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I've noticed the threads here are 'specific'. The ones who can post is the one who signed up. This time, I'll make a new RPG, a first come first served basis.

This is about 2 persons (It'll be determined later) esccaping from one place (It'll be determined later). This time(It'll be determined later) the machinery, robot, computer, anything electronic are evolving. They now control the whole world. The world leader(you pick) told the whole world about something(you pick) that can destroy the evolving process and can return the world to normal.

The Rulz

The Character
This is the rulz.... Each person can only post one thing about the character (one person says it's a female and one says it wears mini skirt). Let your imagination run wild.

Anything Else
Same rulz.... the first person to post something about the world is the creator. Everybody can help continue the story, only use the things mentioned here (the character meets with world leader. If someone said the leader is Bill Clinton, You'll have to write the character meets Bill Clinton).

Your pick. If someone says we're in a zero gravity place, apply the rulz. However you can 'bend' the rulz.... If someone said the zero gravity is made by a machine, destroy the machine and you have to say something about the gravity (normal or times 100)

Happy Posting.
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