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A man,doused in shadow,sits in a large,plush red chair.A column of smoke drifts from the cigar between his lips.He faces a large,flat screen,upon which is displayed something--much like a television.He begins to speak,though he hasn't acknowledged you prescence yet.
"It's been forty years since the death of bounty hunter Spike Spiegel.His death--along with his assassination of Viscious--brought him fame amongst others in his line of work.Jett Black,Faye Valentine,Ed,and Ein have disappeared,and not a single whisper has been heard from them in forty years.Most assume that they,like Spike,are dead.Who knows."
He pauses and taps his cigar on an ashtray next to him.He continues to watch the screen as he speaks.The program displayed doesn't appear to be average in the least.People dodging bullets and lounging around,aggravating one another and gambling and space traveling.There are no "commercial breaks" and no narrator.
"However,bounty hunters--though few and far between-- are still out there,capturing the criminals that put food on thier tables.Things--corruption,misdeeds,and the like--have worsened in the past forty years.With the ISSP floundering away to nothingness,and bounty hunters growing fewer and fewer,it's all too easy for murderers and criminals and the whatnot to have thier way."
Finally,he turns to you,his chair swiveling slowly.You still cannot completely make out his face.
"You shall ask no questions.You shall be a bounty hunter,but you will work for me.You will take the bounties that I ask without hesitation,and you will be paid handsomely in return."
"So,"You say,"You want me to be your private assassain?"
"No,"The man says with a hint of a smile in his voice,"Not exactly.You will be free to do anything you like,I just want the liberty to have my personally chosen . .criminals. . .taken care of."
He stares at you for a long moment in silence.
"Well?"He finally says,"Will you take it or leave it?"


This is a new story I've got all planned up.There will be five main characters who'll be Original--that you can make up--but each must have some likeness to one of the Bebop crew.In addition,there's room for all sorts of characters--bounties,ISSP officers,syndicates and syndicate members,as well as other antagonists--or allies.

My char--
Name:Kat Spelling
Weight:118 lbs.
Eyes:Blue. . .or brown.. .or are they one of each. . .?
Hair:Black. . .though. . .if you look at it in the right light. . .It has a sort of green tint to it. . .
Occupation:Bounty hunter
Weapons:Guns.More guns.Possesses an uncanny ability with firearms,but normally wields a custom 9 millimeter.
Brief description:
She doesn't discuss her past,preferring to leave it be.Despite her secretiveness and outwardly deceitful ways,she is honest,and very laid back.She's very good at what she does,though some would say that her apathy and occasional goofiness will be the downfall of her career someday.Strangely enough,she's always had a sort of fascination with the late bounty hunter Spike Speigel,as she is linked to him through her teacher and mentor--Faye Taylor.
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Name: Dragus Loader
Age: 45
weight: 200
hieght: 6'2
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Job: Bounty Hunter
Weapon(s): usually 2 Custom handguns but he can use any handgun.
Ship (While not on the main ship[which I will not name since my char will not own the main ship]): Madd Dogg
Biography: Dragus is an ex-Red Dragon Much Like Spike but Dragus has a score to settle with the Red Dragons and will end what Spike Started. Dragus is Julia's son but changed his name so they would not know he was since she died when he was 5. Dragus is ready to die to avenge his mother's death.
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[b]Name:[/b] evean hiland
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]Job:[/b] bounty hunter/ escourt/ body gaurd
[b]Weapons:[/b] 2 custom made hand guns, gatling gun
[b]Appearence:[/b] blue eyes, black hair, purple shirt, blue vest, black pants, gloves with the fingers cut off, boots
[b]Bio:[/b] Eveans father was with the red dragon and his mother was with the ISSP. Eventualy both of his parents were killed by the red dragon so he seeks to distroy it. If any one wants to help him bring down the red dragon he'll let them come. He is a good pilote and mechanic. He's herd of spyke standing against them and seeks to do the same.
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Name: Xu Tian Hong
Age: 22
Job: Red Dragon Syndicate
Weapon: Sig Sauer P226(formerly owned by Shin)
Appearance: black hair, Brown Eyes, White Shirt, Gray Trench Coat, black pants, boots, Chinese heritage.
Bio: Raised as an orphan, Xu Tian had strong ideals when he was a child. As he grew up, he realized the ideas he had are Marxist. Even so he strives for those ideals and joined the syndicate to gain power. While still young he practices Tai Chi and Marksmanship everyday to strenghthen himself. Noted as the youngest syndicate member, he is quite smart in strategy. Now hearing of the legendary Spike Spiegal, he searches for his comrades Jet and Faye to learn more about the Legend....
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Name: Michael Lee

Age: 23

Height/WEight: 5'11"/176 ibs

Decriptiopn: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=3[/url]

Weapons: Colt Long .45/ Martial Arts (namely, Jeet Kune Do)

Bio: Born on Ganymede. He was adopted by a former Red Dragon member, for years he taught him how to fight and survive in the world. He taught him this for 16 years until, one day, he was sniped down by a Red Dragon while on the way to the market. Michael, left with nothing, decided to make a carreer of Bounty hunting, hoping to some day, come across his foster fathers asssaasin.

Occupation: Bounty hunter

Attitude: Contrary to his dark past, Michael is quite the fun loving guy. He enjoys practicing martial arts and joking around. He is very sarcastic and makes even the toughest situation seem fun.
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