of a vital organ dealt by the fangs. In any case, Roman is no longer his cool, relaxed self, but rather a bloodthirsty animal who stops at nothing to feed and elimitate his prey as quickly and painfully as possible. The abnormality of this Devil Trigger lies in the fact that Roman has to have suffered servere damage in order to initiate the bloodlust. To that end, he simply bites down on his right hand as hard as possible in order to activate the trigger.
Bio: Roman was originally born into a poor European family, but they died shortly after his birth, and he was infected with a strange disease that had claimed the lives of most of the people in his village. However, he was able to grow under less than tolerable living conditions, and was sometimes forced to eat the dead bodies of those he once knew in order to survive. He had managed to leave his village and find another family to adopt him, but shortly afterwards the disease hit, and he nearly died.
However, a strange being came to him one night, saying that the village he had come from had died completely, and that his destiny was to rebuild his heritage, he was asked if he would accept the responsibility, he did, and without knowing what had happened, he was knocked out, and woke up the next morning in perfect health. His new family took him to America, where he lived happily and was properly schooled, until one day, he was involved in a construction accident while walking back from school, and was impaled by a steel beam. However, he got up, blood dripping from his chest, and, without knowing what he was doing, bit into his friend's neck. Both parties survived, but Roman ran away from home, wondering what his existence really meant.
Many years later, he continued to wander the streets around the country, and found a way to control his abilities. He began to understand the nature of his heritage, and also understood that the demon world was to blame for the death of his village. Now, he searches for a way to get closer to the demon world, and that is how he found Devil May Cry, and it's proprietor, Dante...

Ok, see you all on the weekend! If I have anything more to say I will either add it here, or PM you.
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