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Hey all,

I just got back from my hols and during that time I went to see T3 which I had been looking foreward to for months....but when it came down to it, what happened?

I'm not flaming the movie at all, some of the sceens were complete classic and the chases were really good and origional...but it lacked any real connection to the two previous Terminators in my opinion.

I mean okay having a female terminator was a nifty idea but compare her to the orginional T1000 of Judgement Day and she seems to be a fairly poor character.

Please don't flame me for this, I did partly enjoy the film and it was slightly nice to see what happens after T2 but personally I prefer T1 and T2.

What did you guys think of it?
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[size=1] I enjoyed the movie, it extended on the background of terminators and what began armageddon, as well as having an awesome ending [spoiler] they could not stop Judgement day, but only prevent it [/spoiler]

Having a female terminator, the TX, was a pretty cool idea, it gave something new and origina to the franchise, and i certainly hope it's not the last.

heh, what am I thinking! Theyre already making terminator 4: Recall. :p [/size]
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Apparently I'm in the minority on this one, but I was really disappointed with T3. I heard early on that Mr. Cameron wasn't going to be involved in the production except to design the characters, so I knew it wasn't going to be as good as the other two... But I wasn't expecting the plot to be as thrown-together as it was. Very little character development, nothing much to tie it to T2, no suspense, really. I'll go see T4 if Cameron directs, but otherwise I'm pretty much done with this franchise.
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