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Justice Fight High is a renowned martial arts school, offering the finest training in the many different styles and holding high academic achievements promise to all of its students. Each and every student who passes through J.F.H is taught the ways of self-control and meditation which allow for a more fluent understanding of the arts taught and how they can be used in the modern society.

Unfortunately strange occurrences have aroused within the school over the last few months, with many of the students disappearing from the campus. Many rumors have spread like wild fire and the schools intake of argumentative fights has grown as more and more people start to panic and take offence all the more easily.

Many parents are threatening to withdraw their children from the school if the missing students are not found soon. The police are at a complete loss and the government official¡¦s cannot find a single clue to the whereabouts of the missing students.
Several of the schools fighting groups have banded together in order to try and unlock the mystery themselves. But with a Tournament suddenly called up things might have to be put on hold¡Kor could this tournament hold the key to the students where abouts???

[centre]School Rules:[/centre]
1) Students must sort out any of their differences or arguments between other students in the battle area (this also applies to teachers)
2) All forms of Self- defense must be respected by all students and teachers ¡V anyone found to be discriminating against any style with be punished
3) Fight clean and fair

Styles that are studied and perfected at Justice Fight High:

[b]Kung fu[b] (Chinese boxing) is, with [b]Karate[/b], the most popularly known of all the martial arts. It employs kicks, strikes, throws, body turns, dodges, holds, crouches and starts, leaps and falls, handsprings and somersaults. These movements include more techniques involving the open hand, such as claws and rips, than those used in karate.

[b]Jujitsu or jiujitsu[/b] (from Japanese J?å, for ¡§gentle¡¨), uses holds, chokes, throws, trips, joint locks, kicks, and atemi (strikes to vital body areas). The techniques are gentle only in the sense that they are directed toward deflecting or controlling an attack; however, they can maim or kill.

[b]Judo[/b] is a popular wrestling form developed from jujitsu in 1882 by Jigor?ß Kan?ß, a Japanese educator. Like jujitsu, it attempts to turn an attacker's force to one's own advantage. Techniques include throwing and grappling.

[b]Aikido[/b] was, like judo, derived from jujitsu within the last century. In aikido, an attack is avoided with flowing, circular movements. The opponent can then be brought to the ground with painful, immobilizing joint locks. Aikido is, with tai chi chuan, the gentlest martial art and is not practiced as a competitive sport.

[b]Tai chi chuan[/b], more popularly referred to as tai chi, is an ancient Chinese exercise and fighting system, still practiced in China and elsewhere in the world, mainly for its health benefits. It employs slow, graceful movements that are stylized renditions of original arm and foot blows.

[b]Tae kwon do[/b] is a type of fighting system that originated in Korea and that employs kicking, punching, and various evasive techniques. Most famous for its kicks, tae kwon do incorporates jumping and kicking into characteristic maneuvers called ¡§flying kicks.¡¨

[b]Sumo wrestling[/b], a popular Japanese combative sport, pits huge men against one another in an attempt to force a wrestler out of the ring, or to bring his body, below the knees, to the mat. The rules of sumo wrestling prohibit kicking, gouging, hair pulling, and the like, but allow such actions as pushing, pulling, slapping, throwing, and grappling

[b]Kendo[/b], or Japanese fencing, is a sport derived from ancient sword fighting, now using bamboo swords.

[b]Karate[/b] students learn deep mental control as a prelude to unleashing latent forces, which enable them to deliver lethal blows with the hands and feet.

(Any other styles of self defence that I have not listed but you would like your character to use please PM me and I¡¦ll add it to the list)

Teams of Justice Fight High

(Student Teams)


Ballin¡' Fists

A* Kicks

Diamond Swords

(Student Teacher Team)

Yellow Chalk

(Teacher Team)


Sign Up:


Age: (Between 16 ¡V 19 for students, 19 ¡V 22 for student teachers and 20+ for teachers)

Allocation at school: (a.k.a Student, Student Teacher or Teacher)

Team: (ChinTron, Ballin¡' Fists, A* Kicks, Diamond Swords, Yellow Chalk or Det-ent-ion)

Picture: (please use one¡¦s provided)

Martial arts discipline: (use those listed or send me the info about one I haven¡¦t got listed)

Weapon(s) used: (only applicable if used within chosen discipline, but don¡¦t feel you have to use them)



Mis: (anything that you couldn¡'t put in anywhere else)

My sign up:
Name: Dikabb Gero

Age: 18

Allocation: Student

Team: A* Kicks

Picture: [img]http://www.helephant.com/wafuru/origins/akira2.gif[/img]

Martial arts discipline: Jujitsu

Weapon(s) used: N/A

Personality: rather loud and will speak out if she feels that a mis-justice has been performed against her, a teammate or a opponent. Is well focused when it comes to battle and can appear to be rather cocky at times as well. A loyal friend and fighter, but a deadly adversary if crossed wrongly.

Bio: Dikabb has been in Justice Fight High ever since she could enrol. She started out very poorly and was threatened two times of being kicked out if she didn¡¦t improve. Luckily for her and the school she found that Jujitsu was the best fighting style for her and she managed to pull herself out of the bottom of the class and near to the top. She has taken part in many different tournaments and holds a school champion title.

School is not the only part of Dikabb¡¦s life, she also spends most of her time working on her home built trike and helps out in the local amateur dramatics society. She enjoys being out and about and hates being confined anywhere.

Recently, both her elder brother and sister have disappeared from the Justice Fight campus and her mother is threatening to remove her from the school unless they are both found alive and well. Dikabb does not want to leave the school as she has many good friends and is close to graduating, so in a vain attempt to find her brother and sister she joins in the tournament hoping that it will give her the answers she requires.


One more thing, can you please send a sample of a fight that your character has with an NPC so that I can select who is the captain of each group and also so that pairings can be made for the fights in the tournament. Thanks.

Okay, enjoy, oh and please forgive the images, I spent ages trying to find them and these were the best I could come up with.

PS: Discalimer: I don't own any part of capcom or Rival schools at all. Just being safe
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Name:Lee(Street name:Green Beast)

Age: 16

Allocation at school:Student


Picture:On signature

Martial arts discipline:Jujutsu,Tai-Jutsu

Weapon(s) used: Fists,Legs,Speed.

Personality:Likes to joke around somtimes,Lee is very Dedacated and falls for beautiful girls easliy or strong girls.He never backs down

Bio:Lee is from Japan and has Studied Jujutsu for his whole life.When he got 13 his parents died and didnt have any other relatives to go to.He survived on the streets until he was 15.When he was fighting a group of gangsters one day a Jujutsu Master saw his fighting skills and took him up from the streets and tought him even more powerful techniques and skills.He is has one many Tournaments and fought many battles.He plans on getting better and making his dead sensei proud and watching over his Dojo as he once did.When Lee Joined Justice Fight High he had some very good reasons...One he heard about the Missing students and wanted to check the school out for himself. two: He wanted to fight stronger opponents rather than street punks and gangs. three: He needed to do somthing with his life instead of laying around the his house and fighting.

Mis:Lee also knows the Style"Tai-Jutsu"Its a style where you use only fists and legs and Speed.Its technicly a Body Style used for high defense and speed.He only uses this style when hes in deep trouble or fighting a group of enemys.

Tai Jutsu:Any hand to hand combat that doesn't include tricks or powers.

Sample Battle:
~Lee Entered the school holding his bag packed full of things he would need for traning and everthing else.He looked around hoping he would find someone to help hom around the school.A bunch of larger and taller boys that was probably in a upper class were talking in a cornor pointing at him.They walked over towards him and asked Lee"Yo kid you new here?"Lee turned around with a smug on his face and said back to them"Yes i am but i-"Before Lee cloud finish his Sentance one of the three boys punched lee into a near by wall.They laughed and stood thier wondering if he would hit them back.He struggled up from the piled up rocks on him and said to them dropping his bags"What was that for?No matter you started it im gonna finish it!"Lee charged at the tallest one of them and than quickly jumped towards the left knowing the Tallest one would hit him.Lee Drove a hard punch at the guys face sending him to the ground.Lee Smirked and landed on the ground and put one hand behind his back and said taunting them"Come..attack me!"They both charged at him getting ready to knock him out pretty hard.Lee barly Dodged the Blows and snuck behind the two guys Backs and grabbed thier heads and slammed them together leaving all three of them on the floor.Lee took a deep breath and said to them"Nice try and those Sumo skills wont work against me heh heh!."Lee grabbed his bag walking off still looking for Help around the school.

OOC:I hope this is the way to Rp if we can rp any way we want im gonna rp like this and i hope this sample is good :D .

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[COLOR=DarkGreen]OOC:You might wanna add Tai-Jutsu thats my main skill i just put Jujutsu because i thought you wouldnt let put it up thier Yeah but Tai-Jutsu is mainly like jujustu but you do that techniques towards the body and those pictures are angel fire.....yeah i hate angel fire...lol[/COLOR]
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