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Art HZ's: New "Tokyo Underground" banner.

Hittokiri Zero

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Yep that is right I created a new sig for myself, it's not done yet as I have yet to finalize a few things on it. Some of them being --->

- Whether to ditch the grid or not.
- Whether to expand upon or get rid of the white "aura" effect behind Rumina. (I probably should put more detail into the "aura" if I do plan to keep it).
- Whether or not to animate the banner.
- Whether I should change the (somewhat bland) font, to a "script-styled" font, a "grunge-punk" font, or leave it as it is.

etc, etc.

It's the little things that count after all x__X. Now I guess I should talk about the sig itself :P. It's basically my tribute to the great anime series Tokyo Underground and it's main character Rumina Asagi --- who has the unique ability to manipulate the winds. =] that should somewhat explain how the quote is related to the whole sig.

Okay rate? questions? comments? ... food? :] do whatever you'd like some feedback would be nice though.
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