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In the year 2004 A new group of street racers appeared in Tokyo, Japan. This upset the Japanese Yakuza because these new kids which they have dubbed the burnouts were destroying the streets and taking their money in races of souped up motorcycles and cars. The leaders of the "burnouts" Craig "white Lighting" Walker has challenged the leader to a race in 1 month but he has to beat his top three racers during that time to race him or the deal is off. His crew has 8 people in all 3 women(one of which in love with him put that in your bio) and 5 other guys.The yakuza needs to have four people at least the three racers and the head boss Soto deniao.

Whoever wants to be soto has to PM me and i will get back to them it will take a while for me to get this started up because i am in the progress of getting a new computer

Bios should be like this
Name: Craig Walker
Age: 22
Sex: male
Nickname (optional) White lighting
Car : suped up Dodge ciper blue and white with tinted windows V-12 engine.
Bike: Nousagi
Appearance: Black hair with 3 white streaks of lighting running through it. He wears a Black Shirt and black pants with lighting and fire on it.
Bio. was raised around cars so is comfortable in them has made enemys all over the world and finally landed in tokyo to find true wealth and success.
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Name: Kailen Scott
Age: 22
Sex: female
Nickname (optional) Akira
Car : suped up Ford Mustang GT. All black interior and out. Tinted windows V-12 engine.
Bike: Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa [url]http://www.suzukicycles.com/sr_01/sportstreet/bp_haya.htm[/url]
Team: Burnouts. Likes Craig but keeps it to herself
Appearance: blond hair with red/black streaks through it. She wears a Black Shirt and white cargo pants with fire on it.
Bio. was raised around cars . When she was 15 she got into racing. She's always raced Mustangs. Sometimes She'll drive something else
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