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How was your day?


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I don't know if this is a good topic that won't get closed, but I decided to make a thread about what happens in your life. =_= Well, anything significant. :P

[b][Friday, August 29][/b]

-I am [i]still[/i] worrying over the geometry test I took today. I beleive I got an 85 at the highest. Lord knows what I will get....My geometry teacher [Mr.Szigety] won't allow curves either because we're in middle school. ::frowns:: Some people in my class are really good with it...but it's strange because those same people did horrible in algebra last year. Maybe because geometry is a different concept...?


So I was in a bad mood when I came home today, but I was surprised by a brand new cello sitting in a beautiful burgandy case. The cello was magnificent, and a light from the heavens came down, and small animals gathered around it.... Flowers bloomed everywhere!

Ahem. Yeah. I'm pretty pleased with it....

But my mom hasn't bought it yet. My sister's high school orchestra teacher wants to check how it sounds...

me: But Mr. Kim [high school orchetra conductor] isn't even my teacher.
sister: *still in daze about becoming Cenntenial's concertmaster* Yeah....
me: .....
sister: I got...[i]concertmaster[/i]....

So that's basically what all the conversations were with my sister yesterday. But I'l proud of her because...well, Centennial has an excellent orcehstra (when I say excellent, I [i]mean[/i] it) and Haynes Bridge (my middle school) has an extremely crappy orchetra. Lol [/size]
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A better choice would perhaps be to register a MyOtaku.com account, and set up to have the little "Visit MyOtaku" button displayed under your avatar. (Ah, the joys of v6.5! ?_?) btw, whereabouts in Alpharetta? I grew up in south Atlanta, and lived in Alpharetta for about three years.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i]
[B][size=1] but it's strange because those same people did horrible in algebra last year. Maybe because geometry is a different concept...?

Dunno. [/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=silver] [size=0] Some ppl think linearly, and some ppl think better geometrically....yea...ok, well I am supposed to go to some football game today, and my crush is going. But the bad part is..he's going to hang out with..........my sister. yea...i think he likes her or sumthin....:( yea, it kinda sucks having a sister who's so damn hot, cuz every guy my age thinks she's hot. Do they think im hot? NO! Everyone she meets thinks she's hot....god it sucks. The hotness factor in her is so big, that anyone who's seen her won't think im hot, b/c they are comparing us. :( Yea....well i got a 73 on my math test today, and i kept getting called a spaz b/c i was happy for once. Yes, and I got into this fight with my friends, when i asked them if they watched the vma's and they were like yea..and then i was like..that was hillarious when the member of duran duran was like: BARBERA STRIZAN!!! hah....and they were like: that was sooo gross how they were all holding hands...they shouldnt show things like that on TV....good god...i got sooo pissed off at those homophobes.
I started ranting to them about their homophobic tendecies, and they were all like: NO WE'RE NOT! WE ARENT AFRAID OF THEM!! and i'm like: HOmophobia is fear or discrimination of homosexuals, and they were like: NO, a phobia is a fear! and i was like: have you looked it up?! I think not! But I have, so I am right! yea...
Well, i guess i had a pretty crappy day. I think there has been a thread like this b4, I think it got closed, so maybe change the topic to something like: post your bad days...just to limit it to less randomness or w/e....[/color] [/size]
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I woke up today at about nine, rolled over and realized that I was in my own bed. That was an extremely happy moment considering for the last week or so I've been sleeping on hard hotel matresses. I got up, waltzed dowstairs and ate a ham sandwich (wheatbread, mayo, cheese, ham, mustard).
I then called my friends Joe and conviced him to leave his little sister alone to go biking with me (she's 11). We went down to the dirt jumps and ended up doing nothing because a bunch of little wigger arseholes kept on trying to sell us pot and crack. They also kept on standing in front of the jumps, not letting us go off. I'm going to kick their asses next time I see them.
We rode over to my work and asked if I had to come in. I did. So we went home, I changed and he went back to his house.
I went back to work and worked away three more hours of my life that could have been used for something exponetially more productive.
After that I came home and my parents said that we were going out for dinner. It turns out we went to this great oriental restaraunt. If was great.
Then I came home and got on here.

What a ****ty day...
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Man i got a story for you!!!!

Well since this is all i basically did today ill just tell everyone what happen. Toyota finally fixed the repairs on my new used 2001 Corolla. It had only 39,540 miles on it, but with my good luck with cars the heater core got shot. The person i musted have bought it from more or less masked it so nobody would have noticed that there was a leak in my heater core. Anyway everything was all find and dandy till i get there with my parents...and...well the mats were full of antifreeze. They told us what happen and how this sometimes happens with the antifreeze, it pours out into the car. With such the great mechanics at Toyota (being sarcastic here) they decided to leave the mats in my car with the antifreeze spewing all over the place. They said they would shampoo and dry the mats on Thursday and have it ready by Friday. That day came and well there still soaken wet. AND IT STILL SMELT LIKE ANTIFREEZE. My parents got pissed and my mom being the best mother in the world spelt 4 hours on the phone with the corporation in California. Hopefully we'll get good news. I just want to know if people find this fair at all how Toyota treated us. I find this outrageous. Over all day sucked...except for the China buffet we went to afterwards. Last day at home...going to Rowan tomorrow.
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Guest King_Cloud690
Well lets see my day is actually rather simple! I could probably do this in bullet form!lol But here it goes! I went to school got home at like quarter of 3 then I sat on the comp for like 3 hours ate dinner then went to a park nearbye then came home then i watched tv again and now i am back on the comp! Phew im outta breath! Well theres my day!
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Today was crapy. ( You should of made a poll, (1)Good,(2)ok,(3)bad,(4)crapy. All in that order)
Any way. I had to work in the rain, witch rain dosnt bother me. But if you have glasses its a pain in the *****. As i was working (at a food store) i seen a girl i havent seen for a long time, maybe a year or so. And i knew her really well. Then i seen her bf also. It wasent a thing were their was bad blood. But it seemed like their was. It felt as if they dident like me or somthing. Witch was weird. It could of just been me. I still feel stupid about it. In my mind i felt like they should be glad to see me. ohhh well. thats life for you.
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well, i was the one who made the other thread just like this....i had the same idea as you, but [I] the spammers ruined everything!!![I]
(glares at the spammers)
hmm...my day?
i just recently found out i probably have to get my wisdom teeth cut out.....
i am not excited about it
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