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Yup, I plan to do this again, this time though, we go a little indepth.

[COLOR=darkred][I].....not too long ago, a little boy and his friends saved all of us, here on earth.....and the rest of the universe....

Now I know you're wondering how a boy and a few friends could save an entire universe. Well, I'll tell ya, he ain't no ordinary boy and neither are his friends. Lemme tell ya 'bout this boy named Xra.

Xra was only a child when i first saw him by a tree. In ripped pants and a ripped shirt, I thought he had escaped death from some beast. I believed the kid was some lucky feller To tell ya the truth, that wasn't even the wierd part in this 3 year old. He had a big scar on his forehead that resembled a wolf's head, and these "blades" on each hand. He didn't seem to have anyone around, so I offered him to stay at my house. Boy, things were never the same.

Every morning at the crack of dawn he went back to that tree and practiced hitting it. He had the urge to fight, to be a warrior. I myself am not much of a fighter. I was a simple old man, who was a 5 time gold medalist back in his day. The only thing i could do was teach him to stretch. After a month, he surpassed my skills. I felt bad, not being able to do anything for him. So, I chose to raise him as if he were my own child.

5 Years later, he seemed different, maybe even homesick. A kid who didn't even know his true origns, feeling depressed over a home he never knew. I did the only thing I thought i could do. I gave him a t-shirt and a pair of old jeans, and sent him off into the world. I hoped maybe someday he'd find his way home.

So what happened after that? Well give me a second to sit down. and I'll tell ya the rest of the story of Xra's Sideshow.[/I][/COLOR]

So there's the intro, now here's the signup:

Age: (can be anywhere from Xra's age*8* to numbers unknown)
Reason for comming with Xra:

And that's it. Hopefully this incarnation of my old RP with be much beter:whoops:
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Aww, heck, Xra, I'll give it a shot. I remember playing some real fun RPGs with you. Remember Pokemon: Exploration?:D

Name: Dee (which is a take on my real name! I hope my sis doesn't figure me out!)

Age: unknown (She got amnesia five years ago and forgot. She has somehow not aged and still appears to be a teenager)

Appearance: Long brown hair, bright green eyes. White t-shirt and blue jeans. Pretty typical anime gal.

Bio: She was discovered by a couple five years ago, walking around in the streets half-naked. All she knew was her name. Now, she knows some math and stuff.
She ran away from "home" two weeks ago to try to find out where she came from. (please don't ask for details, or else I'll just :babble: )
OOC: Dee is an android (but doesn't know it), is that okay?

Reason for traveling with Xra: Kind of obvious, she has the same general mission that he does.

Will that work? (It's really crazy and kind of short, but then, so am I.:p)
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Sounds interesting. ANd i know, my characers gonna be hella like Wolfwood.

Name: Daigo Shade

Age: 24

Height/Weight: 6'2"/ 187 ibs

Description: Wears a black suit with a white under shirt which is unbuttoned to the mid chest. He wears a pair of sunglasses and has emerald eyes and shaggy black hair. (see avatar) Wears a holster were he carries his crucafix blades.

Powers: He has a holy kind of light magic. He is very skilled with his Crucifix Blades. (crosses that he holds at the lign entersection. The upper tail of the cross in a double edged pointy blade.

Bio: A baptist preacher, a warrior of the weak, and a full time womanizer. Daigo isn't exactly your every day brotherely preist. He fights for the weak and when it all cools down, he goes out woman hunting. He tries not to kill, but its usually the only resort. He takes orphans in to the church/orppahnage he works out of so that htey may not have such a crumby child hood as he for he grew up in a circle of orpahnages and finally made it there were he stayed the reaminder of his childhood.

Reason for coming with Xra: He hates to see orphans and tried to persuad Xra to come with im to the orphange, but after hearing his story, decided to follow him in his journy to find his true ome before tkaing him to the orpahnage.
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wow, i really thought this went dead. thanks guys. now, are there any more takers? o yeah the three people from the orignal one are welcomed to jon aain if ya want, it'll jut go a little differently this time around.
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This could be interesting...Let's give it a shot.

Name: Cid Hopkins
Age: 17
Description: A guy of typically average height, 6'2", and moderate weight, 185 lbs, Cid has pale blond hair that just flows where it want's to, and what some consider soul-piercing blue eyes. Cid is never seen without his antique pilot's goggles, denim jacket covering a black and red T-shirt, and a pair of dark olive green cargo khakis.
Bio: After leaving his hometown for reasons he's never told anyone, Cid has been able to stay alive by doing oddjobs for some quick cash, and by doing other people's dirty work for a higher fee. He's been going from town to town hoping to fill a void in his life, searching a place to call home. That and, he wouldn't mind scoring a whole lotta cash.
Reason for comming with Xra: Reason he tells people: boredom. Honest Reason: To see the world, make money, spread the name of Cid, and other things he hasn't thought of yet.

Equipment: A slightly dulled lashknife, (a small curved blade connected to a 30-foot chain) 2 small daggers, and a 3 1/2 foot long katana. Other than that: just his fists, and a descent knowledge of explosives...
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I like how this is turning out, an 8 year old with a bunch of adults. Keep signing up cause this thread aint dead yet! I'd say like 3 more people should join and then we'll start.

O yeah, just so ya know, he dont gots his hat yet:p
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Lol: that's a hat? I thought that was his hair! Typically stupid Sheikahmon... *takes closer look at Xra's avatar* Are those all you? Those little people? O.O

Let?s start the RP already! I?m getting another sugar high, and I want to do something with it! WhoooOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooo!
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