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Art Question of Etiquette RE: Requested Banners

tattoi nobori

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Hi all! I wanted to get your opinion about what to do in a certain situation: I enjoy doing banners/avatars for people, and I guess I'm doing ok, because I had someone PM me to ask if I would make them a banner. The problem is, this person wants it exactly like a banner I did for someone else, custom to their spec, with only a change of name.

I tried to explain that their request wouldn't be fair to the recipient of the original banner, and that I enjoy doing new layouts and characters for each person... But they fired back that it was for a different 'board, so it was alright.

So what do you guys (and gals) think? Would it be good or bad netiquette to tweak this banner as requested, if it's going to be used on a different 'board? It occurs to me that a large number of OB'ers are probably also members of different anime forums, so the banner is likely to be viewed by some of the same people, with both names. In that case, it seems like I would have taken something away from my original recipient, since our avatars/banners are the only things people reading our post have to associate with us as a person, besides what we write.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! ?_?
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